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Watch Double 9-Darter Attempt During Today’s Players Championship

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During today’s Players Championship we saw an amazing match between Peter Wright and Gary Anderson. They had a massive 11 maximums in this game and had a double 9-darter attempt which we show you below. 13118

VIDEO: That Look On Valterri Bottas’ Face After This Priceless Moment

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Mercedes posted a video on their Instagram stories which showed an awkward moment by Valtteri Bottas. When they wanted to wish him good luck with a fist bump, he forgot he was carrying a coffee… 2668

VIDEO: Lewis Hamilton Accidentally Knocks Phone Out of Supporter’s Hand

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Lewis Hamilton had an incident with Carlos Sainz on track in Singapore. But he had another incident at the paddock when he wanted to return to the Mercedes motorhome. 18345

Livestream: BDO British Classic & British Open

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This weekend the BDO British Classic and British Open will be played. We will bring you live footage from these tournaments with the livestreams below. Schedule Friday 20th Sep: British Open Men & ladies pairs Saturday 21th Sep: British Classic Men & ladies singles Sunday 22nd Sep: British Open Men & ladies singles Livestream BDO […]

Hilarious Moment Between Vettel And Hamilton On “Bullsh*t Reversed Grid”

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During the press conference after qualifying Lewis Hamilton was asked his opinion on the idea of a reversed grid in Formula 1. He came up with some kind of answer but Sebastian was more clear. Seb on reverse grids: “I think it’s complete bullshit to be honest…” Lewis: “Haha, exactly what I said!” 8893

Valtteri Bottas Uncensored Team Radio Message To Lewis Hamilton

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Valtteri Bottas wasn’t happy with Lewis Hamilton after qualifying. On the team radio he called his teammate a ‘F*cking D*ckhead’ or ‘F*cking Sh*thead’. The radio message is a bit unclear as you can hear below. We show you the team radio and the moment Hamilton overtook Bottas right before lining up for the last lap […]

Full Clip: Max Verstappen And Daniel Ricciardo Reviewing Lap Times

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They got reunited again to compare their lap times. Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen visited the Skypad for some interesting and hilarious analysis for their FP2 laps at the Singapore Grand Prix 2019. 2344

Hilarious Reaction By Lewis Hamilton On Sebastian Vettel’s Shorts

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Sebastian Vettel quickly changed to shorts after qualifying in Singapore. Lewis Hamilton reacted surprised as you can see in the video below. 8140

Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen Reunited: “Do You Miss Me?”

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Sky Sports reunited Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen at the SkyPad for an ‘insightful’ look at their practice laps. Update: You can now watch the full clip here. You can now watch the full clip here. 1464

Fred Vasseur and Günther Steiner Having Fun During Press Conference

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Fred Vasseur and Günther Steiner were the ‘Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris’ during the Team Principals Press Conference in Singapore. Watch the highlights of these 2 below. 3748