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Watch Great Comeback by Raymond van Barneveld Last Night

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We almost saw an impressive 7-0 win by Michael van Gerwen against Rob Cross, but the match with the most exciting was between Raymond van Barneveld and Mensur Suljovic. Barney was 5-1 down when he started his great comeback. 1086

Onboard Footage of Lewis Hamilton and Robert Kubica Incident

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Today we posted this video of an incident between Lewis Hamilton and Robert Kubica. We can now bring you the onboard footage from the point of view of the Mercedes driver. 1013

You Are A Pro Player If You Can Complete This Challenge

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We all have hit a 180 before and some might have even hit two 180’s in a row. But we bet you have never hit a 360 in one turn. You may call yourself a pro player if you can complete this challenge. 240

VIDEO: Lewis Hamilton and Robert Kubica Incident This Afternoon

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This afternoon there was an incident between Lewis Hamilton and Robert Kubica. Watch how the Mercedes driver got blocked and almost hit Kubica. 2353

Van Gerwen Hits 170 Checkout, 9-Darter And 170 Checkout In A Row

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Tomorrow they will face each other for the 15th time but we take a look back at the first time they met. We talk about Michael van Gerwen and Rob Cross who will play the third match in the Premier League. Enjoy Van Gerwen hitting 170, 9-darter and another 170 in a row! 3781

Red Flag After Strange Move By Lando Norris

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Lando Norris started the fourth F1 Testign Day with a strange move. He lost control of his car during a low speed corner which made him end in the gravel. 710

Watch Fastest F1 2019 Onboard Lap With Kimi Raikkonen

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We already have had 3 F1 Testing Days and this time we can watch the first onboard lap by Kimi Riakkonene in his F1 Alfa Romeo. Enjoy!   Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram   Een bericht gedeeld door FORMULA 1® (@f1) op 20 Feb 2019 om 11:46 (PST) 161

Drunk Kimi Raikkonen Turns Out To Be Right After All

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Listen carefull to a drunk Kimi Raikkonen during the FIA Gala 2018. He already mentioned the name ‘Alfa Romeo’ before it was even announced Sauber would be renamed Alfa Romeo Racing. 391

Verstappen And Sainz Having A Close Battle Towards End of a Lap

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Yesterday we saw Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel having a fight and today it was Verstappen and his ex team mate Carlos Sainz having a close battle. Watch them getting close towards the end of a lap. 425

Sebastian Vettel And Max Verstappen Meet Again in Barcelona

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Yesterday we saw Max Verstappen having a battle with Sebastian Vettel and today they met again on track. There was no overtaking or fighting this time but it did give some great footage of them driving with massive sensors. 331