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Formula E Driver Got Fined 10,000 Dollars After Cheating In Online Race

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Daniel Abt was racing Oliver Rowland and Stoffel Vandoorne for the race win during this weekend’s Formula E online battle. At least that is what they thought because after the race it turned out it wasn’t Daniel Abt himself behind the wheel. He had put simracer Lorenz Hoezring in his seat and made him race […]

John Bowles’ Most Unique Throw Only Seen Once In Darts History

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When you think a 9-darter in darts is unique, we got footage of something way more rare. The first darts battle on television was played on 29 Mayth 1937 which means there has been live darts on tv for almost 83 years. In all these years we have seen a total of 57 perfect legs […]

Lando Norris’ Overtake on Charles Leclerc In Monaco Went WRONG

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This weekend the Monaco Grand Prix was scheduled in the original Formula 1 2020 agenda. That’s why they raced in an online battle called #NotTheMonacoGP last night. Lando Norris had a fight with Charles Leclerc and tried a new way of overtaking… [adrotate banner=”14″] Onboard footage Lando Norris  Lando Norris: “Dirty, dirty driver.” Charles […]

This Girl Shows A Never Before Seen 130 Checkout Attempt

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The Bauska Cup was played in Latvia and during last year’s final of the ladies we spotted a moment which made us think. Did Algina Juknaite find the best way to check out 130? 🤔 [adrotate banner=”8″]

Top 10 Non Televised 9-Darters Caught on camera

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We have seen many 9-darters live on television but there are also great perfect legs caught on tape which never been broadcasted. This includes a 9-darter by Phil Taylor in soft tips, two 9-darters by Co Stompé and the youngest player ever recorded throwing a 9-darter at the age of 13. Today we take a […]

Daniel Ricciardo Smashed Formula 1 Record At Top Gear Track

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Earlier this week we showed you Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton set a time at the track of Top Gear. The Mercedes driver did a 1.44.7 at a wet and oily track and when he had another go at a dry track he did a 1.42.9. Sebastian Vettel set a time of 1.44.0. Daniel Ricciardo […]

This Guy Is Throwing With These Self Made LEGO Darts

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When you want some one of a kind darts you can create them yourself. Watch how this guy plays a game of darts with his selfmade LEGO darts at 3.2 grams. [adrotate banner=”14″]

Monaco – Formula 1 vs Formula E Comparison

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Formula E shows how fast electric sports car can race. On the street Tesla’s are beating almost all non-electric powered cars. But what would happen when Formula E battles with Formula 1? Let’s find out in this comparison in a lap around Monaco. [adrotate banner=”4″]

Phil Taylor & Raymond van Barneveld’s First One Hour Battle 21 Years Ago

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Next week Phil Taylor and Raymond van Barneveld are expected to play a 1 hour battle in steel tips. It wouldn’t be the first time as they also did the same battle back in 1999. Below we take a look back at this battle. [adrotate banner=”14″] [adrotate banner=”7″] [adrotate banner=”8″] [adrotate banner=”14″]

Lewis Hamilton & Sebastian Vettel’s One Time Battle In Same Car

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Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel might be teammates in Formula 1 next year. If this happens it would be the first time they drive in the same team making it possible to compare their pure talent. However the only two current drivers in Formula 1 with multiple World Championships have once been in the same car […]