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VIDEO: Steve West Promises Commentators A 9-darter And Then This Happened

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Before this game Steve West made a promise with the commentators saying he will hit a 9-darter if he hits back to back 180’s. Keep that in mind when watching the footage below and enjoy his reaction.   Meanwhile it was Mark Barilli who actually shocked the commentators on the Lakeside. He did the worst […]

VIDEO: Commentators Are Shocked By This Mistake By Mark Barilli

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There are moments when you can discuss if you should go bulls-eye or not. But what Mark Barilli was thinking when he did this even shocked the commentators… But there is another who guy who everyone talks about at this moment and his name is Simon Adams. He will play against Ricky Evans on the […]

VIDEO: Max Popped Up After Hearing Daniel’s World Champion Goal For Next Year

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At an event involving all Red Bull drivers there was this funny moment when Max Verstappen popped up after hearing Daniel Ricciardo’s goal for next year. Interviewer: “What is your goal for next year?” Daniel Ricciardo: “World Champion” Max Verstappen: “Let’s go Daniel!” Daniel Ricciardo: “Maybe Max can give us one of his” New footage […]

VIDEO: What David Pallett Does Here With The Dartboard Is Not Allowed

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Sunday evening, David Pallett played the final match of the night against Thomas Junghans at the Lakeside. However, the Englishman pulled off a move on stage that is not allowed. What David Pallett did with the dartboard at the Lakeside is not permitted. It was a busy day for Pallett, who was supposed to play […]

VIDEO: Peter Machin Goes For First 9-Darter At Lakeside In Over 30 Years

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During today’s evening session of the Lakeside it was Peter Machin who had the chance to hit the first 9-darter at the Lakeside since 1990. In the fourth leg during the first set he got 141 points left after 6 darts and then this happened. There was also an illegal moment on stage by David […]

VIDEO: Danny Lauby Produces Fastest ‘Around The World’ Ever Seen

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Earlier we saw Danny Lauby setting a new world record on the bulls-eye in this Challenge. Now he goes for an attempt to set the fastest ‘Around The World’ ever caught on camera.

VIDEO: Daniel Ricciardo And Max Verstappen Crashing At Honda Racing Day

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During the Honda Racing Day there was this funny moment between Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen when they went karting. The Aussie decided to cut the corner and crash with the 3 times World Champion. This was the funny reaction by the Dutchman in his interview after he got attacked by ‘terrorist’ Daniel Ricciardo.   […]

VIDEO: Danny Lauby Smashed The World Record In Bulls-Eye Challenge

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This time it was up to the fast player Danny Lauby to compete in the Bulls-Eye Challenge. Remember the official world record is set by James Wade at 15 inner and outer bullseyes in one minute.   But this wasn’t the only world fastest produced by the American this weekend. He also took the Challenge […]

VIDEO: Paula Murphy Shows What Not To Do When You Got 38 Points Left

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During the first day of the Lakeside 2024 we saw this strange moment by Paula Murphy in her game with Almudena Fajardo. Even the cameraman got lost as it was for from logic what happened as she missed the dartboard on the right side while she got 28 points left… There was also another moment […]

VIDEO: Lewis Hamilton Does A Solo Skydive With This Go Pro

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Lewis Hamilton likes skydiving in during his offseason and this time he did a solo skydive and posted this point of view video.