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Haal jij 1.000 punten? Dan ben je goed genoeg voor het BDO WK

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We hebben weer een uitdaging voor je genaamd ‘Kill Bull’. De uitdaging is om alle pijlen op de bulls-eye te richten en een single bull is 25 punten waard en een dubbele bulls-eye is 50 punten waard. Je mag alle punten bij elkaar optellen, máár mis je in één beurt alle pijlen op de bulls-eye […]

Wesley Harms’ Message For His Girlfriend Who Promised Him Something 🙈

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Wesley Harms did beat Andreas Harrysson 3-2 at the BDO World Championship. After his match he had a ‘special’ message for his girlfriend… Tonight he will play against Scott Waites. We say good luck Wesley 😅 3643

VIDEO: Valtteri Bottas Spins During Artic Lapland Rally 2020

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While it is off season in Formula 1 Valtteri Bottas competes in Artic Lapland Rally 2020. During one of the stages he had a moment and spin as we show you below. Also watch: Valtteri Bottas In His WRC Car Preparing For Arctic Lapland Rally 70

Livestream: BDO World Championship 2020

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From Saturday 4th January till Sunday 12th January the BDO World Championship 2020 will be played. We will bring the official BDO livestream below including an instruction how to watch from your country. NOTE: If you are watching from a geo blocked country you will need to use VPN. Google Chrome Install this plugin in your […]

VIDEO: Michael van Gerwen Pulled Over By Police After Semi Final

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Michael van Gerwen made his way to the final of the PDC World Championship 2020 by beating Nathan Aspinall 6-3. But getting back to his hotel turned out to be a lot harder as he got pulled over by the police. Michael van Gerwen’s Instagram Stories 7107

Gerwyn Price Says Sorry To Peter Wright For ‘Being A D*ck’

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Gerwyn Price has changed his mind after first claiming Peter Wright’s action was misbehaviour. He has contacted Snakebite by Whatsapp and told him sorry for overreacting and for ‘being a d*ck’. Peter Wright also said sorry for ‘beign a clown’. Message between Gerwyn Price and Peter Wright Message by Gerwyn Price 5629

VIDEO: Gerwyn Price Got Very Close To Hitting Peter Wright

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Gerwyn Price had a moment when he threw one dart very close to his opponent. This happened during some practice darts and below we bring you the video footage. 17549

VIDEO: Gerwyn Price Claims This Incident Made Him Lose Final spot

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Gerwyn Price has given a reaction on why he didn’t want to shake hands with Peter Wright after their game. The incident after set 1 is the reason why he was upset with Snakebite. The Iceman: “Before and after such an important game banter is acceptable but not during when players are fully focused trying […]

Peter Wright: “Gerwyn Is A Big Bully, He Should Have Got Fined More”

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Gerwyn Price claimed Peter Wright made him lose a spot in the final because of this incident after set 1. But Peter Wright was also unhappy with Gerwyn Price after the match. Snakebite: “He is a bully and they should have punished him harder.” Also watch: Gerwyn Price Claims This Incident Made Him Lose Final […]

VIDEO: Peter Wright’s Reaction On No Handshake With Gerwyn Price

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After the break we saw an other Gerwyn Price on stage who wasn’t celebrating and looked beaten. Something must have happened happened backstage as there was no handshake after the match. Below we bring you this moment and Peter Wright’s reaction after the game. Peter Wright’s reaction after game 12018