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Livestream: Promi Darts WM 2024

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After the PDC World Darts Championship comes the Promi Darts WM also known as the “Celebrity Darts World Championship”. Just three days after the final, champions will be crowned again in Germany. On Saturday 6th of January these celebrities will stand alongside the professionals in front of the dartboard, aiming for the title. Pro darts […]

VIDEO: Michael van Gerwen Hits 9-Darter at Exhibition Tournament Germany

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Michael van Gerwen managed to hit a 9-darter at an exhibition tournament on Friday night. He did this in his game against Gabriel Clemens. Saturday night another exhibition tournament will be played which will be broadcasted on television in Germany. For people outside Germany this can be watched with this livestream.

VIDEO: This Checkout By Ted Hankey Goes Viral After PDC WC 2024 Final

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After the final between Luke Humphries and Luke Littler a video of Ted Hankey goes viral. The reason is Humphries took out the Devil’s Finish (25) but not everybody knows why this single 9 and double 8 checkout is called this way. Therefore the bizarre moment by Ted Hankey back in 2006 during the International […]

VIDEO: This Moment Between Littler & Cross Has Not Been Seen Before

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Luke Littler made his way into the final of the PDC World Darts Championship 2024. In the semi final with Rob Cross there was this moment which we have not seen before on this stage by anyone else in the history of the tournament. On their way to the stage there was this moment where […]

VIDEO: Brendan Dolan Takes Out 88 But Then This Moment Happened

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The second quarter final of the PDC World Darts Championship was played between Brendan Dolan and Luke Littler. During set 3 there ws a 88 checkout but Brendan Dolan but somebody on stage had a different opinion which resulted in this funny moment. During that same day there was also the incredible comeback by Rob […]

VIDEO: Rob Cross Trickshot During Remarkable Comeback With Chris Dobey

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During the game of Rob Cross and Chris Dobey there was the remarkable comeback by Voltage. He also showed this trickshot when they were about to have a break. This weekend the Promi Darts WM 2024 will be played with 6 PDC players who play pairs with celebrities. The line-up has been announced and you […]

VIDEO: Bobby George Joking About Why He Called His Dog ‘Barry Hearn’

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Bobby George has many dogs all named after money. One of them is called ‘Barry Hearn’ as he explains this joke he had with Olly Croft, founder of the British Darts Organisation.

VIDEO: Bizarre Footage Of Darts Talent Corey Cadby Fighting On The Streets

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He used to be the upcoming darts talent who was predicted as the future World Champion. But since years he has been nothing but trouble and 2024 doesn’t start much better. He posted this bizarre footage at Facebook showing himself fighting with a guy on the street. Meanwhile all eyes are on a new young […]

VIDEO: We Bring You The 180 Sound of NEW Darts Referee At Super Series

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This week at the MODUS Super Series Adie Mason made his debut as a darts referee. As always we are curious how his 180 sounds. So we searched for it and bring you the new 180 sound below.

VIDEO: Bizarre Score By Mikuru Suzuki In Super Series Bull’s-Eye Challenge

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We already showed you incredible performances by Danny Lauby and Ron Meulenkamp in the Super Series Bulls-Eye Challenge. This week Mikuru Suzuki was one of the players to play in this serie and so she was also invited to take place in this Challenge. As a former soft tip player the expectations for the Japenese […]