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VIDEO: Emotional Peter Wright Being In Pain During UK Open Game

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Peter Wright is having physical problems as he got gallstones. On Friday night he even thought of pulling out of the tournament because he was in so much pain he wasn’t able to stand up at one point. Despite this all he did compete but he was clearly in pain as you can see in […]

All Matches Winmau NDB Ranking Barneveld

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The Dutch ranking, so called Winmau NDB ranking, will be livestreaming their finals from this season. The finals of the first ranking were played at Sunday and are shown below. .

VIDEO: Komisch Interview Met Danny Noppert Na Winst UK Open Titel

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Danny Noppert kende een waanzinnig weekend door de UK Open 2022 op zijn naam te schrijven nadat hij net vader is geworden. Met de 100.000 pond die hij hiermee verdiende is hij bovendien gestegen naar nummer 12 van de wereld. Na afloop gaf The Freeze onderstaand komisch interview af bij Arjan van der Giessen.

VIDEO: James Wade & Michael Smith Hit 9-Darters At UK Open 2022 Stage

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James Wade just managed to hit a 9-darter at the UK Open 2022. Watch The Machine hitting perfection below. . Update: Michael Smith also hit a 9-darter at stage 2. James Wade hits 9-darter Michael Smith hits 9-darter.

VIDEO: Danny Noppert Got Unlucky While Hitting 9 Perfect Darts

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Danny Noppert just hit 9 perfect darts from 501 during his match against Devon Petersen at the UK Open. But he got unlucky…

VIDEO: Jose de Sousa Had No Idea He Just Won The Match Against Steve West

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Jose de Sousa is a ‘special guy’ with weird thoughts and strange moves. This weekend at the UK Open he won the match against Steve West but he had no idea…

VIDEO: Michael van Gerwen’s Bull-15-Bull Checkout Against Gary Anderson

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Michael van Gerwen did beat Gary Anderson last night and he did this with the best checkout we have seen so far.

VIDEO: Bizarre Moment When Kciuk Says Smith Won’t Take Out 80

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During the match between Krzysztof Kciuk and Ross Smith there was this bizarre moment. The Polish player basically said he doesn’t believe his opponent will take out 80…

VIDEO: Watch Sudden Death Leg Between Van Barneveld & Borland

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This afternoon there was this special game at the UK Open between Raymond van Barneveld and William Borland. We bring you the last leg of this match played at the big stage.

VIDEO: Michael van Gerwen Wins Premier League With Bizarre Results

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Michael van Gerwen dominanted the Premier League this week with bizarre results. We bring you the highlights in the video below.