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Phil Taylor Will Be Back At Televised Tournament In March 2020

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Phil Taylor has retired as a professional darts player in January 2018. Now 2 years later he will be back in action at a professional televised tournament in March 2020 in Tokyo. He is invited as a special invitation player for Super Darts 2020 which will take part from Friday 13 March to Saturday 14 March […]

Bobby George And Michael van Gerwen Did Their Trickshot AGAIN

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We already showed you this video of Michael van Gerwen and Bobby George showing a dangerous trick shot at double 8 during the Kings of Darts in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. But they did it one more time and this time Mister Glitter put his fingers over double 19 and again it was the number 1 in the […]

VIDEO: Watch A Formula 1 Crash Test In Action

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Before the 2020 Formula 1 season starts all Formula 1 cars need to pass a safety crash test. Below we bring you footage of how these crash tests take place. These days they also need to test the Halo as a protection for the driver. Below we bring you footage how they test this before […]

Michael van Gerwen and Bobby George Show Dangerous Exhibition Shot

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Friday night during the Kings of Darts exhibition night in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Holland, Michael van Gerwen played a pair match with someone frow the crowd against Bobby George who also had a partner from the crowd. During the final darts Mister Glitter showed his confidence in the world number one by putting his fingers over the double 8…. Do […]

VIDEO: WRC Rally Car Almost Crashed Into Helping Crowd

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Earler this weekend we showed you this crash in the WRC. It turned out to be a slippery stage as WRC one car almost crashed into the crowd who were helping a crashed car. Below we bring you the video footage. 125

VIDEO: Fallon Sherrock Beats Darryl Fitton At Kings of Darts

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During the Kings of Darts in Holland it was Fallon Sherrock who played against Darryl Fitton. Again she became the ‘Queen’ by beating The Dazzler in front of 3,000 people. 2580

VIDEO: Massive Off Hill Crash During 2020 WRC Season Start

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The 2020 season of WRC started with a massive crash by reigning champion Ott Tanak and co-driver Martin Jarveoja. They lost control of the car and crashed at 180 km/h during the fourth stage. Somehow they walked away without serious injuries during the Monte Carlo Rally. Footage of crash Onboard footage Aftermath footage Aftermath footage […]

VIDEO: Rocky Balboa Plays Darts Against Michael van Gerwen

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Raymond van Barneveld is a big fan of Rocky Balboa but did you know he can throw some decent darts himself as well? Below we show you some footage of him playing against Michael van Gerwen. We bet some believe this is fake… 🙈 10436

VIDEO: Max Verstappen Wins Porsche iRacing Cup With 0.001 Seconds

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Max Verstappen has won the Porsche iRacing Cup with a very exciting finish. He beat profesional E-sport gamer Thibault Cabauzon with only 0.001 seconds. Before this all happened Verstappen was in third place with his orange Porsche 911 GT3 when the leaders crashed in front of him. Below we bring you these two moments. Leaders crashing […]

Watch All Stage Matches Romanian Darts Festival 2020

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This weekend the first tournaments for the new WDF ranking will be played at the Romanian Darts Festival 2020. These are two WDF SILVER ranking tournaments which are the first and also two of the most important events for WDF East Europe region. The first event of the weekend is RIDO PAIRS Tournament that starts […]