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VIDEO: Lady Knocks Over Soft Tip Dartboard After Bullshooter Victory

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During the Bullshooter World Championship there was this bizarre moment after a women game. One lady hit the last winning darts and her partner run to her out of joy but tripped and knocked over the soft tip dartboard…

32 Legendary Goals in Football History

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We bring you 32 legendary goals in football history in the next video.

VIDEO: Unseen Footage Of Penalized Incident Between Ocon & Hamilton

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Many F1 supporters were surprised Estaban Ocon got penalized for his incident with Lewis Hamilton. That is because there was a moment broadcasted between the two which was clearly not to blame on the Alpine driver. This was actually not the incident he got punished for. Below we bring you footage for which he received […]

VIDEO: Alexander Albon Ignoring 16 Blue Flags With Charles Leclerc Behind

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Ferrari fans are not happy with Alexander Albon who ignored 16 blue flags when Charles Leclerc was right behind him. Ofcourse it’s narrow in Monaco but also on the two main straights the Williams driver didn’t gave space for Leclerc shown in the footage below. Was this on purpose by the former Red Bull driver […]

VIDEO: Funny Moments During Press Conference After Monaco GP 2022

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During the press conference after the Monaco Grand Prix there were these two funny moments with Max, Sergio and Carlos. Best part is the look on Max and Carlos face when they found out about Checo’s leaked signed contract. Another funny moment after the race

VIDEO: Ferrari Has Protested Max Verstappen For This Moment In Monaco

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Ferrari has protested Max Verstappen for crossing the white line at the pit exit. Charles Leclerc wasn’t able to pass him because of this moment as shown below. . Update: Also Sergio Perez had to go to the stewards for the same reason but they didn’t get penalized in the end. Onboard footage Charles Leclerc […]

VIDEO: Max Verstappen Joking With Sergio Perez After Monaco 2022

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Red Bull was very happy with their result after the Grand Prix of Monaco 2022. Today’s winner Sergio Perez and World Championship leader Max Verstappen together joined for a funny interview with Sky Sports.

VIDEO: Sergio Perez Leaked He Already Signed A New Contract With Red Bull

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Sergio Perez accidentally announced he already has a signed a new contract. Listen to his talk with Christian Horner on their way to the cool down room: “I probably signed too early” Sergio Perez confirmed contract during interview  

VIDEO: Simon Whitlock Wins At Dutch Darts Championship With 150 Bull Bull Bull

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Simon Whitlock has just won his match in Zwolle in style. He played against Daniel Larsson and he did beat him with a 150 bull bull bull checkout!

VIDEO: Van Gerwen On Stage With Daughter After Beating Jelle Klaasen

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After his game against Jelle Klaasen it was Michael van Gerwen who went into the crowd to pick up his daughter and bring her on stage. It turned into this nice moment which we show you below.