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VIDEO: New Funny Moment Between Max Verstappen & Penelope

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There is this new footage of Max Verstappen and Penelope after the race in Japan. When Max kissed here she wiped it off because hennas sweating.

VIDEO: Michael van Gerwen Being Cheecky Already At The Age Of 17-Years-Old

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We bring you back to when Michael van Gerwen was just 17 years old and he was being cheecky during this interview at Dutch television.

VIDEO: Unseen Footage Show Max Verstappen’s Overtake On George Russell

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During his outlap Max Verstappen quickly passed George Russell but this wasn’t broadcasted on television. It turns out he surprises the Mercedes driver as you can see in the footage below.

VIDEO: This Youth Player Has A Bizarre Throw Like Never Seen Before

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This week a young player named Harvey Schofield went viral on internet because of his bizarre throw. Watch footage of him throwing darts on his own way.

VIDEO: Lewis Hamilton Crashed In The Paddock Before Japanese Grand Prix

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On the paddock before the start of the Japanese Grand Prix there was this moment with Lewis Hamilton. He didn’t notice the cable on the ground by Red Bull which made him crash with his scooter.

VIDEO: Max Verstappen Joking About Russell & Alonso In Japan

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During the press conference before the Grand Prix of Japan there was this funny moment by Max Verstappen.

VIDEO: Max Verstappen Overtaking Daniel Riccairdo During His Second F1 Race

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During his second race in Formula 1 it was Max Verstappen in his Toro Rosse overtaking Daniel Ricciardo in his Red Bull and finishing 7th. This was ahead of his teammate and both Red Bull’s becoming the youngest points scorer in Formula 1.

VIDEO: Luke Littler Incident As This Darts Supportert Hurts Him During His Walk On

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During the walk on to the stage for the semi final of this week’s Premier League night between Luke Littler and Michael van Gerwen there was this incident. A supporter pulled Littler’s arm who looked shocked and was shaking his head as he was furious with the guy in the crowd. Security immediately came into […]

VIDEO: Ted Kravitz Receives Critism For This Moment About Max Verstappen

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Ted Kravitz receives a lot of critism for this moment after the Australian Grand Prix because he was celebrating the fact Max Verstappen did not win.

VIDEO: Michael van Gerwen Walk On Goes Wrong In Germany

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There was this funny moment when Michael van Gerwen wanted to enter the stage but this didn’t go as planned.