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Watch Bob Anderson Hits 160.20 Average During Exhibition Night

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During an exhibition game Bob Anderson managed to hit a 801 leg with double out in only 15 darts. This means an average of over 160,00 as he hit 180, 140, 180, 180 and a 121 checkout. Below we bring you footage of this incredible leg.  

VIDEO: Crazy Open Wheel Airborne Overtake Like Never Seen Before

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We have seen some crazy overtakes before but this airborne overtake is one of a kind. Imagine you see your opponent flying over you and getting passed. Ouch!  

VIDEO: Max Verstappen Makes His Girlfriend Sick During Lap Around Barcelona

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Max Verstappen and Kelly Piquet are back in Europe and he took her for a lap around the Circuit Barcelona. The Red Bull driver went full throttle which made his girlfriend feeling sick… Kelly Piquet was brave enough to take place in the passenger seat which she might regret later. She got sick and had […]

VIDEO: Michael van Gerwen Takes On Goal Wall Challenge

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Recently we saw the current World number 1 in darts, Gerwyn Price, showing he also has a talent for soccer. But how about the former World number 1 Michael van Gerwen? He competed in a challenge on German television which we show you below.

These 5 Bizarre Things Happened During PDC Q School 2021

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The PDC Q School started this week in the UK and in Germany. Three days have been played and we have seen some bizarre things already. We bring you the top 5 below. 5. Fire alarm During day 2 of the PDC Q School there was a moment when all matches were stopped and everybody […]

VIDEO: This Guy Wins Match While Throwing His Darts Backwards

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We have seen some incredible ways to win a game but this one is new. Watch the guy in the next video who won an official game by throwing his darts backwards. No way!

Top 10 Unusual & Lucky Penalty Saves

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We bring you the top 10 of the most unusual and lucky penalty saves.

VIDEO: Red Bull F1 Car Caught With 326 Km/H On Public Road

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What do you do when it is off season in Formula 1 but you want to go fast. You take your Red Bull F1 car and hit the public road! Back in the days Dutchman Robert Doornbos got the chance and hit 326 km/h driving over the ‘Afsluitduik’ in Holland. We bet Max Verstappen would […]

VIDEO: Crazy Darts Player Transformations In 25 Years

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We enjoy darts on stage but many of these players have had a crazy transformation. We take a look at these in the video’s below. Enjoy! Part 1 Part 2

VIDEO: One-legged Darts Player Alan Chaffey Beats World Number 1

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Back in 1994 the world number 1 was Steve Beaton when he played at the BDO’s Gold Cup. In the semi final he played against Alan Chaffey who played on crutches as he lost his leg during an incident in a chalk quarry. We bring you the last leg of this incredible game.