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Van der Voort About Menzies: “I Almost Knocked Him Out Backstage”

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Vincent van der Voort played against Cameron Menzies and the difference between the two players was like black and white. We have all seen it on stage but during the interview after the match Vincent van der Voort told to Dutch media he almost wanted to knock his opponent out as he kept on talking […]

VIDEO: Danny Jansen Goes For New Route From 170 Checkout

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Danny Jansen played against Krzysztof Ratajski at the PDC World Championship 2023. The Dutchman had a remarkable moment when he was going for a 170 checkout. Apparently there is another way we have never thought of before… 😉

VIDEO: Michael van Gerwen Trips Over Oche And Falls On Stage

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Today this video of Michael van Gerwen falling on stage was posted online. It turns out to be footage from the World Grand Prix which was won by the Dutchman. When he took the dartboard off and signed it things went wrong and he tripped over the oche…

VIDEO: Ricky Evans Might Get Fined For This Moment Against Sherrock

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Ricky Evans had a great walk on and managed to beat Fallon Sherrock who was playing great. But Rapid Ricky also had this moment with the crowd and he might get in trouble for this response.

The PDC Used Bizarre Rule ‘Made Up By Co Stompé’ Back In 1992

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During this PDC World Championship 2023 Co Stompé was asked what he would change in the current world of darts. He came up with the idea of “equal darts” which means you could tie a leg and force a replay or you could even win a leg after your opponent hit the double. The first […]

VIDEO: Most Bizarre First Dart Ever Seen On PDC World Championship

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Last night the game between Gerwyn Price and Luke Woodhouse was played. It was up to Woody to open the game and he did this with a shot we have not seen before. Watch this bizarre and funny first dart by this professional darts player 😉

VIDEO: Boris Krcmar Thought He Won The Leg But He Miscounted

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A painful moment for Boris Krcmar during his game with Nathan Aspinall. The Croatian player thought he he checked out 104 to win the leg but it turns out he miscounted…

VIDEO: Scott Williams Swearing On Live TV During Sky Sports Interview

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Scott Williams had this funny interview with Sky Sports after his win over Ryan Joyce. He was talking about professionalism followed by swearing on live television 2 seconds later. Also listen to him saying he can’t afford another DRA (fine) 🤣

VIDEO: Nobuhiro Yamamoto’s Crazy Leg At PDC World Championship 2023

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The crowd at the PDC World Championship 2023 loves Nobuhiro Yamamoto. Listen to them when the Japanese player has this crazy leg. Watch till the end…

VIDEO: Michael van Gerwen Thought He Won The Leg But Then This Happened

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In January 2023 the German tv show Promi Darts WM will be back where famous celebrities will be a pair with professional darts players. The last time they organised this tournament there was this funny moment with Michael van Gerwen when he miscounted but was celebrating for a ‘No-Score’…