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VIDEO: This Guy Has A Bizarre Throw Like Never Seen Before

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At the Amateur Darts Circuit there was this guy who surprised the viewers with his bizarre throw. Have you ever seen anything like this before?

Livestream: Max Verstappen Is Racing In 24 Hours of Nürburgring

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Before the start of the Grand Prix at Imola there is the 24 Hours of Nürburgring in which Max Verstappen is racing a stint for Team Redline. You can watch this in the livestream below.

VIDEO: Wayne Mardle Receives Critism After This Moment With Emma Patson

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During the Premier League night there was this moment between Wayne Mardle and Emma Patson. On social media there was critism for the way Hawaii 501 reacted, but was he really in anger or was this a joke?

VIDEO: Funny Luke Littler Moment On Stage During Premier League

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Luke Littler is a 17 year old kid and sometimes we forget that when he is playing on the big stage. But this time we got reminded he is still a young guy when he wasn’t able to open his water bottle. He actually needed to ask for help to one of the staff members […]

VIDEO: This Bizarre Scary Crash Shocks The World Of Autosport

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We have to warn to put your cup of coffee aside when you start this clip as this will scare you. But most important is we can confirm all drivers were oké despite this horror crash.

The Fastest Slots For Speed Lovers

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Online slots are all the rage within the modern iGaming landscape. One of the biggest reasons why online slots are so popular is to do with the fast-paced gameplay and the chance to win potentially big jackpots from small stakes. There are so many different themes that are used to design some of the best […]

VIDEO: Daniel Lee Shocks Commentaters And Opponent With This Route

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We all know Jose de Sousa as the guy with the bizarre routes but we have a new one and his name is Daniel Lee. Watch how he shocks the commentators and his opponent when he does this.

VIDEO: How Rusty-Jake Rodriguez Managed To Play With 6 Darts

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At the Players Championship 29 there was this game between Gian van Veen and Rusty-Jake Rodriguez. In the end of the game it appeared the player from Austria was playing with 6 darts and how this was possible is shown in the footage below. The player from Austria had missed double 7 at a crucial […]

VIDEO: Lando Norris Was Scared Of Max Verstappen On Stage

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We have already seen Max Verstappen and Lando Norris joking during the press conference after the Chinese Grand Prix. But there was also this moment where Lando got scared of the Red Bull driver on the podium.

VIDEO: Why This Dart By Ross Smith Was Called Illegal In The Final

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During the final of the European Darts Grand Prix there was this bizarre last leg between Gary Anderson and Ross Smith. Smudger had an illegal darts at a crucial moment.