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Fastest 9 Dart Finish Attempt Ever Seen On ProTour

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We bring you the fastest 9 dart finish attempt we have ever seen in darts history. Watch how Ricky Evans was close to the fastest perfect leg ever at the PDC Pro Tour. 70

Watch Nico Hülkenberg Racing With A Fully Packed Renault Van

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In this German tv show we see Nico Hülkenberg in a 100 HP fully packed van race against a 200 HP renault. Can he win based on his race talent? Let’s found out! 91

VIDEO: We Have Never Seen A Robin Hood Like This Before

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We have seen some crazy robin hoods before including some on the big stage. But this one we spotted on the internet is one we have not seen before. Crazy! 197

Rally Car Crashed Into Public Crowd During Ipiranga Rally 2019

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During the Ipiranga Rally 2019 Alegretti had a huge crash. Watch how he crashed into the crowd. Luckily nobody got serious injured. 152

This MotoGP Driver Learned Not Mess With This Cat

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Watch how this cat took down this MotoGP driver in the most hilarious way. 32

Hilarious Team Radio By Stroll’s Engineer During Grand Prix China

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Watch the best team radio messages during last weekend Grand Prix in China. The one by Stroll’s engineer is the funniest one as he turned out to be pressing the radio instead of the energy…   1877

Slowest Darts Player You Have Ever Seen In Darts History

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We have seen some slow darts player before but this must be the slowest one ever. 1106

VIDEO: Kimi Raikkonen Spotted Drunk Again After Shanghai GP

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We all known the video of a drunk Kimi Raikkonen at FIA 2018 prize giving. Now there is a new video of him after last weekends Shanghai GP and it seems he was drunk again. Watch that priceless moment when he looks at his empty hand after he dropped his glass. 2520

Jeffrey de Zwaan Close To Beat Glen Durrant With A 10-Darter

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Today the Players Championship 12 is played and the PDC did show one match for free to the public. It was the quarter final between Jeffrey de Zwaan and Glen Durrant which was great to see. Watch how this match almost ended with a 10-darter… Also watch: Last darts of final between Jeffrey de Zwaan and […]

Massive Chaos Turns Into Red Flag During SuperGT at Okayama 2019

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Because of heavy rain the SuperGT at Okayama this race turned into a massive chaos today. 1573