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VIDEO: Darren Webster Shows What NOT To Do With 22 Points Left

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When you got 22 points left you can choose between going straight for double 11 or split your darts. Darren Webster went for both and that’s not the way to do it. At that moment, you are faced with the choice to go directly for the double 11 or to split and work towards a […]

VIDEO: Gerwyn Price & Michael Smith Switch Darts But Then They Do This

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At the Wetzlar Darts Gala in Germany Gerwyn Price and Michael Smith played each other in the final. When it was 3-3 and they started a sudden death leg they switched darts and then this happened… Once again, it becomes clear what natural talents these players are and how effortlessly they can switch to different […]

VIDEO: Gerwyn Price Throwing An Illegal Dart In Match With Luke Littler

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During the semi final of the Dutch Darts Masters 2024 between Gerwyn Price and Luke Littler there was this funny moment. The Iceman had no idea there was a break and was about to throw again and then this happened. We have another funny clip of Gerwyn Price when he switched darts with Michael Smith […]

Gian van Veen About What Happened During Incident With Michael Smith

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During the game between Gian van Veen and Michael Smith there was an incident in leg 8. The Dutchman explained after the game what happened on stage. Gian van Veen: “There was a photographer taking pictures which they usually do without flashing, but this time one of them did. I don’t know who it was. […]

VIDEO: Incident During Game Between Michael Smith And Gian van Veen

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At the first day of the Dutch Darts Masters there was in incident during the game between Michael Smith and Gian Veen. Footage show a photographer flashing during this game. Gian van Veen talked about what happened on stage during his interview after this game.

VIDEO: This Guy Goes For 9-Darter With 150 Bull-Bull-Bull Checkout

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At the Super Series there was this bizarre moment when Connor Scutt had a 9-darter attempt like we have never seen before. Watch him going for a 150 bull-bull-bull checkout for a perfect leg.

VIDEO: Max Verstappen Was In Shock After Jump Scare By Penelope

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Max Verstappen is enjoying his off-season with his friends and family. He sometimes goes online and play games with is friends and Penelope likes to tease him. This time she did this jump scare and the three times World Champion was shocked for real. A day earlier there was this moment when Max Verstappen joked […]

VIDEO: This Guy Shows What To Do From 92 When Triple 20 Is Blocked

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Lee Budgen teached us something we have never thought of before. He had 92 points left and the first darts blocked the 20 but he had the perfect solution.

VIDEO: Max Verstappen Making Fun Of Lewis Hamilton Again

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During the off-season of Formula 1 Max Verstappen is enjoying his life in simracing. When someone tells him about two cars going through cops corner the Red Bull driver can’t help himself making fun of Lewis Hamilton. A day later there was this funny moment when Penelope scared Max Verstappen when he was fully concentrated […]

VIDEO: Brian Raman Surpised Everybody And Introduced New Checkout

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This week Brian Raman is playing at the MODUS Super Series and the Belgium player introduced a new checkout. The commentators, his opponent and the referee had to take a good luck as they never saw this route before.