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VIDEO: Rapid Ricky’s Hilarious His Walk On As A ‘Stage Cleaner’

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Last weekend during the Austrian Darts Open there was this new hilarious walk on by Ricky Evans as a ‘stage cleaner’. Watch him making his entry for his match against Danny Jansen in the video below.

Liverpool’s Quest for 4 Trophies: A Statistical Improbability?

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Ten games. That’s what Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp was probably thinking a moment after the final whistle blew in his team’s 4-0 demolition of rivals Manchester United in the Premier League on Tuesday night. The Reds went to the top of the Premier League table with the victory, albeit it could be a short stay […]

VIDEO: Most Bizarre Throw We Have Ever Seen In Darts

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Each darts player has his own way of throwing the darts. But the guy in the next video must have the most bizarre throw ever.

VIDEO: Bekijk Austrian Darts Open finale tussen Van Gerwen & Noppert

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De finale van de Austrian Darts Open is afgelopen weekend gespeeld tussen Michael van Gerwen en Danny Noppert. Het toernooi in Oostenrijk was daarmee een waar Nederlands succes te noemen. Zoals altijd zijn de beelden van deze partij alleen live te volgen voor abonnees maar inmiddels heeft de PDC de finale vrijgegeven. Het is dan […]

VIDEO: Funny Moment Between Lewis Hamilton & Valtteri Bottas In Monaco

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Today there was this funny moment between Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton in Monaco. The Alfa Romeo driver saved his last print of the 🍑 print for his buddy Lewis.

VIDEO: Carlos Sainz Hurt His Head On His Way To The Pitlane

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A painful moment for Carlos Sainz when he was on his way to the pitlane in Miami. Watch this moment below when he hurt his head…

VIDEO: Adam Gawlas Goes CRAZY After Securing Place In Quarter Final

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The Czech player Adam Gawlas is living his dream at this moment as he secured a place in the quarter final of the Czech Darts Open this afternoon. He went crazy and started jumping with Russ Bray on stage as you can see in the video below.

VIDEO: Unsencored Furious Team Radio In Monaco By Charles Leclerc

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Charles Leclerc was furious after his team called him in for new tyres and when he entered the pit they told him to stay out. We heard the censored team radio on television but we can now bring you the uncensored team radio by the Ferrari driver.

VIDEO: Martin Brundle Finding Out He Is Interviewing The Wrong Guy

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Last year there was this awkward moment between Martin Brundle and Megan Thee Stallion’s bodyguard. Last weekend in Miami things didn’t go as planned too when the former F1 driver tried to interview Pat Mahomes and David Beckham… Martin Brundle thought Paola Banchero was Pat Mahomes Martin Brundle gets rejected by David Beckham

VIDEO: The Incident Between Alexander Albon & Fernando Alonso

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During qualifying in Baku there was this incident between Alexander Albon and Fernando Alonso. Watch this moment from the onboard footage from the Williams driver including his team radio.