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Livestream: BDO West-Fries Open Singles

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This weekend the BDO tournament West-Fries Open Darts International will be played in Holland. At Saturday the singletournaments will be played and you can watch this live below. Saturday 1054

Livestream: BDO West-Fries Open Pairs

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This weekend the BDO tournament West-Fries Open Darts International will be played in Holland. At Friday it will start with the pair tournaments and you can watch it live below. Friday 555

Robert Kubica Got Applauded By His Formula 1 Colleagues

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Robert Kubica will make his rentree in Formula 1 this season and his colleagues showed their appreciation during the Press Conference today. 292

Sebastian ‘Crocodile Dundee’ Vettel Tries Out His Australian Accent

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Watch Sebastian Vettel – AKA Crocodile Dundee – try out his Australian accent next to home favourite Daniel Ricciardo! “That’s not a knife…” 677

Watch New 2019 Broadcast Graphics of Formula 1

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This weekend the 2019 season of Formula 1 will start in Austrlia. We can give you a small preview of what the Broadcast Graphics of Formula 1 will look like in 2019. Pit Stop Advantage Overtake Probability Car Performance Onboard footage 594

This Kid Will Be Cheering On ‘Daniel Avocado’ This F1 Season

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We all can’t wait for the 2019 season of Formula 1 to start. The kid in the next video is also ready for the start in Melbourne and he will be cheering on ‘Daniel Avocado’. 1851

Wayne Mardle: “Mickey Mansell’s fine was nonsense, I’m not happy with the DRA”

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Sky Sports pundit Wayne Mardle gives his take on a number of the current hot topics in darts, including the Premier League so far, Raymond van Barneveld’s rapid decline, Michael van Gerwen’s dip in form and the DRA’s decision to fine Mickey Mansell for not playing to the best of his ability. 625

Michael van Gerwen In Action At Budapest Darts Gala 2019

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This weekend there was a demo tournament called the Budapest Darts Gala 2019. It was won by Michael van Gerwen who managed to beat Vincent van der Voort in the final. Below we bring you some footage. 459

Onboard Footage Of Buemi’s Bizarre Crash In China

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This weekend the Formula 1 will race in China. It is a great track with an awesome history. We have seen many great moments in the past but also some freaky ones. One of the craziest is Buemi crashing with his Toro Rosso back in 2010. 123

Insane Barrel Roll Incident During Road To Indy 2019

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At Saturday there was a race at St Petersburg called Road to Indy. Baron had a insane flip which is best described as a Barrel Roll known from a rollercoaster. Watch this crazy incident from different point of views below. 395