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Livestream: WDF Lakeside World Championships 2023

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This year the WDF Lakeside will be played from Saturday 2nd December till Sunday 10th December. We will bring livestream footage from all sessions in this article. Livestream 2023 WDF Lakeside World Championship Schedule Saturday 2 December 1pm R1 – Scott Marsh (ENG) v Sebastian Białecki (POL) R1 – Jo Clements (ENG) v Veronika Ihász […]

VIDEO: Danny Lauby Hits 110 Checkout In Way We Have Not Seen Before

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During the MODUS Super Series there was this 110 checkout by Danny Lauby who got everyone confused. There are multiple ways to go for from this finish but this one is new to us.

VIDEO: This Supporter Calls Ted A Mercedes Supporter In Ted’s Notebook

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After the last race of the season Ted Kravitz did his famous Ted’s Notebook in Abu Dhabi. He did the same thing back in 2021 when many claimed he was biased as he mentioned Lewis Hamilton was robbed from his 8th World Championship. This fan did not forget this and took revenge on Ted during […]

VIDEO: Jermaine Wattimena Celebrated Leg Win But Then This Happened

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At the Players Championship Finals on Saturday night Jermaine Wattimena played against Ryan Joyce. During the 9th leg there was this awkward moment when the Dutchman hit a 56-checkout. At least that is what he thought because he celebrated but then this happened. And this wasn’t the only moment he had that day because earlier […]

VIDEO: Max Verstappen Makes A Fool Of Lewis Hamilton On Team Radio

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After qualifying there was this funny team radio by Max Verstappen who asked his Engineer of he needed to come into the pits or stay out. He was told to enter the pit and then the Red Bull driver did this funny imitation of a former team radio Lewis Hamilton had in the past. This […]

VIDEO: Jermaine Wattimena Showed A Bit Too Much Today On Stage

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After today’s match between Jermaine Wattimena and Richard Veenstra at the Players Championship Finals The Machine Gun showed a bit too much after his victory. He won the match in style with a 164 checkout but after that he showed a bit more as well. If you thought that was embarrassing we got something else […]

VIDEO: Remarkable Moment Between Jose de Sousa And Kevin Doets

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During their first round game between Jose de Sousa and Kevin Doets there was this remarkable moment at the Players Championship Finals 2023. The Special One had 92 points left after his first two darts but what he did at that moment makes no clue at all. What was he thinking? Last year there was […]

VIDEO: This Remarkable Moment By Mensur Suljovic Was NOT Penalized

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This moment by Mensur Suljovic happened during the PDC Players Championship Finals and one year later this was not penalised by the DRA. On social media people wonder how this is even possible. What is your opinion? During this years Players Championship Finals 2023 there was also an awkward moment involving a double. It happened […]

VIDEO: Drunk Max Verstappen Singing ‘Checo, Checo’ After Las Vegas GP

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New footage from Las Vegas show a drunk Max Verstappen singing ‘Checo, Checo’. This was shot after the Red Bull driver took his 18th victory at the streets of Las Vegas. The win was celebrated with a party by his friend and DJ Martin Garrix. It reminds us of the footage showing a drunk Max […]

VIDEO: PDC Player Got Suspended For These Questionable Moments

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At the MODUS Super Series there was this game between Prakash Jiwa and Owen Bates. The DRA has investigated suspicious bets at this match and the video below shows the moments Jiwa went for the doubles. As a result, Prakash Jiwa and Andy Jenkins are now suspended and are not allowed to participate in DRA-sanctioned […]