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We Found The ‘Neow Guy’ Of Monaco Grand Prix

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We already posted this video of the ‘Neow Guy’ who was spotted again during the Grand Prix of Monaco. Now we found out who it was. It seems to be a different guy than during the American Grand Prix but also he managed to get close to a microphone at the circuit. 586

Former F1 Driver Marcus Ericsson Crashed Into Pitlane During Indy 500

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Marcus Ericsson crashed into the pitlane during the Indy 500 this weekend. Watch how he lost control of his car and spun out of control. It appears Ericsson was just a bit too fast entering the lane and locked up his brakes. 219

Michael van Gerwen Hits 170 Checkout In Today’s Final

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Michael van Gerwen lifted the roof of the arena in Zwolle as he hit a 170 checkout in the final. Timing couldn’t been better as he was 2-4 down at that moment. Although he made a great comeback to 7-7, he still lost the match as Ian White won the Dutch Darts Masters 2019 with […]

Sergio Pérez Almost Run Into Two Marshalls During Safety Car

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Sergio Pérez got close to running into two marshals during the Grand Prix of Monaco. This happened during the safety car and the Racing Point driver complained on the rade. “Man what was wrong with those marshals? I nearly killed him! They’re OK?” He was later told the marshals were “out of the way”. 1596

Valtteri Bottas Refused To Shake Hands With Max Verstappen

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Max Verstappen and Valtteri Bottas had an incident with each other in the pitlane. After the race Max wanted to shake hands with Valtteri but he clearly wasn’t in the mood as he refused. 2617

‘Neow Guy’ Makes His Return During Monaco Grand Prix

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We all remember this moment during the American Grand Prix last year. It turned out it was this guy and during the Monaco Grand Prix he was back. Listen close what we heard during lap 34. 977

Cliff Ruiter Hits 180 At The Hague Disability Darts Invitational

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Yesterday we saw The Hague Disability Darts Invitational being played in Scheveningen, Holland. We already showed you  highlight of Jackie Goethals hitting a never before seen checkout. But there was another moment during this match which we would like to show you as Cliff Ruiter managed to hit a 180. If you think this is was […]

Valtteri Bottas Also Had A Question After Qualifying…

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After qualifying in Monaco Valtteri Bottas turned it around and wanted to ask a question himself during the press conference. And as usual you need to say your name and your company name. So he even introduced himself like a real journalist: ‘Valtteri Bottas, Mercedes’. Priceless! 1840

New Angle On Today’s 9-Darter By 13 Year Old Leighton Bennett

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We already showed you this video of 13 year old Leighton Bennett who threw a 9-darter. But now we have new footage showing him hitting perfection. Footage from different angle Another video of this moment 3531

VIDEO: 13 Years Old Leighton Bennett Hits A 9-Darter

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The 13 years old Leighton Bennett has just hit a 9-darter on camera. He did this in the semi final of the Darts Planet TV Tournament. Also watch: New Angle On Today’s 9-Darter Leighton Bennett Footage from different angle Another video of this moment 11661