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Really Bad Day in Football

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We have seen some bad moments in football but this time we bring you all the worse days in football you have ever seen. Ouch!

VIDEO: Jose de Sousa Busted AGAIN After Bizarre Miscount

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When Jose de Sousa enters the stage you can expect a crazy checkout or a miscount. During the semi final of the Grand Slam of Darts he did it again when he got it wrong from 126… After this match they asked him about this 126 miscount moment and he had this priceless reaction about […]

VIDEO: This Guy Lost His Steering Wheel While Going Full Speed Around Macau

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Last weekend they were racing again at Macau. During one of the local series this guy had the shock of his life when he lost his steering wheel while going full speed and a corner was coming up…

VIDEO: Michael van Gerwen Almost Tripped On Grand Slam Stage

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Michael van Gerwen got beaten by Simon Whitlock but he almost got injured as well. Watch how he almost tripped on the stage of the Grand Slam during his match with The Wizard. It reminded us of Robert Thornton who had a similar moment during the Premier League in 2014. He also had such a stumbling […]

VIDEO: The Moment Which Got Rob Cross Confused And Throw CRAZY

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Rob Cross completely lost control and was throwing his darts all around the board during the last and deciding leg. It seemed like his nerves made him unable to have his normal throw but it turns out Michael Smith gave him something to think about earlier in this match. Throwing crazy Rob Cross You see […]

VIDEO: Moto2 Rider Had This Scary Moment During Portuguese Grand Prix

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Aron Canet had a scary moment when he dropped of his bike during the Moto2 race of the Portuguese Grand Prix. The other riders came full speed over the hill and luckily he made it to the side of the track while being passed at full speed on his left and right side.

VIDEO: Formula 1 Dream Circuit (Michael Schumacher Onboard)

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We have seen some old school tracks during this Formula 1 season and we all have our favorite tracks and corners in the world. Especially in Formula 1 there are some breathtaking corners. Think about Eau Rouge at spa for example, or what to think about the great corners at Suzuka. What if we combine all […]

Bizarre Moment When De Sousa Says Chisnall Won’t Checkout Double 10

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Jose de Sousa often has some crazy miscounting and during tonight’s match at the Grand Slam of Darts he had another bizarre moment. He was on a 70 checkout when he hit single 1 and single 19 leaving the bulls-eye. Despite Chisnall was on double 10 he decided not to go for the bulls-eye but […]

VIDEO: Awkward Moment When Peter Wright Thought Double Was In TWICE

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During his match against Devon Petersen there was this awkward moment by Peter Wright who walked towards the dartboard when he thought his double was in. During his walk he realised it wasn’t so he went back behind the oche. . This can all happen to us but in this case it was the second […]

Gary Anderson: “They’re not dart players, they’re just cowards”

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Gary Anderson is not happy with many of his colleagues and claim they show bad sportmanship. After his first game he said Adam Gawlas was cheating and after his second game in which he did beat Ryan Searle he again was furious. Watch the moment below when he says: “They’re not dart players, they’re just cowards” […]