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VIDEO: Ferrari Team Boss Binotto’s Road Car Broke Down

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Ferrari is having big issues in Formula 1 but even outside the track things go wrong. Ferrari’s team boss Mattia Binotto was stranded when his car broke down. For those who wonder, he is not driving a Ferrari but an Alfa Romeo Stelvio.

VIDEO: Max Verstappen Full Speed Through Narrow Bollards In Lap 1

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We have all seen how Carlos Sainz messed up with his crash at the bollards in lap 1. Max Verstappen showed how to go full speed through them without losing any time.

VIDEO: Russ Bray’s Horrible Miscount At German Darts Championship

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During last weekend’s German Darts Championship Jonny Clayton was on 101 when he hit a single 20, triple 3 and single 16. Russ Bray was having a hard time to sum up these numbers which turned into a big miscount.

Pierre Gasly Furious Team Radio With Renault Engineer In Pitlane

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Pierre Gasly wasn’t happy with a Renault engineer who was standing in his way when he wanted to make a pit stop. Watch his hand signal and listen to his furious team radio. Pierre Gasly: “This f*cking guy from Renault. Get out of the way f*ckhead”

Watch Today’s Red Bull 1.86 Seconds Pit Stop In Slowmotion

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Red Bull did another incredible during the Russian Grand Prix with a 1.86 seconds pit stop for Max Verstappen and a 1.89 seconds pit stop for Alexander Albon. Below we bring you footage of today’s fastest pitstop by Verstappen which got very close to the all time record of 1.82 seconds.

Funny Moment Between Verstappen & Bottas During Press Conference

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Valterri Bottas won the Russian Grand Prix today after a great start from P3. Max Verstappen complained about having a bad start from P2 on the dirty side when the Finnish driver joked that’s is the reason why he gave him the tow in qualifying. Max: “The race itself. Yeah the start was pretty bad […]

VIDEO: Mercedes’ Team Radio With Hamilton Before Practice Starts

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Lewis Hamilton asked his team to have a practice start at a different position before the Russian Grand Prix. Later he got a 10 seconds penalty because of this moment. This is the reaction he got on his radio by his engineer Bono. Ouch!

VIDEO: Ian White Furious With German Crowd After This Incident

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Ian White played against Max Hopp during this weekend’s German Darts Championship. The Maximiser was favourite in front of his home crowd which turned into this incident with Ian White. After the game Ian White complained about this on social media. He demands the PDC to take action in preventing this from happening again.

VIDEO: Augusto Fernández Jumps Off Bike On Fire In MotoGP

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This morning Augusto Fernández had to jump off his bike as it got on fire. Watch this moment in MotoGP below.

VIDEO: Horror Crash In Formula 2 At Sochi Autodrom Russia

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During the Formula 2 race there was a bizzare crash this morning. Aitken and Ghiotto collided and went into the wall at high speed in turn 3. They walked away from this incident just in time as one of the cars caught fire seconds later.