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VIDEO: Glen Durrant With Hilarious Interview Bombing Moment

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During the Players Championship 23 it was Jose de Sousa who won his first PDC tournament. He played an amazing tournament and managed to beat Gerwyn Price 8-1 in the final. But the best part was during his interview after the match when Glen Durrant and Mac Elkin had their interview bombing moment. 1331

We Bring You The ‘Lando Norris’ Alphabet

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We bring you the Lando Norris alphabet. 45

Joe Cullen Hits Double Double Double Checkout At International Darts Open

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The best checkout of the weekend at the International Darts Open so far goes to Joe Cullen. He hit a great 132 checkout with darts he bought at the local store. He is one of the players who lost their luggage at the airport and still hasn’t got it back. 4727

Adrian Lewis and William O’Connor Water Incident On Stage

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During this weekend’s International Darts Open there was a surprise for Adrian Lewis when he entered the stage. William O’Connor didn’t give The Jackpot water which doesn’t seem to be such a big deal. But when asked why it turned out he was advised by Peter Wright to do so and Lewis wasn’t happy. “When he […]

Dirk van Duijvenbode Showed One Of His Best Walk-On’s Ever

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He is known for his walk-ons and during the European Darts Matchplay in Germany he showed one of his best ever. Watch the latest version of the Hardstyle walk on by The Titan including the interview after the match. 4567

Dutchman Set New World Record Playing Darts For 72 Hours

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Dutch darts player Raymond Brink managed to set a new world record this week as he played darts for 72 hours. He started at Tuesday 1 pm local time and played darts for 3 days till Friday 7 pm local time. This was 78 hours minus a Total of 6 hours of breaks. He did this […]

VIDEO: Max Verstappen Does Crossbar Challenge For Charity

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Max Verstappen was challenged to do the Crossbar Challenge to raise money for charity. Each successful attempt is worth 5,000 dollar. 54

VIDEO: Valentino Rossi’s Response On Lando Norris Being His Fan

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During the press conference of MotoGP Valentino Rossi was asked what he did think of Lando Norris’ tribute helmet. It turns out Rossi is also a fan of Lando Norris. 703

Top 16 Rarest Things That Happened In A Darts Match

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We have seen many strange things in the history of darts. We show you 16 of the rarest things that happened during a darts match. 1. Three bulls- eyes in a visit (00:00) 2. Two bustst in a row (00:10) 3. Two 170 checkouts in consecutive legs (00:41) 4. Crazy bounce outs (1:15) 5. Crazy […]

VIDEO: Police On The Chase For This One Seater On Czech Highway

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Today this one seater was spotted on the Czech highway. It seems to be an old GP2 car at the D4 motorway in Příbram. Of course this car is not allowed to hit the public road and that is why the police is looking for this so called ‘F1 car’. They ask people who have […]