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VIDEO: Max Verstappen’s Funny Story With Ricciardo Joking In Background

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In Singapore Max Verstappen spoke to the press and joked about the Red Bull chassis which they didn’t change for a special reason. Also take a look at Daniel in the background 😁

VIDEO: This Darts Player Got Very Close To Hitting Hand Of Opponent

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During today’s Online Darts Series there was this moment when Gavin Carlin almost hit the hand of his opponent Franz Roetsch. Watch this close call below.

VIDEO: Michael van Gerwen Takes On Soccer Challenge On TV

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Michael van Gerwen is a legend in darts but how good is the Dutchman in soccer? That’s what they wanted to find out during the television show which we show you below.

VIDEO: Formula 1 Hidden Chats You Surely Have Missed

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This time we bring you some unique footage of hidden F1 chats you surely have missed.

VIDEO: Incident Between Peter Wright & Niels Zonneveld In Belgium

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During the Belgian Darts Open there was this incident between Peter Wright and Niels Zonneveld. The Dutchman wanted to bump fists for the last leg of the match but Snakebite refused this turning this into the moment below.

VIDEO: Kim Huybrechts Wins Bizarre Leg Against Michael van Gerwen

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At the Belgium Darts Open there was this bizarre leg between Kim Huyrechts and Michael van Gerwen. The Dutchman had a 300+ points lead but managed to still lose the leg. The Hurricane finished the match in style and shocked himself…

VIDEO: Hilarious Super Series Match Announcement With ‘Small’ & ‘Cocks’

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At the Super Series there was this funny moment when Alec Small and Lee Cocks played against each other.

VIDEO: The Funniest Own Goal You Have Ever Seen

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We bring you footage of the funniest own goal you might have ever seen. It starts funny but the best part is in the end so don’t stop watching.

Top 5: Most Expensive Houses of Formula 1 Drivers

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Formule 1 drivers don’t spend much time at home during the season. But when they are they live a luxurious life. Watch the top 5 most expensive houses of F1 drivers.

VIDEO: Bizarre Mistake By Referee Paul Hinks At Super Series 2022

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During the Super Series 2022 there was this bizarre mistake by Paul Hinks. Danny Lauby accidentally dropped his last dart and the referee counted this as a No-Score…