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VIDEO: Michael van Gerwen Hits Best Checkout Of Premier League Night 12

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During the Premier League last night we saw a lot of high averages and checkouts. The favorite must be this 129 checkout by Michael van Gerwen.

VIDEO: Helmut Marko Taking A Dig At Lewis Hamilton

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After the race at Imola 2022 there was this interview with Helmut Marko who couldn’t resist taking a dig at Lewis Hamilton.

VIDEO: These Boys Both Hit Their First 180’s Ever In The Same Leg

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Do you remember your first 180 or are you still waiting to hit three darts in the triple 20? The boys in the next video managed to hit their first 180’s ever during 1 leg and the second one even had to bust his score to do so. . This bizarre moment is captured on […]

VIDEO: CHAOS During Moto2 With All Drivers Crashing Because Of Rain

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During this Moto2 race in Portugal things turned into chaos when it started raining. Almost all riders crashed in the same corner which into a very dangerous situation.

VIDEO: Lando & Max Making Fun Of George Russell During Press Conference

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During the press conference there was this moment when Lando Norris and Max Verstappen were taking a dig at George Russell. Dit bericht op Instagram bekijken Een bericht gedeeld door ??? ?????????? ??????? (@maxv1stappen)

VIDEO: Cool Down Room Chat After Imola 2022 With Subtitles

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The cool down room was back with live footage after the Grand Prix at Imola 2022. It’s always nice to hear the drivers reflect after a race and below we bring you the full chat with subtitles. Dit bericht op Instagram bekijken Een bericht gedeeld door ??? ?????????? ??????? (@maxv1stappen)

VIDEO: Funny Moment Between Perez, Verstappen & Lando In Press Conference

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During the press conference after the Grand Prix in Imola there was this funny moment between Sergio Perez, Max Verstappen and Lando Norris. Sergio said he believes you need to be punished when you cause a red flag just like Lando did this weekend during qualifying without any consequences. Sergio Perez: “If you make a […]

VIDEO: Max Verstappen Pulls Back Sergio Perez Behind The Podium

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Red Bull Racing got their first 1-2 finish since 2016 and when Sergio Perez was suppose to enter the podium he waited. New behind the scene footage show it was Max Verstappen who pulled him back to enter the podium together.

Luka Doncic Set to Miss Game One of Play-Off Series

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The Dallas Mavericks will have to do without star player Luka Doncic for the beginning of their first-round playoff series against the Utah Jazz. The 23-year-old Slovenian has been in sparkling form this season but has suffered a calf strain that will sit out game one as well as possibly game two of their crucial […]

VIDEO: Comedy Moments In Women’s Football

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We bring you footage of comedy moments in women football. Enjoy!