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VIDEO: Eddie Jordan’s Bold Statement About Max Verstappen Being GOAT

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Eddie Jordan used to be critical about Max Verstappen but he fully changed his opinion. Listen to him calling Max Verstappen the greatest of all thime beating Senna, Schumacher, Hamilton and Prost. Dit bericht op Instagram bekijken Een bericht gedeeld door Sebastiaan van Bodegraven (@basvanbodegraven)

VIDEO: Stowe Buntz Close To Perfect Game of Cricket With 11 Darts

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One of the players who was impressive at the Grand Slam of Darts was Stowe Buntz. The American won against Peter Wright and Stephen Bunting and just lost 4-5 against Dave Chisnall. Last night he even managed to make it into the quarter final beating Andrew Gilding 10-5. But he is not only great in […]

VIDEO: Funny Moment By Martin Adams When The Game Was Over

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During the MODUS Super Series there was this game between Martin Adams and Reece Colley. The 24 year old won the game but Wolfie didn’t want to stop playing even when his opponent already left the stage and the caller turned his back on the dartboard.

Giving Wooden Chess Sets is a Gift of Intellectual Luxury

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Wooden Chess Sets: A Timeless Classic In a digital world, the timeless appeal of wooden chess sets is a testament to analog gaming. It is amazing to see the beauty of intricately carved wooden pieces on a beautifully designed board. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, wooden chess set hold a deeper meaning–they represent intellectual luxury and […]

VIDEO: Michael van Gerwen Furious About Two Issues Backstage Before Match

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Michael van Gerwen was not happy after his match against Gian van Veen at the European Championship. The Dutchman complained there was no tournament director while he had two issues backstage he needed to be solved. He doesn’t make clear what the issues were. Michael van Gerwen: “Before the match there were two issues which […]

VIDEO: Bizarre Last Leg Between Peter Wright And Gabriel Clemens

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The match between Peter Wright and Gabriel Clemens went to a last and deciding leg. This is where the magic happened as we can show you in the footage below. Don’t miss another video and follow us on this WhatsApp Channel for the latest darts videos.

17 Amazing Darts World Records That May Never Be Broken

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We have seen some incredible darts moment in history and although the averages are still increasing, some might never be broken. We show you 17 of these records that may last forever. Don’t miss another video and follow us on this WhatsApp Channel for the latest darts videos.

Michael van Gerwen In Guinness World Record Book With This Record

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Michael van Gerwen is in the new book of Guinness World Record with the highest score ever in just 60 seconds. The Dutchman took over a record of Leon Walraven who had 608 points in 1 minute. Watch how the 3 times World Champion managed to set a new record.   This score in just […]

Bizarre Moment When De Sousa Says Chisnall Won’t Checkout Double 10

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Jose de Sousa often has some crazy miscounting and thise one is one of the craziest so far. He was on a 70 checkout when he hit single 1 and single 19 leaving the bulls-eye. Despite Chisnall was on double 10 he decided not to go for the bulls-eye but hit single 18 to leave […]

VIDEO: Lewis Hamilton Joking With Max Verstappen After Sprint Race

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After the sprint race there was this funny moment during the press conference between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. Lewis joked about taking a selfie stick next time so he can plug a USB in the Red Bull during the race to find out why they are so fast. Also was there a moment between […]