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VIDEO: Highlights of ‘Best Game of 2021″ Between Smith & Clayton

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Many people claimed last night’s match between Michael Smith and Jonny Clayton was the best one we have seen this year. So for the people who were already in their bed we bring you the highlights of this incredible game.

VIDEO: Max Hopp Celebrating He Keeps His Tour Card After Comeback King

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Max Hopp was a commentator for German television during the match between Mervyn King and Raymond Smith. It was a special game for Maximiser who is currently the number 64 at the PDC Order of Merit. When Raymond Smith would win this game he would pass him making Hopp lose his tourcard. We bring you […]

VIDEO: Gary Anderson Wants This Tournament To Be Stopped

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Gary Anderson is still in the tournament but he wants the tournament to be stopped because of the high number of positive results on Covid 19 amond the players. Also the current World Champion Gerwyn Price would agree if the PDC would postpone the tournament. But he does say he posted his messages on Instagram […]

Russ Bray: “Alan You Require 76, Sorry 96, Alan You Require 76”

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Russ Bray had this awkward moment during today’s match of De Sousa against Soutar. Both players were looking strange when the referee said “Alan you require 76, sorry 96, Alan you require 76”. . Watch this strange moment below.

VIDEO: Bizarre Mistake By Jose de Sousa During Today’s Match

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At a crucial moment during today’s match Jose de Sousa made another bizarre mistake. Het had the chance to level the game when he forgot to go to the bulls-eye…

VIDEO: Martijn Kleermaker Forgot He Was On Live Television After Match

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Martijn Kleermaker was very excited after he won his match against Joe Cullen this afternoon. During his interview on Sky Sports he forgot he was not allowed to use bad words. Or maybe he just forgot he was on live tv when the next moment happened.

VIDEO: Martijn Kleermaker Hits 89 Checkout We Have Never Seen Before

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Martijn Kleermaker had a perfect start during his match against Joe Cullen at the PDC World Championship 2022. It took him only a little over 4 minutes to win the first set and he did this in style with a 89 checkout we have never seen before.

VIDEO: Another Mistake By Russ Bray At PDC World Championship 2022

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It is not the first time Russ Bray made a mistake at this year’s World Championship but he had another miscount today. Watch this moment below. And this wasn’t the last mistake by Russ Bray because not much later the next thing below happened. This time it was an awkward moment during the match between […]

VIDEO: Gerwyn Price Explains What Happened Between Him And Kim Huybrechts

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During the match between Gerwyn Price and Kim Huybrechts there was this incident on stage. After the game The Iceman explained what happened according to him. The Belgium player also had an interview in Dutch in which he responded Price was shouting while he was about to throw.

Gerwyn Price Gets Negative Response After This Post On Social Media

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Gerwyn Price wasn’t popular with the crowd during his match against Kim Huybrechts last night. But he got even more criticism and negative reactions after he posted the picture below on his Instagram stories.