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VIDEO: Hilarious Mistake By Jose de Sousa Against Michael van Gerwen

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We have seen how Michael van Gerwen called Jose de Sousa ‘Mr Big B*llocks’ last weekend. We take you back three years ago to the same tournament when they also played each other and then this happened…

VIDEO: Hilarious Story By Kimi Raikkonen Collapsing Drunk In A Bar

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We have seen the appearance of many Formula 1 drivers in Top Gear but one of the best episodes was with Kimi Raikkonen. He did a lap in the reasonable priced car like all of them but the best part was the talk with Jeremy Clarkson. Enjoy!

VIDEO: Winning A Darts Match With Only 491 Points In Last Leg

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Last weekend there was this strange end to the game between Ryan Joyce and Danny Noppert. Both got confused by the checkouts they got left ending the game with a 491 leg for Ryan Joyce to win the game…

VIDEO: Van Gerwen’s FURIOUS RANT About “Mr Big B*llocks” De Sousa

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Michael van Gerwen wasn’t happy with Jose de Sousa during their match last weekend. Listen to the Dutchman who had some words about ‘Mr Big B*llocks’…

FIFA World Cup Betting Sites: The Top 5 Sites With Live Streaming

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The FIFA World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the world, and it is only natural that people will want to bet on the games. With so many different options, it can be somewhat difficult to determine where to start. We have compiled a list of the top 5 FIFA World Cup betting sites. […]

VIDEO: George Russell Joking About Crofty Interviewing Red Bull Driver

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During the launch of F1 Las Vegas there was this moment between George Russel and Crofty from Sky Sports. He was joking about interviewing a Red Bull driver while they boycotted Sky Sports…

VIDEO: This Guy Hits 180 – Not With Darts But With Clout Nails!

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Do you think it is hard to hit a 180? Well, what about replacing your darts with clout nails… Sounds impossible right. Well, the guy in the next video proves you are wrong.

VIDEO: 10 Things Lando Norris Spends His Millions On

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We bring you 10 things Lando Norris spends his millions on. Watch how the McLaren driver is enjoying his free time during off weekend’s from Formula 1. Enjoy!

VIDEO: Lewis Hamilton Congratulating Max Verstappen With WC #2

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Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso congratulated Max Verstappen with his second World Championship right after the Japanese Grind Prix.  

VIDEO: Max Verstappen Finds Out He Is World Champion Again

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There was a lot of confusion today, even after the race. Watch Max Verstappen finding out he is World Champion again in the cool down room.