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First Lap Around Renewed Track Of Zandvoort, Holland

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This week the last asphalt has been paved at the circuit of Zandvoort. The first cars were allowed to get on and get a lap around the track including the banked corners. 10886

VIDEO: Gerwyn Price Beats Michael van Gerwen With Incredible Checkout

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For the second day in a row Gerwyn Price managed to get into a final at the Players Championship. Yesterday Peter Wright won the final with a massive 170 checkout but today it was The Iceman who did beat Michael van Gerwen with an incredible checkout. Incredible checkout for the win Watch full final 12642

VIDEO: Peter Wright Ends Incredible Day With 170 Checkout For Win In Final

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Peter Wright had showed an incredible performance during Players Championship 5 at Saturday. He hit averages of 95, 104, 105, 106, 107, 110 and 120 and ended his final against Gerwyn Price in style with a 170 checkout. Also watch: Peter Wright Had A Shot At New World Record At Players Championship 5 170 checkout for […]

Watch Valtteri Bottas Go Flat Out In Fastest Lap Barcelona Test Week 1

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Valtteri Bottas was the fastest driver in the first test week in Barcelona. He was 0,784 seconds fasters than any of his rivals as the Finnish driver went flat out. Below we bring you onboard footage of this incredible lap. 8548

Peter Wright Had A Shot At New World Record At Players Championship 5

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Peter Wright had a shot at beating his own record broadcast average in this match against Adrian Gray from Players Championship 5. Below we bring you footage of this incredible match. Also watch: Peter Wright Ends Incredible Day With 170 Checkout For Win In Final 170 checkout for win 13616

VIDEO: Max Verstappen’s Adorable Meeting With A Young Fan

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Max Verstappen had an adorable moment with a young fan during the Testing Days in Barcelona. “One day I was the fastest car and then a faster car comes and then he crashed me” Esteban Ocon are your watching? 😅 7095

Livestream: Celtic Challenge Trophy 2020 [Sunday]

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This weekend the Celtic Challenge Trophy 2020 will be played. This is a tournament between Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Both days we will bring you a livestream. Sunday Schedule click here Livestream click here. Schedule + results Saturday 22nd Feb Wales v Scotland (Ladies) Score AVE Score AVE KAYE HALES 0 51.0 v 3 55.7 CHELSEA […]

Watch All Stage Matches Slovak Open 2020

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This weekend the Slovak Open 2020 will be played and we will bring a livestream of the stage matches below. Slovak Masters Ladies final: Deta Hedman 4-5 Maria O’Brien Slovak Masters Men final: Wayne Warren 6-5 David Evans Slovak Open Ladies final: Lorraine Winstanley 5-4 Laura Turner Slovak Open Men final: Chris Landman 6-1 Sebastian […]

VIDEO: Kevin Magnussen Crashed During Testing Day 3 In Barcelona

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Yesterday Romain Grosjean was the first one to hit the barrier after a spin and today his teammate did the same. 10914

VIDEO: Incident Between Daniil Kvyat and Romain Grosjean On Track

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During today’s Testing Day 3 in Barcelona Daniil Kvyat and Romain Grosjean had a moment on track. The Russian driver showed his colleague some hand signals after he got blocked by the Haas-driver. 12456