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VIDEO: Funny Moment Between Lewis & Max After Silverstone 2023

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After the British Grand Prix 2023 there was this funny moment between Lewis and Max before Lando arrived.

VIDEO: Lando Norris Tells British Crowd Not To ‘Boo’ Max Verstappen

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Lando Norris just waved to Max Verstappen as he passed by during the parade lap of the British Grand Prix. The McLaren driver who starts from the first row told the crowd not to boo him. “No boo’s, Max is a lovely guy”

VIDEO: ‘Roscoe’ Left Lewis Hamilton And Walked To Max Verstappen

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A funny moment in the paddock of Silverstone a few years ago goes viral right now. It shows Lewis Hamilton’s dog ‘Roscoe’ who left his boss and went to Max Verstappen who gave him love and attention.

VIDEO: Bizarre Moment By Berry van Peer At The MODUS Super Series

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We have seen some bizarre moments before and this time we can add another one by Berry van Peer. Watch how the Dutchman managed to produce this crazy score.

VIDEO: Sweet Revenge By Raymond van Barneveld On Michael van Gerwen

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Raymond van Barneveld managed to beat Michael van Gerwen last weekend in Germany. And the Dutchman wasn’t forget what Van Gerwen said about him 4 months ago and so Barney took his sweet revenge. March 2023 Michael van Gerwen after beating Raymond van Barneveld: “He is like Stuttgart at the moment” July 2023 Raymond van […]

VIDEO: Sergio Perez Shows Middle Finger During Austrian Grand Prix 2023

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During the Austrian Grand Prix there was this moment when Sergio Perez wasn’t happy with one of the Haas drivers. Watch the Red Bull driver giving him the middle finger.

NFL Betting 101: Understanding Odds

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Sports wagering can seem convoluted and intimidating, especially when it comes to understanding odds in the National Football League (NFL). However, with the correct information and guidance, you can easily navigate this complex terrain. This comprehensive article will demystify the concept of NFL odds, enlighten you about the fundamentals, and equip you with the knowledge […]

VIDEO: Dirk van Duijvenbode Recieves A Lot Of Critism Because Of This

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Dirk van Duijvenbode had his chance to win his first European Darts Matchplay this weekend but he missed all match darts. After the lost final he was devistated but now he receives a lot of critism for these two moments after the final.

VIDEO: Lewis Hamilton Being Disrespectful to National Anthem

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During the national anthem before the start of the Austrian Grand Prix there was this moment with Lewis Hamilton for which he receives a lot of critism at this moment.

VIDEO: Lewis Hamilton Joking About “Definitly Shunting Perez’ Colleague”

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Lewis Hamilton had an incident with Sergio Perez during the sprint race of the Belgium Grand Prix. During an interview about this moment the reporter accidently mixed up Sergio’s name with Daniel Ricciardo. The Mercedes driver spotted him walking and joked: “Yeah, I’d definitely shunt him off!”   Watch out Daniel