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VIDEO: Michael van Gerwen Thought He Won The Leg But Then This Happened

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In January 2023 the German tv show Promi Darts WM will be back where famous celebrities will be a pair with professional darts players. The last time they organised this tournament there was this funny moment with Michael van Gerwen when he miscounted but was celebrating for a ‘No-Score’…

VIDEO: When You Tell The Crowd To Pick Up ‘180 Signs’ After Just 2 Darts…

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Rowby-John Rodriguez had this moment with the crowd during his game against Ilagan. He predicted his 180 when he announced this to the crowd before throwing the last dart.

VIDEO: Awkward Shortest Interview Ever After Interviewer Quits

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At Sky Sports they only have an interview with the winner after a game but at Dutch television they also speak to the losers. This turned into this awkward interview with Jermaine Wattimena last night. Interviewer: “It’s 1 minute after the game. Is there anything you can blame yourself?” Jermaine Wattimena: “A lot” Interviewer: “At […]

VIDEO: Mickey Mansell DRUNK Interview With Sky After His Win

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Mickey Mansell won the first game of the PDC World Championship 2023. After the game he had this interview with Sky Sports and it seems like he had a few drinks too much…

VIDEO: Jermaine Wattimena Throws And Gets Hit By His Own Dart

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Jermaine Wattimena won the second set against Rafferty and was so happy he threw his last dart into the air. As we all know what goes up must come down and so did his dart. Watch him getting hit by his own dart which lands on his back.

VIDEO: Former Jobs Of The Professional PDC Darts Players

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These days professional darts players make a lot of money but they all started with normal day jobs. In this video we show you the former jobs of professional darts players and some of them are even still active in a part time job.

VIDEO: Michael van Gerwen Completes Dave Chisnall’s 9-Darter

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Last year Michael van Gerwen and Dave Chisnall were on there way to a 9-darter when something happened which we have never seen before. Watch how the Dutchman completed the perfect leg for Dave Chisnall…

Mensur Suljovic 9-Darter With 3 Bulls-Eyes & More Bizarre WC-Players Facts

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It’s counting down the days until the start of the PDC World Darts Championship and we like to introduce all players with some bizarre facts. Find out how Mensur Suljovic managed to hit a 9-darter with three bulls-eyes, who missed a PDC Q school game because he was on the toilet and who only started […]

VIDEO: Jose de Sousa Says Dave Chisnall Can’t Take Out Double 10

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Last week we showed you this moment when Graham Usher said Gary Stone would not take out 147 and paid the price. It reminded us of a moment with Jose de Sousa who even said Dave Chisnall would not take out 20… Watch this crazy moment below.

VIDEO: Jelle Klaasen Performing Trickshot On Winmau World Masters Stage

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Today the Winmau World Masters started with the round robin games. Jelle Klaasen against Tavis Dudeney was one of the games played on stage. During this game there was some delay because of a technical failure and this made the Dutchman perform some trickshots like throwing lefthanded and throwing his darts backwards.