Who Is Fastest: Kimi Raikkonen vs Drone?

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Earlier today we saw Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen racing each other in their crazy carts. Ferrari and Shell did a different thing and let Kimi Raikkonen race against a drone. Who is fastest: Kimi Raikkonen or a drone? 53


Mervyng King’s Throw Still Exactly The Same After 23 Years

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Many players change their throw during the years. They take new darts, a new style or speed up or slow down but there is one exception. When we take a look at Mervyng King’s throw we can not find any change in 23 years time. Below you see his throw being exactly the same in […]


Lionel Messi’s Son Thiago Is Joking With Luis Suarez

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When your father is Lionel Messi and you have to come to the European Golden Show Awards. What do you do? You start joking with Luis Suarez 😀 Like below what Thiago Messi did, haha. 36