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Uncensored Team Radio Lando Norris: “Are Those Tears Mate?!”

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Lando Norris had a perfect start of the 2020 season with P3 in Austria. When he got the news on the radio he could’t help it screaming. It even sounded like he was crying as well and his engineer noticed this as well. It seemed like he also cried on the team radio. Listen to his […]

Alexander Albon’s Team Radio: “This guy is such a sore loser!”

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Alexander Albon and Lewis Hamilton again had an incident together after they also collided during the Brazilian Grand Prix last year. The Mercedes driver again got penalized with a 5 seconds time penalty. Below we bring you the team radio of the Red Bull driver who calls Lewis ‘such a sore loser!’ [adrotate banner=”14″]

Onboard Footage from Lewis Hamilton’s Car Passing Valtteri Bottas

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Lewis Hamilton had to go to the stewards after Qualifying because he didn’t lift when he passed Valtteri Bottas who went offtrack. The Mercedes driver claimed he wasn’t able to see the yellow flag because of the dust. We can now show you the onboard footage from Lewis’ car. [adrotate banner=”14″] Onboard footage Lewis Hamilton […]

VIDEO: Amateur Driver Thought His Gearbox [R] Was In Racing Mode 🙈

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The last 6 months it was not possible to race so when you get back to the racetrack it takes some time to get used to again. This driver thought he would make a great start when he puts his gear in ‘Racing-mode’… [adrotate banner=”14″]

Verstappen, Hamilton & Bottas on Ferrari’s Performance In Qualifying

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Ferrari had a terrible start of the season with Charles Leclerc qualifying at P10 and Sebastian Vettel not even making it into Q3. During the press conference after the Qualifying Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas were asked what they thought of Ferrari’s performance. [adrotate banner=”14″] We all remember what he said last year…

Daniel Ricciardo & Toto Wolff Had This Funny Moment After Qualifying

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Daniel Ricciardo qualified at P10 and saw his teammate for next year get P4 in the McLaren. So he was happy after the race and had a moment with the man who will deliver the Mercedes-engine for McLaren next year. Watch this funny moment between Daniel Ricciardo and Toto Wolff below. [adrotate banner=”14″]

Top 5 Crazy Darts Throws Caught On Camera

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We all have seen some darts players throwing a bit weird. Everybody got their own style but when you see some players doing there thing at the dartsboard it looks like a big act. In this article we have made a top 5 of what we believe are the most crazy darts throws you have […]

Footage of Pitlane Incident Between Carlos Sainz And Kimi Raikkonen

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Carlos Sainz and Kimi Raikkonen had an incident in the pit lane during Free Practice in Austria. The Iceman was told to have a small burn out while entering his pit box. Carlos Sainz just had his front wing changed when he almost crashed into the back of the Alfa Romeo when he left the […]

Lance Stroll’s Funny Team Radio When He Used Wrong Button AGAIN

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Lance Stroll was in a fight with Esteban Ocon who got closer when his engineer told him to use his energy button. The Canadian yelled he had nothing left but the answer of his engineer makes clear he was pushing the wrong button again. Remember the Chinese Grand Prix in 2019 when this happened… [adrotate banner=”14″] It […]

Kimi Räikkönen’s Team Radio About “That F*cking Force India”

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During today’s Free Practice in Austria Kimi Räikkönen got blocked by a Racing Point. The Alfa Romeo driver had another hilarious Team Radio message about “That f*cking Force India“… [adrotate banner=”14”] Kimi: “That F*cking Force India, he just blocked me” Enigneer: “Oké, copy. So no one is pushing behind” It reminded us of a similar […]