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VIDEO: Gary Anderson LOSING His Darts And Plays With Wright/Clayton’s

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Gary Anderson lost his darts on the way to the US Darts Masters 2022. Instead of going into a darts store and picking up some Gary Anderson darts The Flying Scotsman decided to ask some darts from his friends Peter Wright and Jonny Clayton. Watch him starting the match with a set of Peter Wright […]

VIDEO: Leonard Gates’ Mistake During Game With Fallon Sherrock

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During his match with Fallon Sherrock the American Leonard Gates had this moment during the 6th leg. He was on 75 and he thought he had won the match but in the end he heard the referee calling ‘No score’..

VIDEO: This Guy Hits FOUR Incredible 10 Darts Legs In A Row

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A 10 darts leg is something special but not when you are Garrett Rakowski. Watch this guy hit four 10 dart legs in a row! This all happened during a 501 Master Out format at the WAMO State Dart Tournament.

VIDEO: Ferrari & Red Bull Drivers Enjoy Watching Their Own Imitations

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Last week we showed you this article with a new episode of F1 impressions by YouTube legend Conor Moore. During the weekend in Monaco the drivers also spotted this funny video and Sergio Perez, Max Verstappen, Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc shared the footage which turned into this funny moment below. Part 1   Dit bericht […]

VIDEO: Lando’s Mechanic Trying To Put On The Wheel Backwards

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During Free Practice there was this terrible pit stop by McLaren. First the rear jack broke but also putting on the left rear tyre went completely wrong. Watch this mechanic trying to put it on backwards…  

VIDEO: This Guy Hits Perfect 9-DARTER With Double In During Deciding Leg

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During the Bullshooter World Championship this guy did something incredible. His name is Alex Spellman from the USA and during a deciding leg at 2-2 he needed to open with a double and hit a perfect 9-darter!

VIDEO: Daryl Gurney Incident With Crowd At World Cup of Darts 2022

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During his match with Gibraltar Daryl Gurney wasn’t happy with somebody in the crowd who kept making noise during his throw. When SuperChin had a massive 135 checkout he showed his emotions and after the game he explained it was targeted at that one person.

1 In A Billion Moments In Football

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We bring you 1 in a billion moments in football in the video below.

VIDEO: Funny Interview With James Wade Who Overslept And Missed The Bus

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James Wade had to play at the final day of the Nordic Darts Masters but he just made it in time. Watch his funny interview in which he explains he overslept and missed the bus.

VIDEO: Pairs Partners Argue After Losing Incident At Dutch Open 2022

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The Dutch Open 2022 is livestreamed all weekend and on day 1 there was this bizarre moment after one of the pair games. These two guys lost their match and were not happy with each other. This arguing moment is caught on camera as shown in the footage below. Watch the livestream all weekend: Saturday […]