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Valtteri Bottas’ Message: “So for them I can say “F*ck You!”

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Valtteri Bottas had some words for people who claim he normally don’t perform in the second half of the season. For them he has one message: “F*ck you!” 2219

Fire Alarm During Today’s Quarter Finals At Players Championship

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During the quarter finals of today’s Players Championship there was a strange moment when the fire alwarm went off. Watch this moment during the game between Peter Wright and Arron Monk. 870

That Moment When You Are About To Make The Perfect Start

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A little over a week ago the Northern Ireland Matchplay 2019 was played. Keane Barry managed to win this tournament but during one of his matches ha saw this strange moment with his opponent. 3823

Robert Kubica Got Hit By Debris Kicked Up By Max Verstappen

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We have seen Lewis Hamilton getting hit by debris from Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari during the Japanese Grand Prix. Now there is footage of Robert Kubica who had the same thing happening. Max Verstappen kicked up a peace of debris and Robert Kubica was driving behind him and got hit. Kubica’s Halo getting hit by debris […]

Dutch Team Lost A Bet After Winning Overall WDF World Cup 2019

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The men team of the Netherlands won the overall title at the WDF World Cup. Before the tournament they made a bet they would jump into the water if they would go home with the golden medailles. Well, they did and so they had to keep one’s promise. 973

Funny Moment Between Lewis, Sebastian & Valtteri During Press Conference

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During the press conference after the Japanese Grand Prix there was a funny moment when Sebastian Vettel claimed he wasn’t worried for a penalty after his jump start. The Mercedes drivers had a different idea. 17142

This Crash Happened During Today’s Euro Formula Open At Monza

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While many were watching the Formula 1 at Japan a few hours later the Euro Formula Open raced at Monza. There was one big incident involving two cars. 5845

New Angle: Lewis Hamilton Got Hit By Charles Leclerc’s Debris

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We have shown you this footage of Lewis Hamilton getting hit by debris getting of Charles Leclerc’s car. Now there is new footage showing the big peace breaking the Mercedes’ mirror. Update: Watch this similar moment by Robert Kubica. Other angle 8550

Onboard Footage Of Leclerc’s Debris Hitting Lewis Hamilton

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Lewis Hamilton got hit by the debris of Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari during the Japanese Grand Prix. The pictures and video below show how dangerous this was and it shows a very big peace as well hitting the Mercedes at over 300 km/h. Update: Watch this new footage from another angle and watch this similar moment by […]

VIDEO: Sebastian Vettel Watching And Touching Mercedes Front Wing

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During the interviews after the Japenese Grand Prix it was Sebastian Vettel who saw his chance to tets the front wing of the Mercedes and compare it to the one on his Ferrari. Watch Inspector Seb in action below. 3984