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VIDEO: Horror Crash During Super Sport 1000cc in Costa Rica

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During the Super Sport 1000cc in Costa Rica one driver had a horror crash. Despite this shocking impact he survived the crash and it they believe he will make a full recovery. 594

Unforgettable Original Penalty Kicks

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We have seen some original penalty kicks and we bet you have not seen some of these we show you below. 123

Never Before Seen 30 Checkout During Iceland Darts Night

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During the Iceland Darts Night we saw a 30 checkout we have never seen before. If you don’t like double 15 you can choose to split it which is what this player thought. But he found a new way which works great as well. 3670

Great Fight Between Sebastian Vettel And Lewis Hamilton In Equal Cars

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These days Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel race in Formula 1 in different cars. But to do a true comparison between these drivers they need to have the same equipment. When we go back 14 years they were both racing in equal cars in the Formule 3 Euroseries. We bring you a great fight between […]

Michael van Gerwen Might Get Fined If He Deliberately Miss 9-Darter?

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Michael van Gerwen did hit the first 9-darter live on television in 2019 this weekend. But after the match he was not happy for the fact there was no price money for this achievement. He even claimed he might consider to deliberately go for single 8 instead of double 12 next time. Chris Mason and […]

Tense Moments Between Gerwyn Price And Michael van Gerwen In Final

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During the first 5 legs of the final in the Players Championship Finals there was some tension between Gerwyn Price and Michael van Gerwen. It seemed the air was cleared after the first break and after the match they both said they love the rivalry. Below we bring you the tense moments of the first […]

Michael van Gerwen Announced For His First Ever PDC Semi Final 🙈

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John McDonald made a mistake when announcing the players for the semi finals. He announced Michael van Gerwen for his first ever PDC semi final which obviously was meant for Ian White. The number 1 in the world was having a good laugh about this moment. 14466

Michael van Gerwen: “People Like Mervyn King Are Bad For Darts”

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Michael van Gerwen and Mervyn King had this moment on stage and the number 1 in the world had to say something about that after the match. “Mervyn didn’t want to make it a game. He was complaining about everything, the wind, the dartboards, but I had the same. Merv was the old Merv and […]

Incident Between Michael van Gerwen And Mervyn King On Stage

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Michael van Gerwen wasn’t happy with Mervyn King during the quarter final at the Players Championship Finals. They had this moment during the game and later the Dutchman claimed ‘People like Mervyn King are bad for darts“. Also watch: Michael van Gerwen: “People Like Mervyn King Are Bad For Darts” Different angle   29130

Formula E introduced ‘Drivers eye camera’ during this weekend’s race

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During this season’s first weekend of Formula E they introduced the ‘Drivers eye camera’. Watch onboard footage live from Felipe Massa’car during the second race at Diriyah this weekend. 3678