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Funny Walk On Fail By Michael van Gerwen

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Watch how Michael van Gerwen made a funny mistake during his walk on. He went the wrong way and saw the walk on girl going on stage while he accidentally went off stage. But the number 1 in the world had a funny move to correct his mistake. 208

17-Years Old Michael van Gerwen Beats Phil Taylor With 164 Checkout

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These days Michael van Gerwen is dominating darts but a decade ago it was Phil Taylor. However these two did meet each other in that period as well. Watch how a 17 year old Michael van Gerwen played against Phil Taylor at the Masters of Darts 2007. He did beat The Power 3-0 and ended […]

VIDEO: Got 95 points left and 1 dart in hand. How to leave 40?

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We have all been in a situation like this one. You got one dart in hand and got 95 left, what way do you go? Well, there is a way to leave 40. Just watch the video below. 1219

Michael van Gerwen Hits Incredible Record of 142.83 F9 Average

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We like to show you an incredible match by Michael van Gerwen at the Champions League of Darts which one of the bets matches ever. Watch how he managed to hit a 121.86 overall average and an average of 142.83 with his first 9 darts in just 8 minutes. So close to the all time […]

15 Years Ago Suljovic Was Throwing Faster Than Van der Voort

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These days Mensur Suljovic is one of the slowest players in professional darts and Vincent van der Voort is one of the fastest. But 15 years ago this was totally different. In some throws Mensur Suljovic was even faster than Vincent van der Voort. This may be hard to imagine but that is why there […]

Scott Mitchell Plays ‘The Double Darts Challenge’ In 60 Seconds

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Former BDO World Darts Champion Scott Mitchell challenges the board in ‘The Double Darts Challenge’. Can you beat him in 60 seconds around the board? 99

Priceless Moment With Van Gerwen And Lewis At World Cup of Darts

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Tonight we will find out who will be World Cup of Darts champion 2019. But do you remember this pricesless moment between Michael van Gerwen and Adrian Lewis from two years ago? During the semi-finals of the World Cup of Darts 2017 Van Barneveld hits a double to win the third leg against Dave Chisnall […]

Russ Bray Does His 180 in 10 Different Languages

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We all know Russ Bray’s ‘one-hundred-and-eighty’ but what if you translate it to some other languages. He took the challenge and did his 180 in 10 different languages. 195

Yuya Higuchi – The Strangest Throwing Action Ever?

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We have seen some crazy throws in darts but this has to be one of the weirdest. Watch Yuya Higuchi with what we belive is the strangest throwing action ever seen on stage. 196

‘Stig of Darts’ Beats World Record In 60-Second Challenge

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The record of the 60-Second Challenge has recently been set at 663 by 13 year old Leighton Bennett. This time it is the ‘Stig of Darts’ who had a go trying to beat this world record. 72