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Mistakes, Fails and Funny Moments by PDC Referees

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We all make mistakes and so do referees in darts. Below we bring you a compilation of mistakes, fails and funny moments by PDC Referees. 151

We Bring You The ‘Kimi Raikkonen Try Not To Laugh Challenge’

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Can you complete watching the clip below without laughing? It is a compilation of the most funny moments by Kimi Raikkonen. 372

Watch Latest Commercial By Michael van Gerwen On Dutch TV

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Michael van Gerwen is part of a new commercial for his Dutch sponsor ‘Keukenconcurrent’. It turns out even the number 1 in the world is rubbish in darts without the right equipment… 226

Premier League Darts 2019 Penalty Shoot Out Competition

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Approved Garages, Sponsors of Premier League Darts 2019 attend media day at Newcastle Football grounds and challenge the darts players to score some goals against Axle the Robot. We bring you the first knock out rounds and the semi finals. Knock out 1 Knock out 2 Semi finals 1129

VIDEO: Carlos Sainz Hits Max Verstappen In The Balls In Bahrain

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Carlos Sainz and Max Verstappen had an incident on track during the Bahrain Grand Prix. Afterwards they could still laugh about it as Sainz hit him in the balls during his interview. 365

Scott Mitchell Beats All PDC Players With Highest Average Of Last Weekend

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Scott Mitchell set the highest average of last weekend with 111.33. He did this in his match against Ryan Hogarth at the British Internationals 2019. With this average he did beat all averages at the PDC from last weekend at the Players hampionship 9 and 10. These were the best averages during the Players Championship […]

Awkward Dancing Moves By James Wade After Pro Tour Victory

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James Wade did win the Players Championship 9 on saturday on his birthday. While he refused to sing with Daryl Gurney on the Premier League stage recently, he did show his best dance moves after his win yesterday. 229

Charles Leclerc Showing His Dance Moves In Bahrain

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Watch what Charles Leclerc was doing before the start of the Bahrain Grand Prix on Sunday. This kid got some moves. 120

Livestream: 4 Nations Tournament

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This weekend the 4 Nations Tournament will be played in Strassen (Luxembourg). This is where the national teams of Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg compete in Girls, Boys, Women’s and Mens competition. 542

Massive Curbs Launch Nitiss On Top Of Marklund During RallyCross

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During the RallyCross in AbuDhabi this weekend Nitiss got launched on top of Marklund. Watch how these massive curbs made him jump on top of his opponent. 100