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Max Hopp Does The Bottle Cap Challenge With His Darts

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These days we see many people doing the ‘Bottle Cap Challenge’. Max Hopp give it a go as well but he introduced a different version. Watch his attempt in the video below.

Massive Airborne In Formula Renault 2.0 Crash At Silverstone

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This weekend Formula 1 will race the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. To show you what can happen when it goes wrong we bring you this footage of a crash in Formula Renault 2.0.

Watch This PDC Player In A Game Of Vertical Darts

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We have seen many shows on television in which some kind of darts game is played. But in this German show we saw something we have never seen before. Martin Schindler accepted to play a dangerous game of Vertical Darts.

Watch How This ‘Guy’ Actually Did Beat Raymond van Barneveld

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How many men can say they have beaten Raymond van Barneveld while wearing a cheerleader outfit? Well, at least one man can. Watch how he managed to beat the the 5 times World Champion in this game called ‘Challenge Barney’.

Watch Daniel Ricciardo’s Crazy Handbrake Hillclimb at Goodwood

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We have seen many drivers and many cars at Goodwood Festival last weekend. But one of the strangest was the crazy handbrake hillclimb by Daniel Ricciardo. He knew he wouldn’t be that fast in his Megane Trophy R so he decided to have some fun with the handbrake.

Watch Priceless Reaction By Michael Smiths’ Son After ‘Daddy Beats MVG!’

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Michael Smith managed to beat Michael van Gerwen at the US Darts Masters. At home his son was watching the match and his wife captured the moment when BullyBoy won the match. Watch the priceless reaction of his son in front of the television.

Red Flag At Italian F4 Championship 2019 After Big Crash Axel Gnos

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During today’s Italian F4 Championship there was a big incident with Axel Gnos. Watch how he flipped without a halo.

Watch Usain Bolt Taking On A Challenge At The Dartboard

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Matt Baker and Emma Willis are joined by the fastest man on Earth Usain Bolt and comedian Lee Mack to talk about this weekend’s Soccer Aid match and to compete in a challenge.

Valtteri Bottas Destroys His Mercedes WO8 F1 Tyres at Goodwood

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We already know Valtteri Bottas loves ripping up tyres at Goodwood Festival of Speed, and even with a little rain on the hill he still knows how to treat them.

CRAZY DARTS: Aspinall & Smith Hit Amazing First 2 Legs in Final

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Nathan Aspinall and Michael Smith treated us to some ridiculous darts in the opening two legs of the US Darts Masters final. Enjoy!