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VIDEO: Max Verstappen Taking A Dig At The New F1 2022 Mercedes

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After the first day of testing in Bahrain Max Verstappen was asked his opinion on the new F1 2022 Mercedes. Of course he came up with a funny response as always.

VIDEO: Walk On By Michael Smith Goes Wrong [Funny]

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Michael Smith had a brilliant walk on during an exhibition night. Watch this funny moment when he came across this guy with some drinks…

VIDEO: Massive Purpoising For Mercedes With New Updates

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During the first day of testing in Bahrain Mercedes had a huge update with their sidepods. But the problem with purpoising was clearly not solved as you can see in this footage from Lewis Hamilton.

VIDEO: A Funny Mistake By Paul Hinks At Live League 2022

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Paul Hinks recently got demoted by the PDC but we still see him in action during the Online Darts Live League 2022. However things didn’t went perfect at this tournament either as we can show you in the video below.

VIDEO: The Greatest Records In Football

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In the video below we bring you the greatest records in football.

VIDEO: Danny Noppert Wins UK Open 2022, Michael Smith runner-up

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The new UK Open champion is Danny Noppert who managed to beat Michael Smith in the final. Watch the last darts of this final below.

VIDEO: William O’Connor Got Injured During Walk On Semi Final UK Open

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During the walk of the semi final at the UK Open there was this one supporter who got to excited with William O’Connor. He got injured with his left hand which we can show you below.

VIDEO: The 180 Sound Of New PDC Referee At UK Open 2022

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At the main stage of the UK Open there was this new PDC referee Charlie Corstorphine who made his debut. We bring you the 180 sound which is unique for each referee.

VIDEO: James Wade Goes Undercover At A Bar In London

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James Wade likes to hang out with his builder mate Lee and they went to London for a night out. They decided to have some fun and went to a professional make-up artist to make them look like old people. Several hours later they challenged themselves to play darts with several groups of people in pubs […]

VIDEO: Emotional Peter Wright Being In Pain During UK Open Game

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Peter Wright is having physical problems as he got gallstones. On Friday night he even thought of pulling out of the tournament because he was in so much pain he wasn’t able to stand up at one point. Despite this all he did compete but he was clearly in pain as you can see in […]