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Watch Ricky Evans Trying To Beat Jelle Klaasen’s Speed Darts Record

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Rapid Ricky should be the perfect player for the game ‘Speed Darts’. So, can he beat Jelle Klaasen’s 46 seconds record? Let’s find out! 496

Most Crazy Darts Throw You Have Ever Seen

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We have all seen some crazy throws in darts but we believe we have found the most crazy one. It is footage of an unknown guy who has come up with a very unique way of playing darts. 904

Callan Rydz Breaks 60 Seconds World Record Of Matthew Edgar

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Last Friday we showed you this video of Matthew Edgar breaking the World Record of the 60 Seconds Challenge. The next player who took the challenge is Callan Rydz. And guess what, we have again a new record holder. The record of Matthew Edgar was set at 693. 2240

Sébastien Bourdais Just Popped A Wheelie During IndyCar

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During the Grand Prix of Detroit at IndyCar we saw Sébastien Bourdais making a wheelie after contact with Spencer Pigot. After this incident Bourdais went into the pitlane, got a new front wing and continued the race. 181

Watch Marco Andretti’s Incredible Laps On Slicks In The Wet Today

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Today Marco Andretti showed some incredible laps on slicks in the wet during IndyCar. He had a go at these tyres while the track was still wet and the gamble almost paid off. Unlucky for him other drivers came into the pits for slicks and Ed Jones crashed in turn 7. This did bring out a […]

This Kid Shows Max Verstappen How To Pass Hamilton in Monaco

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Last weekend we all saw Max Verstappen trying to pass Lewis Hamilton in Monaco. In the end the Red Bull driver did one attempt but he couldn’t make the move. The kid in the video below however shows Max Verstappen how it is done. Best overtake ever! 1488

Watch Chris Holmes Hits A 9 darter In The Bridgit David Cup Last Friday

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Last Friday night during the Bridgit David Cup it was Chris Holmes who managed to hit a 9 darter. Luckily it was caught on tape as it is always great to see a perfect leg. 600

Watch Mervyn King Hitting World Record Of 4 Times 180 In A Row

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Mervyn King sets a world record during the Las Vegas Desert Classic back in 2008. Watch how he scored 4 times a 180 in a row which is a world record. Since then we haven’t seen this again on stage yet. 540

Incredible Moment By this Golf Driver At The Nurburgring

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During the track day of yesterday (Friday 31th May 2019) we saw many close calls of cars almost crashing. And there was one epic save of a Golf driver who let the people behind him think they were gonna see a crashed car. Watch his mindblowing save! 749

Matthew Edgar Breaks World Record In 60-Second Challenge

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Matthew Edgar is known for his YouTube channel Edgar TV and these days he brings a daily practice game for his so called ‘Edgar nation’. Yesterday he posted a video with the 60-Second Challenge which record is still in hands of 13 year old Leighton Bennett. Untill now. Watch how Matthew Edgar managed to beat Bennett’s World Record which […]