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VIDEO: Daryl Gurney Will Get A Fine For This Moment At Dutch Darts Championship

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Daryl Gurney was fighting for a place in the World Cup of Darts to represent Northern Ireland. He needed to beat Luke Woodhouse for that but when he was 1-3 down he got so frustrated he did which will result in a fine. Daryl Gurney is furious when sees his place at the World Cup […]

VIDEO: Penelope Showing Her Skills Racing On Max Verstappen’s Lap

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Max Verstappen invited Penelope to show her driving skills on the similator in a lap around Monaco.

VIDEO: Incident Between Jermaine Wattimena & Joe Cullen In Rosmalen

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During today’s game at the Dutch Darts Championship there was this incident between Jermaine Wattimena and Joe Cullen. The Dutchman apologized during his interview after for his behaviour towards the end of the match which made The Rockstar angry. There was another moment at the Dutch Darts Championship on Saturday which will result in a […]

VIDEO: Max Verstappen Gives His Own Cap To A Fan Despite The Rain

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Nice footage from Monaco where Max Verstappen gave this fan the time of his life. The Red Bull driver was signing caps when he spotted a fan who had no cap. He decided to sign his own cap and give it to him despite the rain.

VIDEO: Michael van Gerwen Does Andrew Gilding Imitation In Germany

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In Germany there was this match between Michael van Gerwen and Andrew Gilding. ‘Goldfinger’ is known for his celebration with the thumbs up so when the Dutchman hit a maximum score he did this Andrew Gilding imitation.

VIDEO: Ferrari Fans Call Max Verstappen A Legend After The Middle Finger

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During qualifying in Italy there was this moment where Max Verstappen flipped the finger to a Ferrari fan. The Dutchman told about it in the press conference and now also the Ferrari fans responded and they say they were jumping like girls when Max did that and he is a legend for ever for them.

VIDEO: Max Verstappen’s Moment With This Ferrari Fan In The Pitlane

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During the Saturday at Imola there was this moment between Max Verstappen and a Ferrari fan. Apparently a Ferrari fan gave the middle finger to Max when he went into the pits, then Max gave a middle finger back. But then when he went into the pits later again, the fan clapped this time around […]

VIDEO: Furious Max Verstappen Takes Revenge On Lewis Hamilton

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Lewis Hamilton blocked Max Verstappen during a fast lap and the Dutchman was furious. He immediately took revenge on Lewis Hamilton.

VIDEO: Brian Raman Introduces New Route To Take Out 105 Checkout

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We have seen some different ways to take out 105 but this one is new to us. Brian Raman introduced this new route whcih we wouldn’t advise you.

VIDEO: Brian Raman Hits Back To Back No Look 180’s

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At the MODUS Super Series there was this bizarre moment today by Brian Raman. The Belgian player was on for a 9-darter after two blind 180’s in a row.