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Austrian Darts Open Final 2018: Gerwyn Price v Jonny Clayton

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In an all Welsh clash in the final of the Austrian Darts Open, Gerwyn Price took on Jonny Clayton with both men on the hunt for their first ever European Tour title. Below you can now watch the full final. 28

Watch Sebastian Vettel Using Secret Third Paddle

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All eyes in Formula 1 are on Ferrari at this moment. They might have a secret third paddle according to several people who watched the onboard footage closely. Close up photo’s have shown the paddle is actually there and in the video below you can watch his using it during his pole position lap. Until […]

Play Pro Golf Darts Game To Increase Your Standard Level

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We have shown some practice games before and this time we would like to show you a game called Pro Golf Darts Game. It will increase your standard level and how it works is shown below. Enjoy! 86

Crazy Incident During Italian Formula 4 Race

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In the Italian Formula 4 Championship they are racing with no Halo. But when we take a look at the crash in race 3 of last weekend at the Adria International Raceway we believe theu might consider about adding one next year. Alatalo and di Comberti had a crazy crash which could have turned out […]

Will Power Crashed From P2 During Heavy Rain IndyCar Race

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Will Power crashed hard during the heavy rain of the IndyCar race on sunday. Below you see footage of this moment and the incredible amount of water on the track. Woops, beetje veel water bij de IndyCar-race! Will Power op P2 aquaplanneert (is dit een woord?😂) er hard vanaf. De race is op Ziggo Sport […]

Oops! Bastian Pietschnig Thinks He Busted At Austrian Darts Open

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We all know when you aim for double 8 and you hit the single 11 you got 5 points left. Well, not Bastian Pietschnig. In his match with Cristo Reyes at the Austrian Darts Open he thought he busted his score and he threw his other darts away. Oops! 323

Watch Sim Driver Rudy van Buren Beating F2 Leader Lando Norris

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Current leader of Formula 2, Lando Norris, was driving in the Race of Champions Nations Cup. He drove against the World Champion of Sim Racing, Rudy van Buren. Who would be fastest, a sim driver or a real driver? You will be amazed! 322

Wayne Mardle Talking About His Hilarious Interview

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Wayne Mardle is still be reminded daily on his hilarious interview he once got with Wilfred Genee on the Dutch tv station RTL 5. ‘Hawaii 501’ spoke about this interview to Live Darts last week. And of course we also take another look at this hilarious interview! “Why wasn’t I told?!” 😂@Wayne501Mardle recalls his colourful […]

Mika Hakkinen and Nico Rosberg Hit Monaco With McLaren P1

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Mika Hakkinen and Nico Rosberg went out for a drive in Hakkinen’s McLaren P1. Watch them hitting the mountain roads in Monaco. 317

Russ Bray Is Master of Ceremonies At Austrian Darts Open 2018

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Russ Bray was the Master of Ceremonies at the Austrian Darts Open 2018 during the first day when he wasn’t refereeing. Enjoy! 50