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Are You Good Enough For The Lakeside? Score 1,000 Points In This Game!

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At this moment the Lakeside 2022 is being played as the WDF World Championship 2022. Do you think you are good enough to enter that stage yourself? Prove it with this game and score 1,000 points. . The challenge is easy and you only have to throw at the bulls-eye. A single bulls-eye is worth […]

VIDEO: Comedy Moments In Women’s Football

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We bring you the funniest moments in women’s football in the video below.

Assessing the main contenders for the Champions League

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Somewhat unsurprisingly, given that it’s the ultimate club tournament on the planet, the Champions League has served up another dose of action-packed goodness so far this season. We’ve had amazing goals, unforgettable matches, impressive individual performances, angry managers, and a whole lot more. Now, as the competition enters its crucial stages, we’re undoubtedly in for […]

VIDEO: Ryan de Vreede Wins A Leg With 521 Points At Lakeside 2022

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During his first match at the Lakeside 2022 there was this ‘illegal’ leg by Ruyan de Vreede. Watch him winning this leg with a total of 521 points…

VIDEO: Dave Parletti Hits ‘Blind 180’ At Lakeside 2022 Stage

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During his match against McDonald it was Dave Parletti who showed some exhibition darts with this no look 180.

VIDEO: Bizarre Formula 1 Commercial On Swedish Television

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As a promo for Formula 1 this bizarre commercial was broadcasted at Swedish television…

Police Visited Mikuru Suzuki At Lakeside 2022 To Reclaim Ladies Trophy

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Last year there was this moment when the police reclaimed the Lakeside men trophy from Wayne Warren. Today during the Lakeside 2022 the police visited Mikuru Suzuki hours before her game to reclaim the women trophy as well…

VIDEO: Darlene Van Sleeuwen Has This Bizarre Route From 70 Checkout

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During the Lakeside 2022 the Canadian Darlene van Sleeuwen played her first game against Priscilla Steenbergen. During this match she showed her special rout for checking out 70…

VIDEO: Van Gerwen Wins Players Championship 10 After Bizarre Comeback

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Michael van Gerwen played today’s final of the Players Championship 10 against Peter Wright. The Dutchman had a bizarre comeback which we can show you in the video below.

Ben jij goed genoeg voor de Lakeside? Scoor dan 1.000 punten in dit spel!

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Op dit moment wordt de Lakeside 2022 gespeeld welke onder de vlag van de WDF wordt voortgezet. Denk jij dat je goed genoeg bent om ook een keer op dat podium te staan? Bewijs het dan door in onderstaand spel meer 1.000 punten bij elkaar te gooien. . Het spel is eenvoudig en je gooit […]