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Mervyng King’s Throw Still Exactly The Same After 23 Years

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Many players change their throw during the years. They take new darts, a new style or speed up or slow down but there is one exception. When we take a look at Mervyng King’s throw we can not find any change in 23 years time. Below you see his throw being exactly the same in […]

Who Is Fastest: Kimi Raikkonen vs Drone?

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Earlier today we saw Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen racing each other in their crazy carts. Ferrari and Shell did a different thing and let Kimi Raikkonen race against a drone. Who is fastest: Kimi Raikkonen or a drone? 53

Fastest 9 Dart Finish Attempt Ever By Ricky Evens

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During the PDC Pro Tour 2016 Ricky Evans had the fastest 9 dart finish attempt ever. It was so fast the camera was even unable to capture the first two darts. Imagine you are the spotter in his match and have to change the camera in time all over the dartboard. Below you see his […]

Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo Racing Crazy Carts

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Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo are going a little stir crazy waiting for Formula One to return. Before we already saw Ricciardo racing the crazy carts against Felipe Massa’s son Felipinho Bassi Massa but this time he challenged his teammate Max Verstappen. 18

The Duel: Carlos Sainz Junior vs Carlos Sainz Senior

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While Carlos Sainz Junior is preparing for a new season of Formula 1, Carlos Sainz Senior is racing in Dakar 2018. To bring them back together we take a look at a video shot three months ago by Red Bull. Who will win this batte between the Spanish Rally legend and his F1 star son […]

Wasp Interrupted Mark McGeeney In Lakeside 2018 Final

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In the first round match between Willem Mandigers and Nick Kenny we had this wasp incident at the BDO World Championship. But a similar thing happened during the final of the Lakeside. This wasp enjoyed a week of darts and decided to reclaim his minute of fame in the final during the start of the […]

Meet Sergey Sirotkin Who Will Race With Williams In 2018

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It is now announced official: Not Robert Kubica but Sergey Sirotkin will drive with Williams 2018. While everybody knows Robert Kubica not many people know Sergey Sirotkin so we show you a video of him having an epic battle with Giovinazzia to meet this Russian driver. 222

Glen Durrant’s Massive 149 Checkout Worth 65,000 Pounds

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Darryl Fitton received 5,000 pounds for his 170-finish to beat Justin Thompson in the first round of the Lakeside 2018. But the 149 checkout by Glen Durrant was worth 65,000 pounds because it was the moment that decided his second Lakeside title. He hit this checkout under massive pressure with McGeenye waiting with onyl 84 […]

When Maldonado Missed His Pit Box In Malaysian Grand Prix 2012

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Pastor Maldonado is known for his crashes but he had plenty of other funny incidents in his F1 career. Today we take you back to the Grand Prix of Malaysia in 2012 when Maldonado set the fastest pit stop time of the race. It turned out he never stopped at his pit box because he […]

2-Year-Old Rivano Hitting Blind Shots Like A Pro

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Two years old Rivano from Holland is playing darts for over 1 year. The footage below was shot during the Texel Darts Trophy at January 13th 2018 in the Netherlands. With his pacifier in his mouth he is playing darts on his dartboard in his pram. Watch till the end because he is even hitting […]