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VIDEO: Charles Leclerc Driving Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari F2003

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Charles Leclerc had a go in Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari F2003. We can bring the footage below including the onboard footage with amazing sound.

VIDEO: Martin Adams Becomes Oldest Player To Hit 110+ Average

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Martin Adams is still playing darts at a very high level. In the Modus Super Series he managed to hit two 9-darters at the age of 65 last year and this time he became the oldest player to hit a 110+ average. Watch Wolfie at the age of 66 throwing an average of 111.33.

VIDEO: This TikTok Video Goes Viral With Max Verstappen

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Max Verstappen is known for not sharing much about his private life. Therefore he isn’t a big fan of social media and so many were surprised when he appeared in this TikTok video.

VIDEO: What Not To Do From 90 Points With Just Two Darts Left

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Last weekend Jose de Sousa played against Michael van Gerwen at the Masters 2023. During the 8th leg of the match there was this strange moment when The Special One went for a 108 checkout. With the first dart he hit single 18 so he just got 90 points left when he decided to go […]

VIDEO: Lewis Hamilton Fans Praise Max Verstappen For This Interview

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During the Red Bull launch of the RB19 Max Verstappen was asked about his opinion on not being allowed to express political statements anymore. Surprisingly the Lewis Hamilton fans are praising Max Verstappen for his answer.

VIDEO: Berry van Peer Goes MENTAL During Dutch Open Walk On

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Berry van Peer was known for his dartitus but since last weekend this all changed when he won the Dutch Open 2023. He shocked the venue when he enter the stage with this mental walk on.

VIDEO: Darts Supporters Claim This 121 Checkout By Peter Wright Was Not In

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During the first Premier League night of 2023 there was this moment by Peter Wright. He checked out 121 but people claim based on the footage the triple 13 wasn’t in. Even the commentator thought so and now it is up to you to judge.

VIDEO: Tribute To Zhou Momo Who Hit 10-Darter With Just 9 Darts

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Today we received the sad news that Zhou Momo passed away at the age of just 31. It’s unclear what happened but her sponsor confirmed her death. We bring a tribute to the best moment we have seen from her by throwing a 10-darter with just 9 darts.

VIDEO: Dirk van Duijvenbode Introduces New Route From 125 Checkout

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At the Masters we saw Dirk van Duijvenbode play against Chris Dobey in the quarter final. The Dutchman was 4-7 down when he showed a 125 checkout we haven’t seen before.

Michael van Gerwen: “Rob Cross Is Just A Creep With That Stupid Smile”

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Michael van Gerwen wasn’t happy with Rob Cross after he lost the quarter final against Voltage. The Dutchman said he is ‘just a creep with a stupid smile’. Michael van Gerwen: “He is acting so cynical and therefore I think he is just a creep. You can’t say anything about him as a player because […]