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Livestream: Armageddon 2019 With Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor

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This Friday night Armageddon 2019 will be played including Phil Taylor who will be back in action. The Power will also play a special one off challenge leg 701 against the former England football player Paul Gascoigne. Also we will see players like Rob Cross, Ian White, Adrian Lewis, Daryl Gurney and Leighton Bennett. And taking on the pro’s […]

This Guy Throws With The Smallest Darts That Are Legal To Play

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We have showed you this video of the biggest darts that are legal to play. Today we bring you footage of the smallest dr=arts that are legal to play. Watch how he throws with these 5 cm lightweight darts which are actually legal to play in a match. Also watch: This Guy Throws With The Biggest Darts […]

Was This An @$$**** Message To Gerwyn Price By Michael Smith?

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Yesterday we saw Daryl Gurney playing against Michael Smith in the second match of the night. Gurney needed a win to make it to the play offs while Gerwyn Price needed SuperChin to lose. Look what happened when Gurney made it 7-3. Is this an @$$**** message to Gerwyn Price by Michael Smith? 418

Another Big Crash During Indy 500 Practice Day 3

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We already have seen Fernando Alonso and Felix Rosenqvist crash but today there was a third big incident during Indy 500 Practice day 3. This time it was Patricio O’Ward who hit the wall at a high speed and luckily also he was uninjured. 513

Michael van Gerwen’s Attempt of A Backwards Throw Goes WRONG!

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We have seen some great attempts of backwards throws during this season event by Unibet. This time it was up to Michael van Gerwen to show his backwards talent. But the attempt of the number 1 in the world went completely wrong! Also watch: Watch Raymond van Barneveld Hitting Bulls-Eye With Backwards Throw 215

15 Year Old Beats Hedman, Dobromyslova And Ashton In A Row

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Last weekend we saw Beau Greaves winning the ladies tournaments of the Welsh Open and Welsh Classic. To do so she managed to beat Deta Hedman (won over 100 titles), Anastasia Dobromyslova (3 times World Champion) and Lisa Ashton (4 times World Champion) in a row on stage. Watch this new future star in action against […]

Fernando Alonso’s Recovery Truck Hits Bridge As Well

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Yesterday we showed you this video of Fernando Alonso crashing during the Indy 500 Practice. But what happened right after that is something we have recently seen in Formula 1 in Baku. Remember the recovery truck-incident with George Russel’s car on it 3 weeks ago. Same thing happened to the recovery truck with Fernando Alonso’s […]

Fernando Alonso Just Had This Massive Crash in Indy 500 Practice

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Fernando Alonso just had this massive crash in practice of Indy 500. He went into the wall at high speed and got launched over the track hitting the walls on the left and right side of the track. He is uninjured. Also watch: Felix Rosenqvist Crashed As Well During Indy 500 Practice 1323

Massive Crash With 250 KM/H During Falperra International Hill Climb

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Last weekend was the Falperra International Hill Climb in Portugal. During this event there was a massive crash by one of the cars who lost control at 250 km/h and smashed hard into the barrier. Luckily the driver was uninjured. 214

‘Giant Darts Battle’ On The Biggest Dartboard Ever Seen

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The guys from Dude Perfect have played a game you might like. It is called ‘Giant Darts Battle’ and it is played on the biggest dartboard you have ever seen. Game on! 755