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VIDEO: Everyone Is Laughing After This Comical Moment By Ryan Searle

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During the match between Ryan Searle and Ryan Joyce there was this funny moment. Even one of the markers couldn’t help it but laugh after this bizarre checkout produced by one the Ryan’s. Below we bring you the footage so you know what it was all about.

VIDEO: Formula 4 Car Racing Around World Rally Cross Track at Nürburgring

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This weekend the World RX will be held at a special rally cross track at the Nürburgring. Before this weekend this guy in a Formula 4 car gave it a test run and we can bring you the unique footage below.

This 15 Year Old Girl Is The Young “Fallon Sherrock” Beating All Boys

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Fallon Sherrock shows it is no problem for women to play against men in the same tournament. Meanwhile in the youth tournaments there is also a young lady who is not afraid of competing against boys. Meet 15 year old Aurora Fochesato from Italy who competed in the JDC World Championship this week. She impressed […]

VIDEO: Funny Reaction Devon Petersen On Bizarre Check Out De Sousa

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We all know Jose de Sousa has bizarre ways to checkout but Devon Petersen got surprised during his match with ‘The Special One’. Watch his funny reaction when he spots De Sousa winning the second leg in a way ‘The African Warrior’ did not expect.

VIDEO: Incredbile Three 170 Checkouts At Players Championship Finals Stage

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During today’s start at the Players Championship Finals we saw some incredible checkouts. In a time of 90 minutes there were a massive three 170 checkouts. Watch them all in the videos below.

VIDEO: Lando Norris Does Max Verstappen Voice Crack Imitation

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During an online livestream Lando Norris did a perfect imitation of Max Verstappen’s voice crack. The Red Bull driver had this moment on the team radio years ago but the McLaren driver still hasn’t forgot this. We expect a ‘It’s bwoken’ imitation by Max Verstappen soon as a comeback.

VIDEO: Max Verstappen Funny Response On Question About Big Fine

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Max Verstappen was asked if he regrets touching Lewis Hamilton’s rear wing which got him a 50,000 euro fine. The Dutchman had a funny answer as always and we might see him drive around with his seatbelts loose if he manages to win the World title…

Fallon Sherrock Will Drop Lakeside And Play At Promi Darts WM 2022

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Fallon Sherrock is in the unique situation of being able to play at to World Championships. She will play the PDC World Championship 2022 but she can also play at the Lakeside. However she chooses not to compete at the World Championship by the WDF as she will participate at the Promi Darts WM 2022. […]

0% Skill, 100% Luck

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In this next video we bring you the luckiest moments you will ever see.

Footage of JDC Junior World Darts Championships Finals 2021

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This week the JDC World Cup will be played and we will bring live footage all week. On Tuesday the tournament starts with the JDC World Cup Team Event followed by the JDC Junior International on wednesday. On Thursday the MVG Masters will be played and it ends on Friday with the individual tournament called the JDC […]