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Kimi’s Engineer Fell Asleep Towards End Of The Race, Kimi: “Hello?!”

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The second Formula 1 race in Austria was boring according to many but in the end of the race there was some exciting action. Kimi Raikkonen’s engineer fell asleep in the meanwhile or was busy watching some battles as he didn’t hear his driver yelling on the radio. [adrotate banner=”14″] Kimi:”Is this last lap?” *silence* […]

Kimi Raikkonen Walks Away During Another Classic Interview Today

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Before the second race of the Grand Prix of Austria all drivers were interviewed. Kimi Raikkonen is always great in interviews and today was no different. [adrotate banner=”14″]

Watch Robots Bringing Trophies After F2 Race In Austria Today

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After qualifying of Formula 1 the race of F2 got delayed because of more bad weather. But when it finally went on there was a great race with a special podium ceremony. Because of the Corona restrictions they came up with an unique way to hand over the trophies by robots. We might see this […]

Kimi Raikkonen’s Angry Reply To His Engineer After Red Flag Incident

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Kimi Raikkonen was one of the drivers who had to go to the stewards because he didn’t went into the pitlane when there was a red flag. Below we show you this moment when he should have went into the pitlane but it turned out to be ‘a f*cking mess‘… [adrotate banner=”14″] Engineer: “Red flag, […]

1000 km/h Free Kick Football Challenge

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Youtube Football Soccer Challenge: Konzi vs Tim – 621 mph Shooting Battle – who will get the 1000 km/h first? [adrotate banner=”14″]

James Wade Accidentally Shakes Hands With Michael van Gerwen

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During day 3 of the Summer Series it was Michael van Gerwen who did beat James Wade in the last 16. The Machine still needs to get used to the Corona rules as he accidentally broke the rules by shaking hands with Van Gerwen… [adrotate banner=”14″]

Max Verstappen Gives Nicholas Latifi ‘Wanker Signal’ After This Moment

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During Free Practice 2 there was an incident between Max Verstappen and Nicholas Latifi when the Red Bull driver tried to pass the Williams. By using the DRS Latifi tried to stay in front of Verstappen who had a special message for him after this moment. [adrotate banner=”14″]

VIDEO: Michael van Gerwen’s 9-Darter Attempt Without 180 Today

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Michael van Gerwen had another shot at a 9-darter today. The number 1 in the world tried to have another special perfect leg by not hitting a 180. Watch his attempt below. [adrotate banner=”14″] It would not have been his first perfect leg without a 180 as he managed to do exactly this during the […]

Watch Summer Series 3 Final: Michael van Gerwen vs Jose de Sousa

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Today the third day of the Summer Series was played in Milton Keynes. The final was played between Michael van Gerwen and Jose de Sousa and below we bring you footage of the final. [adrotate banner=”14″]

Max Verstappen Angry Team Radio With ‘F##king Blind’ Valtteri Bottas

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Max Verstappen wasn’t happy with Valtteri Bottas who hold him up during Free Practice 2 and made this very clear on the Team Radio. [adrotate banner=”14″] Max: “They’re so f*cking blind man, it’s unbelievable. Can’t they just tell him to move?”