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Charles Leclerc Goes Tokyo Drift Style During Online Battle

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During a battle on a very wet track it was Charles Leclerc who went into Tokyo Drift style. He might have to work a little on his drift skills before we will see Charles Leclerc in the next episode of Fast and the Furious…

Livestream: Raymond van Barneveld vs Martin Adams Battle

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Today the Icons of Darts League will continue in the afternoon with week 2 and in the evening a new league named Night at the Darts will start. After last week’s coverage being exclusive to a number of bookmakers websites, the second week of action will be streamed live and free below. Night at the Darts Evening […]

Can You Complete This New Challenge On The Doubles?

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We got a new challenge for you named ‘Doubles, Snakes and Ladders’. You start at double 1 and you got three darts to hit it. If you hit it you climb up the ladder to double 2 and again you got three darts to hit the double 2. If you hit it you go up […]

Livestream: PDC Home Tour Day 27

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Today day 27 of the new PDC Home Tour will be played. We will see Steve Beaton, Scott Waites, Ross Smith and Ron Meulenkamp in action. You can watch this online for free with this PDC livestream. Schedule Home Tour Group 27 – Wednesday May 13 Steve Beaton v Scott Waites Ross Smith v Ron Meulenkamp Scott […]

Sebastian Vettel Having Fun Dressed As A Car Mechanic

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Today Ferrari confirmed Sebastian Vettel will leave their team after this season of Formula 1. Will we see the 4 times World Champion back with another team or will he leave F1? If he needs a new job he can always start as a car mechanic as we show you below.

Mystery: Who Is Behind The Character Of Dart Wolf 180?

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The person behind the character of Dart World 180 has been giving away over 2,000 prices including 100 Nexus dartboards in the last weeks. In total it’s worth over 50,000 pounds in give aways while nobody knows who actual is Dart Wolf 180. Last night he got challenged for a game of darts. Altough he […]

Lando Norris Savage To Charles Leclerc On Suddenly Slow Ferrari

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Lando Norris, Charles Leclerc, Alexander Albon and George Russel love making fun of each other during their online battles. We had this moment with Charles Leclerc on Alex Albon and this moment when the Red Bull driver took revenge. Last night during the #RacefortheWorld it was Lando Norris who had this savage moment to Charles Leclerc […]

Livestream: PDC Home Tour Day 26

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Today day 26 of the new PDC Home Tour will be played. We will see Conan Whitehead, Steve Brown, Mike De Decker and Martin Atkins in action. You can watch this online for free with this PDC livestream. Schedule Home Tour Group 26 – Tuesday May 12 Conan Whitehead v Steve Brown Mike De Decker v Martin […]

Wessel Nijman’s 9-Darter Attempt During Icons of Darts League

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While all darts tournaments have been cancelled or postponed the Icons of Darts League is a ‘Darts at Home’-tournament which was played last week. Raymond van Barneveld, Paul Nicholson, Andy Jenkins, David Evans, Mark Webster and Wessel Nijman competed against each other in a round-robin. The youngest player of them all got close to perfection […]

This Guy Does The Impossible And Hits A 180 With Clout Nails

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When you have to stay at home and you are boring of throwing darts, you go look for something else. This guy took a look in his toolbox and started training to throw with clout nails. After many hours of training he even managed to hit a 180!