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VIDEO: This Pigeon Got Hit During Formula 2 At Zandvoort Circuit

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We already saw pigeons on the track during qualifying of Formula 1. There were some close calls but during Formula 2 there was this moment where one of them got hit. Different angle  

VIDEO: Formula 1 Drivers Leaving The Circuit at Dutch Grand Prix

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Watch all F1 drivers leaving the circuit of the Dutch Grand Prix in their own way. Take a special close look at Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso and Mick Schumacher.

VIDEO: Michael Smith Hits Blind 180 In Quarter Final

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During today’s quarter final Michael Smith hit this blind 180 in his match with Jonny Clayton.

VIDEO: John Bowles’ Unique Score Only Seen Once In 85 Years Of Darts

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When you think about something unique in darts you might think about a 9-darter. But perfect legs are getting common these days, however we have footage of a score which only happened once in the history of live darts at television. The first darts battle on television was played on 29 Mayth 1937 which means […]

VIDEO: Guy Brings His Formula 1 Car To Track Day at Zolder Circuit

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Track day at the Nurburgring is a very well known but there are more tracks who offer this. For example at the circuit of Zolder in Belgium where you can bring your own car to track. During one of these days this guy took his Arrows A22 Formula 1 car and showed the true speed against Radical […]

Japanese Tyre Ski Jump Challenge Including A Formula 1 Tyre

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During the summer break of Formula 1 we like to bring you some bizarre footage from Japan. They had a challenge with tyres rolling down a ski jump including a F1 tyre. It’s lights out and away we go!

VIDEO: Michael van Gerwen Having Funny Prank With Shop Assistent

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When you are famous it can be nice to go to a place where not everyone recognizes you. This is what happened to Michael van Gerwen in Australia and so he and John McDonald decided to have some fun. Watch them going into a sports shop to looking for a dartboard…

VIDEO: ‘Formula 1 Car’ Spotted Driving On Czech Highway

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Some bizarre footage from Czech Republic show an old ‘Formula 1 car’ which is driving on the highway. Apparantly somebody with a lot of money owns this F1 car and likes to take it for a spin on the public road… 🤯 Earlier he was spotted in 2019 which we showed you on this video.

Gary Anderson’s Son Turns Out To Be A REAL Michael van Gerwen Fan

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Gary Anderson is a two times World Champion and the current number 9 in the world. But if you thought he would be the hero of his son Tai, you are wrong. It turns out his son is a real fan of Michael van Gerwen which the Flying Scotsman explained during an interview. Check out […]

VIDEO: Chaos With Big Pile Up During Formula E Race In Seoul

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During today’s Seoul E-Prix there was this big chaos with multiple cars. All drivers were oké but it did take some time to get Nyck de Vries out of his car in a safe way.