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VIDEO: Bizarre Moment During Premier League Final In Manchester

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During the final of the Premier League night in Manchester there was this bizarre moment. Watch Joe Cullen having a strange dart in the board which created a difficult decision for Kirk Bevins.

Funny Moment During Football Game [Hilarious]

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We spotted this funny moment during a football game. It’s hilarious!

Betamo Casino in Nederland betrouwbaar? | Bonus & Review

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Wil je graag bij Betamo casino spelen, maar weet je niet of de aanbieder betrouwbaar is? Dan is het verstandig om dat van tevoren even uit te zoeken. Zo voorkom je namelijk dat je bij een online casino speelt dat oneerlijke spellen aanbiedt en misschien wel je winsten niet zal uitbetalen. In dit artikel laten […]

VIDEO: Is This Bizarre 2 Darts In 1 Throw Allowed?

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We found this bizarre footage on internet and we can’t get our head around it. Does Harbour actually throw two darts in once? And is this even legal?

Bizarre Footage Of Fans At The Track During Albon’s Pit Stop

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Alexander Albon did a pit stop before the last lap of the race. But the onboard footage show there were already fans entering the track…

VIDEO: Bizarre Battle For Bull To Start Match Between Milkowski & O’Brien

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At the PDC it is decided who may start the game by throwing at the bulls-eye just like they did back in the days at the BDO. However there is one big difference when both player throw outside the bull. At the BDO they used to look who was closest but at the PDC outside […]

VIDEO: Lance Stroll’s Wheel Is Steering By Itself

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Bizarre onboard footage showing Lance Stroll’s Aston Martin is steering while Lance isn’t touching his wheel.

VIDEO: Max Verstappen’s Imitation Of Team Mate Sergio Perez

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Max Verstappen was challenged to impersonate his teammate Sergio Perez. Watch this funny imitation with Checo sitting next to him. Dit bericht op Instagram bekijken Een bericht gedeeld door ??? ?????????? ??????? (@maxv1stappen)

VIDEO: Neil Duff’s Reaction After Winning WDF Lakeside 2022

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Before his first game he said he was going to win this tournament for his daughter’s birthday. Many were laughing but he did make it happen. Watch his reaction after the last double below.

VIDEO: Cameron Menzies Kissing His Girlfriend ‘Fallon Sherrock’

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Before the semi final of Cameron Menzies at the Lakeside 2022 there was this funny moment during his walk on. There was one supporter with the head of his girlfriend ‘Fallon Sherrock’ and he got kissed by Menzies.