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Watch Remarkable Game Between Michael van Gerwen vs Devon Petersen

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Michael van Gerwen won day 3 of the Autumn Darts and today during day 4 he played against Devon Petersen in the third round. It became the most remarkable game of the day and this is why the PDC has now published footage of this match so we can show you this game.

VIDEO: Nathan Aspinall Might Get Fined For This Incident In Germany

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Nathan Aspinall was furious after his match against Joe Cullen at the Autumn Darts Series. He chucked his darts to the ground after he missed three match darts. He might be in trouble for this as it’s likely he will get fined by the DRA.

VIDEO: Alexander Albon Got Hit By Debris On Hand During Stroll’s Crash

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Lance Stroll had a scary moment when he had a high speed crash during the Grand Prix of Mugello. Alexander Albon was driving right behind him and got hit by a piece of debris on his left hand. Watch the impact on the video below including the Red Bull’s driver reaction. Engineer: “Safety car, safety […]

Watch Final PDC Autumn Series: Michael van Gerwen vs Mensur Suljovic

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In day 3 of the Autumn Series Michael van Gerwen made it to the final again. He is using his old darts again and played against Mensur Suljovic in today’s final. The PDC has now published footage of this match so we can show this game.

VIDEO: Gerwyn Price’s Silly Mistake At Autumn Darts Stage Today

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Gerwyn Price made a silly mistake in his match with Ross Smith at the Autumn Darts today. He was on 140 when the next thing happened. Keep watching till the end as there is a bonus as well.

VIDEO: Funny Moment Between Hamilton & Albon In Press Conference After Race

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Alexander Albon finally got his first podium in Italy last weekend. He said he had some Lewis flashbacks when he passed Daniel Ricciardo and Lewis and Albon also had a funny moment during the press conference. Alex: “It was nice to finally get that podium” Lewis: “Sorry about that”

Kimi Raikkonen’s Hilarious Team Radio During Mugello Grand Prix

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Kimi got a 5 seconds penalty for crossing the line while entering the pitlane. His engineer told him about the penalty over the radio when this funny moment happened.

Watch Semi Final PDC Autumn Series: Michael van Gerwen vs Peter Wright

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This weekend the Autumn Series started in Germany and on day 1 there was a great game between Michael van Gerwen and Peter Wright. The PDC has now published footage of this match so we can show this amazing footage.

Max Verstappen’s Uncensored Team Radio After Disastrous Mugello

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Max Verstappen was absolutely furious when he crashed at the Tuscan GP at Mugello. He had problems with his engine which made him fall back down the field and then he got hit from behind so his race was over after turn 1.

VIDEO: Mick Schumacher Driving His Father’s Ferrari F2004 Around Mugello

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Before the start of the Formula 1 race at Mugello Mick Schumacher just had a go around the track in his father’s Ferrari F2004. Enjoy the sound of the V10 engine as he does the lap around the track in the clip below.