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VIDEO: Daniel Ricciardo & Lewis Hamilton Joking At Barcelona 2022 Testing Day

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During day 1 of the Testing Days 2022 in Barcelona there was Also a press conference. At one point there was this funny moment with Lewis Hamilton.

VIDEO: New Footage Showing Jonathan Wheatly & Michael Masi Radio

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The last lap of Abu Dhabi 2021 is What everybody was talking about after Max Verstappen became World Champion. New footage now show the radio conversation between Red Bull’s Jonathan Wheatly and Michael Masi.

VIDEO: Rob Cross’ Silly Mistake During Match Against Jose de Sousa

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Normally it is Jose de Sousa who has a crazy miscount but this time it was his opponent. Watch Rob Cross having a silly mistake when he hot 8 points left of the scoreboard. After the match Jose de Sousa told him: “I tell him welcome back to the club. It was a great a great […]

VIDEO: Emotional Interview By Joe Cullen With His Dad On Stage

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Joe Cullen won his first PDC major last night by beating Dave Chisnall in the final of the Masters 2022. His dad joined on stage and when The Rockstar said this was for his mum who passed away in October he broke down in tears. Bonus material with Joe Cullen and his dad

VIDEO: Dave Chisnall Hits The Best Classic Bull Bull Checkout

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We already had this sensational bull bull checkout by Joe Cullen but also Dave Chisnall had a go at a very nice bull bull checkout. Watch Chizzy showing the classic 125 bull bull checkout.

VIDEO: Van Gerwen’s & Humphries Reaction On Incident On Stage

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During the match between Michael van Gerwen and Luke Humprhries there was this incident between the two of them. After the match the Dutchman said what happened as Humphries accused him of coughing on stage. Michael van Gerwen’s reaction Michael van Gerwen: “He said: ‘Why did you cough?’ I coughed once but sorry he was […]

VIDEO: Formula E Ends Under Safety Car After This Dangerous Moment

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Formula 1 didn’t want to end the race under a safety car during the last race of the season. However this is exactly what Formula E did do this weekend during their second race of the season in Diriyah. Reason for discussion on who did this in the right way. Also take a look at […]

VIDEO: Incident Between Michael van Gerwen And Luke Humphries

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Michael van Gerwen and Luke Humphries played an incredible match. After Humphries missed 5 match darts the Dutchman came back which resulted in this incident below. Footage of the incident between Van Gerwen and Humphries Michael van Gerwen on the incident after the match

VIDEO: Joe Cullen’s Sensational Bull-Bull Checkout Against Gary Anderson

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Joe Cullen showed some great darts against Gary Anderson and one of the best was this checkout in the 10th leg of the game. Watch The Rockstar showing some magic with a bull-bull checkout.

Livestream: Masters 2022 (Darts)

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Van vrijdag 28 januari tot en met zondag 30 januari wordt de Masters 2022 gespeeld. Dit toernooi zal worden uitgezonden door Viaplay en de gratis livestreams hiervan brengen we via onderstaand overzicht. Livestream zondag 30 januari (avondsessie) Vanaf 19:50 uur via deze link