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VIDEO: Funny Moment Between Carlos & Max During Press Conference After Race

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During the press conference after the race there was this funny moment between Carlos Sainz and Max Verstappen.

VIDEO: Clayton Hits Best Checkout Of The Weekend Against Van Gerwen

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We saw some great checkouts again this weekend but the best one has to go to Jonny Clayton. Watch his incredible 125 finish against Michael van Gerwen in the third round.

VIDEO: Van Gerwen’s 9-Darter Attempt And Bizarre 127.91 Average In Last Legs

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During this weekend’s European Darts Open there was this bizarre game between Michael van Gerwen and Daryl Gurney. The match went crazy from the 6th leg at the standings of 3-2 in favour of Gurney. From that moment there is the 9-darter attempt and 127.91 average of the Dutchman. Michael van Gerwen averaged 127.91 in […]

VIDEO: Martin Schindler’s Reaction After Game Against Rob Cross

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Watch the reaction of Martin Schindler after his match against Rob Cross in front of his home crowd.

VIDEO: Jose de Sousa Goes For Never Before Seen Route On 118

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Jose de Sousa showed a new route for a 118 checkout during today’s European Darts Open. Either he was miscounting again or he was desperate to leave double 8 with an exhibition shot…

VIDEO: Chris Woerts & Michael van Gerwen maken nieuws bekend bij HLF8

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Dinsdagavond verschenen Michael van Gerwen en Chris Woerts bij Helene Hendriks aan tafel tijdens het programma HLF8. De twee brachten bijzonder nieuws naar buiten zoals te zien is op onderstaande beelden.

VIDEO: This Guy Hits A 180 With The World’s FATTEST Darts

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For some players hitting a 180 is an achievement on it’s own but the guy in this video takes it one step further. He took the world’s fattest darts and challenged himself to hit three triple 20’s. We bring you the last part of his battle to perfection.

VIDEO: Savage From Lando When Asked About His New Helmet Design

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During the press conference there was this funny moment between Lando Norris and George Russell when they spoke about his special Basketball helmet.

Livestream: Welsh Open & Welsh Classic 2022

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This weekend the Welsh Open and Welsh Classic 2022 will be played. We will bring live footage from the stage matches below. Stage matches: Welsh Classic Youth Singles Final Luke Littler (Eng) V Kieran Thompson (Eng) Welsh Classic Ladies Singles Final Fallon Sherrock (Eng) V Rhian O’Sullivan (Wal) Welsh Classic Men’s Singles Final Barry Copeland (NI) […]

VIDEO: Freaky Incident With Taka Nakagami During MotoGP

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This freaky incident happened during today’s MotoGP. Taka Nakagami got caught by the rear tyre of the guy in front of him destroying his helmet. He is oké but taken to the hospital for monitoring.