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Livestream: Race of Champions 2023

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In the weekend of Saturday 28th January and Sunday 29th January the Race of Champions 2023 will be held. This will take place on ice and snow in Sweden. Below we bring you the event schedule, the drivers and a livestream. Event Schedule Saturday 28th January 2023 ROC NATIONS CUP – TO CROWN THE WORLD’S FASTEST […]

VIDEO: Van Gerwen Shows Most Incredible Darts Ever Seen From 265

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At the UK Open qualifier Michael van Gerwen showed the most incredible 6 darts ever. When you watch darts on television you often see pro players go fro triple 19 when they got 265 points left. But the Dutchman found his own new incredible route.  

VIDEO: Darts Fan Throws Beer At Peter Wright at Nordic Darts Masters 2023

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During today’s match between Michael van Gerwen and Peter Wright there was a darts fan who wasn’t happy with the result. He threw his beer on the podium and almost hit Snakebite.

These Professional Darts Players Were BANNED For Years

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Sometimes things go wrong and darts players get fined. But when they really go to far they can get banned and this happened a few times in the past. Watch an overview of the darts players who were banned for years.

VIDEO: Most Hilarious Bounce Out Ever Seen On Camera

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We have seen some crazy footage but this one is the funniest bounce out ever. We bet you haven’t seen anything like this. Enjoy!

Max Verstappen Welcomes Nico Hulkenberg “Hey Wanker, How Are You?”

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Nico Hülkenberg will be back in the Formula 1 paddock of 2023 as he joins Haas F1 alongside Kevin Magnussen. During a German tv-show Max Verstappen joined on the livestream and had a special message for Nico. Max Verstappen: “Hey rukker, alles goed?” Translation: “Hey wanker, how are you?” After this moment the TV host asks Hulkenberg […]

This Is How Darts World Champions Spent Their Prize Money

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World Champions in darts receive a lot of money these days like Michael Smith got £500,000 for winning the PDC World Championship 2023. But what do they all do with that massive amount of money they get? The video below shows how World Champions have spent their money.

VIDEO: Lewis Hamilton Drifting A Nissan GTR Skyline On Public Road

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Lewis Hamilton has posted a video of him drifting at the public road with a Nissan Skyline. It seems like somebody invited the 7 time World Champion to have a go in his car and it is fair to say he enjoyed is.

VIDEO: Michael van Gerwen Hits This Unique ‘No Spinning 180’

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Michael van Gerwen is one of the best players in the world but it turns out he also has an unique throwing technique which no one has. When you take a look in slowmotion you will see his dart won’t spin at all when being thrown towards the dartboard.

VIDEO: Raymond van Barneveld Leaving During Awkward TV Interview

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During this interview from back in the days ‘Japanese television’ pranked Raymond van Barneveld. In reality it was Dutch television with an actress from Holland who pretended to be from Japan. Watch his reaction when she asked him the most embarrassing questions. When she gave her picture without the make up at the end of […]