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VIDEO: Fallon Sherrock Does Triple Challenge in 60 Seconds

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Fallon Sherrock is challenged to have a go in the Triple Challenge in 60 seconds. You need to throw as many different triples as possible in just 1 minute. Can you beat Fallon Sherrock’s score? Good luck! Here’s how Fallon got on: pic.twitter.com/tSkchbO0BD — Paddy Power (@paddypower) December 15, 2020

VIDEO: ‘Lando Norris’ Wishing Everybody A Merry Christmas 😉

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Lando Norris got an award for best team radio of the year 2020. And what better way than wish everybody a Merry Christmas with his team radio song. Merry Christmas everybody!

VIDEO: Michael van Gerwen Singing ‘Last Christmas I Gave You My Dart’

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It is that time of the year but instead of spending Christmas with family many darts players are stuck at the Ally Pally. So they need to spend some time together and what is a better way than sing some karaoke. We bring you Michael van Gerwen singing ‘Last Christmas I Gave You My Dart’ 😅

VIDEO: Scott Waites Hits Best Checkout With Three Darts On Bull

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Scott Waites played a brilliant game against Nathan Aspinall and had the best checkout with three darts on the bull. Despite his brilliant finishes he missed 4 match darts and still lost the game. But this checkout from 125 was awesome!

VIDEO: Dirk van Duijvenbode Ends In Style With 12-Darter Without Triple 20

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Dirk van Duijvenbode did beat Rob Cross in an incredible game with a stunning 12-darter in the deciding leg. The most remarkable about this is he didn’t hit any triple 20 in this last leg. Watch how he won the game with a perfect score on triple 19.

Fallon Sherrock Throws 15 Darts At Once In Paddy Power Challenge

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Fallon Sherrock is invited by Paddy Power to do some fun challenges. One of these is named ’15 at once’ which means she has to throw 15 darts all at the same time. When you throw a 15 darter you are playing a decent leg averaging over a 100 but what if you throw them […]

VIDEO: We Bring You The Formula 1 Alphabet From A to Z

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The 2020 season of Formula 1 is over but in the meantime we can enjoy funny video’s like the one below. Someone took a lot of funny moments and created the F1 Alphabet. Enjoy!

VIDEO: Ricky Evans BREAKS Official World Record in 60 Seconds

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Michael van Gerwen already broke the world record of highest score in 60 seconds. This time it is up to Ricky Evans but instead of going for the highest score he does an attempt at scoring the most 2’s in a minute. The current record is set at 18 by Lee Mack but Luke Humprhies managed […]

VIDEO: John Henderson Hits A Never Before Seen 35 Checkout

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During his game against Jonny Clayton it was John Henderson who had a remarkable checkout in the first leg of the match. Watch how he found a new way to do a 35 checkout.

VIDEO: Drunk Max Verstappen Trying To Enter His Home in Monaco 😅

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In the new three-part Max Verstappen documentary there was this funny moment after his celebrations in a plane. He got back home in Monaco trying to enter his apartment but he was almost too drunk to open the door with his key 😅 The documantery is named ‘Whatever it Takes’ and is broadcasted on Dutch television.