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Footage of Pitlane Incident Between Carlos Sainz And Kimi Raikkonen

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Carlos Sainz and Kimi Raikkonen had an incident in the pit lane during Free Practice in Austria. The Iceman was told to have a small burn out while entering his pit box. Carlos Sainz just had his front wing changed when he almost crashed into the back of the Alfa Romeo when he left the […]

Kimi Räikkönen’s Team Radio About “That F*cking Force India”

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During today’s Free Practice in Austria Kimi Räikkönen got blocked by a Racing Point. The Alfa Romeo driver had another hilarious Team Radio message about “That f*cking Force India“… Kimi: “That F*cking Force India, he just blocked me” Enigneer: “Oké, copy. So no one is pushing behind” It reminded us of a similar incident during […]

You Are A Pro Player If You Complete The ‘DartsistDarts Challenge’

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[Voor Nederlands klik hier] There is a new Challenge going viral named: The DartsistDarts Challenge. It is set up by The Dartist and it is divided in 5 parts. Can you complete this new The DartsistDarts Challenge? Game on! Level 1 🎯  Hit a 70 checkout in 3 darts or less 🎯  Every scoring dart must be a […]

Lando Norris Roasting Williams During Austrian Pit Walk

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Lando Norris showed a live video from the pitlane in Austria when suddenly a small truck drove by and he couldn’t help it roasting Williams.

Team Radio When Max Verstappen Accidentally Went Into Pit Lane

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Max Verstappen qualified at P3 on half a second behind the Mercedes team. It is clear Red Bull thought they were closing but despite that Verstappen starts on Medium tyres tomorrow which will give him a chance to attack Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas. After qualifying it almost went wrong for the Red Bull driver […]

Watch Austrian Grand Prix 2020 With This Brilliant Song

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Sim Dane has posted another hilarious song and this time it is about the Austrian Grand Prix 2020. Afer the race he immediately went into the music studio and came up with the brilliant song we bring you below. Enjoy this exciting Grand Prix one more time! Austrian Grand Prix 2020 song

VIDEO: Lando Norris Got Penalized For This Moment in FP1

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Lando Norris had to go to the stewards because he was overtaking under a yellow flag during FP1 when Latifi was standing on the grass. Update: He got penalized with a 3-grid penalty for the moment below. Lando Norris onboard footage Nicholas Latifi onboard footage

This Just Happened During Formula 3 In Austria

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Many things happened during today’s F2 and F3 race including many safety cars. One remarkable moment happened at the start of the straight when 16 years old Roman Stanek crashed into the DRS sign.

Clement Novalak Just Popped This Epic Wheelie In Formula 3

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During the Formula 3 race on Sunday morning Clement Novalak had a big moment when he popped a massive wheelie. He got airborne when he went over the kerb stones.

Lando Norris’ Solution When His Temperature Was Too High Entering The Circuit

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Lando Norris was and his physiotherapist were stopped and they were not allowed to enter the circuit in Austria because their temperature was too high. Because of the Corona-virus there is a temperature measurement for everyone who enters the circuit and you are only allowed when it is 37.8 or higher. Luckily the McLaren driver […]