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VIDEO: Lando Norris Shaved His Hair For Charity

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Like we already mentioned in this article on Sunday, Lando Norris will shave his hair for charity. He had a bet he will shave his hair when the donations will go over $ 10.000. It ended up being $11,810.58. Lando confirmed he will go 95% bald on Thursday night and we will be able to watch […]

Livestream: PDC Home Tour Day 16

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Today day 16 of the new PDC Home Tour will be played. We will see Ricky Evans, Martin Atkins, Christian Bunse and Jeff Smith in action. You can watch this online for free with PDC livestream 1 or with PDC livestream 2. Schedule Home Tour Group 16 – Saturday May 2 Ricky Evans v Martin Atkins Christian […]

VIDEO: Devon Petersen & Luke Humpries Close To 9-Darter Last Night

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Last night the PDC organised a tournament called ‘Darts At Home’. Devon Peterson, Matthew Edgar, Luke Humphries, Chris Dobey and Ted Evetts battled in a round robin format. We bring you two highlights of last night as Devon Petersen and Luke Humpries got close to a 9-darter. Luke Humphries 9-darter attempt Devon Petersen 9-darter attempt

Max Verstappen & Lando Norris Having Fun Roasting Each Other

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Max Verstappen had a terrible night in iRacing when his pc crashed while he was on his way to start of the grid. Later he had contact with Lando Norris when they had fun roasting each other. Below we bring you this funny clip. Don’t forget to tune in in time tonight to watch Lando […]

Drivers Decided To Do A ‘Safety Car’ Which Turned Into A Big Carnage

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F1 drivers came up with #RacefortheWorld in an attempt to raise money for fighting against Corona. During this race they came up with the idea to do a ‘safety car’. But it all just ended in a big carnage… 

Max Verstappen & Lando Norris Hilarious Fails During Online Gaming

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Lando Norris and Max Verstappen enjoy their time playing online games. They don’t only play F1 2019 online and iRacing but they also try some other games. Last night they entered the battlefield but of course not everything went to plan. We take a look at two of these hilarious moment. Max Verstappen forgot Lando Norris […]

Livestream: First Tournament of ‘PDC Darts At Home’

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The PDC brings a livestream from the home of 5 PDC players. Devon Peterson, Matthew Edgar, Luke Humphries, Chris Dobey and Ted Evetts will battle in a round robin format. Watch these matches live below. Also watch: Devon Petersen & Luke Humpries Close To 9-Darter Last Night Livestream Latest standings

Max Verstappen Showing His Drift Skills During Supercars Debut

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Today Max Verstappen made his debut on Supercars and he ended his first race with a second place. He also tried to have some fun by showing his drift skills. We must say he did a better job than Charles Leclerc but we don’t expect him in a Fast and Furious movie soon either. 

Watch Steve Beaton Hit Best 115 Checkout We Have Ever Seen

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We take bring you back to the semi final of the Embassy World Darts Championships in 1996 between Steve Beaton and Andy Fordham. In this game The Bronzed Adonis showed the best 115 checkout we have ever seen. Enjoy! Do you want to stay up-to-date with the latest darts videos? Follow us at Facebook.

Livestream: PDC Home Tour Day 2

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Today day 2 of the new PDC Home Tour will be played and the PDC has promised the issue with the livestream during night 1 should be solved. We will see Gerwyn Price in action and he will compete with Rowby-John Rodriguez, Luke Woodhouse and Ted Evetts. You can watch this online for free with PDC livestream […]