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Mercedes Introducing Their Formula 1 2021 Car Named W12

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The next team to reveal their 2021 Formula 1 car is Mercedes. We will bring a livestream below of the new car for Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas. Also watch Alpine revealing their new car today in this livestream.

VIDEO: Incident Between Michael van Gerwen And Madars Razma

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During today’s Super Series there was an incident between Michael van Gerwen and Madars Razma. The player from Latvia stands all the way to the right before moving towards the oche. Van Gerwen wasn’t happy with his limited space to walk back which turned into this moment below.

VIDEO: New Angle On Alex Lynn’s Formula E Crash

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New footage show the horrible crash of Alex Lynn from a different angle.

VIDEO: Ricky Evans Hits 180 In 2.5 Seconds At PDC Super Series

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During the PDC Super Series we saw another very fast 180 by Ricky Evans. It took him only 2.5 seconds to hit the maximum score. Don’t blink your eyes or you will miss it…  

Watch Final Super Series Day 3: Raymond van Barneveld vs Joe Cullen

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The final of the Super Series day 3 was played between Raymond van Barneveld and Joe Cullen. The PDC has now published footage of this match so we can show this game.

VIDEO: Alex Lynn Massive Upside Down Crash During Diriyah E-Prix

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During today’s Diriyah E-Prix there was another big crash by Alex Lynn. He crashed his car and went upside down and went into the barrier. Watch this moment shot from a spectator’s view.

VIDEO: Van Barneveld Hits 170 Checkout On Way To Semi Final

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Raymond van Barneveld made it into the semi final of today’s PDC Super Series. He did beat Alan Soutar and hit the big fish in this game like we show below.

VIDEO: Mortara Lost Brakes And Crashed Full Speed

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During the Practice session of Formula E today there was a scary incident. Mortara lost his brakes and crashed full speed into the barrier.  

VIDEO: Jonny Clayton’s Funny Moment During Semi Final Super Series

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Jonny Clayton made it into the final for the second time in a row during the Super Series. So if someone should know the format increases to best of 13 legs in the semi final it should be The Ferret. At least you would think so…

VIDEO: Crazy Double Right And Left Overtake During Diriyah EPrix

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A great move by Edoardo Mortara during today’s first Formula E race of the 2021 season. Watch his awesome right and left double overtake on Mitch Evans and Pascal Wehrlein.