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VIDEO: Joe Cullen With The Perfect Russ Bray 180 Imitation

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The Premier League players were challenged to imitate the 180 by Russ Bray. According to us Joe Cullen is the clear winner. Enjoy!

VIDEO: Daniel Ricciardo Spotted Charles Leclerc And Scared Him

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Daniel Ricciardo spotted Charles Leclerc and decided to scare the Ferrari driver. Watch this funny moment in the video below.

Gerwyn Price Will Switch From Darts To A Boxing Career

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Former professional rugby player Gerwyn Price had made a successful switch to darts in the recent years. But this time he is up to the next challenge. He is going to switch from darts to boxing this time. The only thing to keep in mind is the current day this message was posted… ?

VIDEO: James Wade Throws Bizarre Dart Like Never Seen Before

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During this week’s Premier League night there was this bizarre throw by James Wade. Watch this incredible dart by The Machine.

VIDEO: Lewis Hamilton’s Reply On Journalist About Mercedes Backfired

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During the Testing Days 2022 in Barcelona this journalist asked Lewid Hamilton if he fears Mercedes might not be able to give him the car to win for the Championship. Watch his reply and how it backfired…

VIDEO: Funny Moment Between Max & Lando During Saudi Arabia Parade Lap

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During the parade lap in Saudi Arabia there was this funny moment between Max & Lando. The McLaren driver was busy talking with Verstappen which made him not spot the rail in front of him. Watch this moment followed by Max reaction below. Dit bericht op Instagram bekijken Een bericht gedeeld door ??? ?????????? ??????? […]

VIDEO: Heartbreaking Footage Of Lewis Hamilton After The Race

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Mercedes seems to be in big trouble and so far they are not in the fight for a Championship for the first time in years. Lewis Hamilton was heartbroken after the race when even Kevin Magnussen in his Haas managed to beat him.

VIDEO: Guenther Steiner Interview Talking About F**king The Whole Paddock

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Guenther Steiner is known for using the F-word as many found out during the Netflix serie. But this time he used it in a different way during this radio broadcast… Guenther Steiner: “Last year for two points I would have f*cked the whole paddock”

VIDEO: Nice Moment Between Max & Charles During Press Conference After Race

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During the press conference after the race there was this funny moment between Max and Charles.

VIDEO: Nice Moment Between Max Verstappen & Sergio Perez After Race

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Sergio Perez started today’s race from pole position but in the end he saw his teammate Max Verstappen winning the race. The two Red Bull drivers saw each other after the race during the interviews which turned into this nice moment.