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VIDEO: Mercedes’ Front Wing Bending During Portugal Grand Prix 2021

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Mercedes hinted at a flexible rear wing of RedBull after the Spanish Grand Prix and this resulted in this footage. Meanwhile the eyes are now also at Mercedes’ front wing as this was very flexible as well during the Portugal Grand Prix. Below we bring you footage and a comparison with Red Bull’s front wing […]

VIDEO: Lando Shooting At Daniel With A Toy Gun During Interview

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During an interview of Daniel Ricciardo there was this funny moment when Lando Norris took his toy gun and started firing at his teammate.

VIDEO: Red Bull’s Rear Wing Bending During Spanish Grand Prix 2021

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During the Spanish Grand Prix it was Lewis Hamilton who was lap after lap behind Max Verstappen. After the race he claimed he learned so much during the race as he saw Red Bull’s rear wing bending. Update: Meanwhile Mercedes might needs to be checked for their flexible front wing in Portugal. A comparison with Red […]

VIDEO: Nico Rosberg Crashed His Bike In Monaco

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Nico Rosberg was in Monaco during the Formula E last weekend. Before the race he wanted to pick up some tickets when he crashed his bike.

VIDEO: These Are The Cars Current Professional Darts Players Drive

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There is a lot of money involved in professional darts these days. Therefore the current top players can afford to drive nice and valuable cars. We bring you an overview of the best cars driven by the professional darts players these days.

VIDEO: Daniel Ricciardo’s Engineer Accidentally Called Him “Carlos” 😅

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Daniel Ricciardo switched from Renault to McLaren take Carlos Sainz’ seat who moves to Ferrari. But the love for the Spanish driver was still there during the Spanish Grand Prix 😅 Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram Een bericht gedeeld door FORMULA 1® (@f1)

VIDEO: Funny Moment Between Sergio Perez and Kimi Raikkonen In Spain

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After the Spanish Grand Prix there was this funny moment between Sergio Perez and Kimi Raikkonen. Sergio Perez: “He speaks longer than I thought”

VIDEO: Funny Moment When Lewis Hamilton Asks About His Pole Tyres 😅

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Lewis Hamilton got a 100 pole positions and so he won many pole tyres. But in Imola when he got his 99th pole he asked the Pirelli guy where all those tyres went because he never received one…

VIDEO: Gary Anderson Takes On The ‘Blind Board Challenge’

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The next professional player to take on the ‘Blind Board Challenge’ is Gary Anderson. Michael van Gerwen still holds the record with 285 points, can The Flying Scotsman beat this? Let’s find out!

Speed Comparison: Formula 1 vs Formula E Around Monaco

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In two weeks time the Grand Prix of Monaco in Formula 1 will be held while last week Formula E raced at the street circuit. For the first time they raced at the full layout like Formula 1 does each year. This means we can do a proper comparison which we bring you below.