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Watch Gerwyn Price In Action During His Rugby Days

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These days Gerwyn Price is the number 3 of the world in darts. But his career only started 5 years ago as he was active as a rugby player before he changed this for darts in 2014. He has been playing for Cross Keys in the Welsh Premier Division, South Wales Scorpions in the Rugby League and Glasgow Warriors in […]

Lando Norris’ “I Am Crying” Team Radio With Engineer

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Lando Norris said goodbye to his engineer who had his last F1 race this weekend. Listen to his emotional team radio. 5772

Speel jij dit 420-spel uit? Dan ben je goed genoeg voor het PDC WK

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Met het PDC WK voor de deur brengen alle deelnemers momenteel uren per dag door op het trainingsbord. Een goed trainingsspel is dit 420-spel waarbij je op dubbel 1 begint en het hele bord rond gaat tot en met dubbel 20 waarna je afsluit op de bulls-eye. Je mag op iedere dubbel 3 keer gooien […]

Lewis Hamilton And Max Verstappen Having Fun About Girls In Abu Dhabi

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During the press conference after qualifying of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix there was a funny off mic moment between Lewis Hamilton and MAx Verstappen. Despite covering the microphone someone managed to find out what they were talking about. Lewis to Max: Man, there’s so many girls here Max: Starts laughing Lewis: I mean there’s […]

VIDEO: Kvyat Making Fun Of Grosjean With Team Radio Imitation

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Kvyat had an unsafe release in his Torro Roso During qualifying of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix which ended up in blocking Grosjean. His team got fined 5.000 pounds but despite that he was in for a joke and imitate Grosjean’s Team Radio. 15134

Lewis Hamilton’s Funny Response On Ferrari’s ‘First Compliment In 13 Years’

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Lewis Hamilton got asked what he thinks about Binotto saying they are happy he is available for 2021. The Mercedes driver responded ‘that was the first compliment I got from Ferrari after 13 years’. Max: “That is because you are beating them…” Also watch: Lewis Hamilton And Max Verstappen Having Fun About Girls In Abu Dhabi […]

Wayne Mardle Beats Michael van Gerwen In Tournament Grantham 2019

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Last night there was a tournament called Grantham 2019 including players like Michael van Gerwen, Vincent van der Voort, Wayne Mardle, Bobby George and Steve West. In the semi final Hawaii 501 played against the world number 1 and he managed to beat him 4-3. Results Semi final Steve West 4-2 Vincent van der Voort Wayne […]

VIDEO: Incident Between Romain Grosjean And Valtteri Bottas

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During Free Practice 2 Romain Grosjean and Valterri Bottas collided with each other. Below we bring you footage of this incident. Lewis Hamilton’s reaction 16608

Funny Moment With Ridiculious Long Question In Today’s Press Conference

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During today’s Press Conference there was another funny moment when journalist Walter Koster was back with one of him famous ridiculious long questions… As a bonus we also added a compilation of Walter Koster’s questions. Compilation of Walter Koster’s question 12420

Watch 16-Year-Old Wayne Mardle Playing BDO British Youth Final

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These days Wayne Mardle is active as an analyst for Sky Sports. But as we all know Hawaii 501 had a long professional darts career starting in 1993 at the BDO and finishing at the PDC in 2012. Below we bring you almost 30 years old footage of 16-year-old Wayne Mardle playing in the BDO […]