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VIDEO: PDC World Championship Crowd Chanting “Stand Up If You Hate Boris”

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The PDC World Championship 2022 is currently played with a crowd but it’s a question if this will still be the case after Christmas. The supporters don’t want into a lockdown and they make this clear with a song…

VIDEO: Funny Moment Between Lewis & Max About Not Going To FIA Prize Giving

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Lewis Hamilton might get penalized for not going to the FIA Prize Giving last week. Most drivers don’t like to go which resulted in this funny moment between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton back in 2018.

VIDEO: Funny Moment Between Russ Bray And James Wilson

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During his match with Luke Woodhouse there was this funny moment for James Wilson. Listen to Russ Bray when he is about to call him 140-score. One dart fell out of the board changing this into a score of only 80…

VIDEO: Emotional Raymond van Barneveld With Crowd After His Win

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Raymond van Barneveld made his return on the PDC World Championship 2022 after he retired earlier in 2019. The crowd still loves Barney and they made him emotional when they were still shouting ‘Barney Army’ after the match during his interview.

VIDEO: Wayne Mardle Referring To Barney’s Girlfriend As ‘Bendy C*ck’ ?

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During the match of Raymond van Barneveld last night there was this moment when Wayne Mardle spoke about Barney’s girlfriend and what he thought was his manager Ben de Kok next to her. In fact it was Ive Kuitert but some people heard something else when Wayne Mardle was talking about them… Meanwhile on Twitter […]

Funny Video: Toto Wolff Calls Michael Knight (Knight Rider)

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Funny meme in which Mercedes teamboss Toto Wolff reaches out to Michael Knight from the Knight Rider.

VIDEO: Rob Cross Wins His Match In Style With 170 Checkout

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We have seen a 9-darter to win the match with William Borland this tournament and now we can add a 170 checkout as well. Watch Rob Cross winning his game in style against Daryl Gurney tonight with the ‘Big Fish’.

VIDEO: Funny Moment Between Diogo Portela And Alan Soutar

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After the game between Diogo Portela and Alan Soutar there was this funny moment when ‘Soots’ wanted to show his Scottish flag to the crowd. The supporters in Ally Pally were not supporting him so he wanted to have soem revenge but then his Brazilian opponent came in action for some fun.

VIDEO: Watch Clayton And Barry Hit An Incredible TEN 100+ Checkouts

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Sunday night Clayton and Barry played an amazing match with ten 100+ checkouts. Watch the highlights of this game below.

Gerwyn Price Would Agree If The PDC Will Postpone The Tournament

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Gerwyn Price is one of the players who is still in the tournament but together with Gary Anderson he believes the tournament can not continue like this. Meanwhile Gary Anderson is even more outspoken by claiming the tournament should be stopped and has to be taken back to the first round and call it day. […]