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VIDEO: Lando Norris & Daniel Ricciardo Banter Moment After Italian Grand Prix

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After the Italian Grand Prix Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris found each other again during the interviews at Sky. Lando hurt his shin when he tried to enter the stage and after that the banter between them begun. [adrotate banner=”14″] Daniel: “I think Carlos and Lando were running second and third, already before the restart” […]

VIDEO: Williams Crew Back Is With Another Great ‘Magic Moment’

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The crew of Williams was back with another funny moment in the background during today’s interviews before the Italian Grand Prix. Watch this moment with a great message below. [adrotate banner=”14″]

How The Mercedes Medical Car Ended On P1 In Today’s F2 Race

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Mercedes is dominating Formula 1 for years but today they even ended on P1 in the race of Formula 2. The actual story behind this is Dan Ticktum won the race but run out of fuel and so he had to park his car near the track. The medical car picked him up, drove into […]

VIDEO: Inspector Seb On Case Again After He Was Out In Qualifying

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Sebastian Vettel loves Formula 1 so much he actually went in the place for photographers above Parabolica to watch qualifying after he was out in Q1. He clearly enjoys the cars passing by at high speed and you can’t imagine him not being in one of these cars next season. [adrotate banner=”14″]

VIDEO: Bizarre Moment Gary Anderson In Match Against Gerwyn Price

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Gary Anderson had a bizarre moment in his match against Gerwyn Price tonight. He was on 181 when he did something we have never seen before. Even The Iceman was amazed and couldn’t believe his eyes. [adrotate banner=”14″]

George Russell Angry: “All Drivers And Teams Look Like A Bunch Of W#nkers”

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George Russell wasn’t happy after qualifying at the Italian Grand Prix today. They all went out at the same time and so it turned into a traffic jam before the last corner. [adrotate banner=”14″]

VIDEO: Incident Between Kimi Raikkonen & Esteban Ocon In Qualifying

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Kimi Raikkonen and Esteban Ocon had an incident during qualifying at Monza. Again the end of Q1 turned into chaos when everyone was looking for a slipstream which made it turn into a race. Kimi tried to overtake but got blocked by Ocon which was a very dangerous moment. [adrotate banner=”14″]

VIDEO: Scary Moment When Lewis Hamilton Went Full Speed Through Field

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While the field slowed down before Parabolica it was Lewis Hamilton who went full speed through the field in his flying lap. It turned into this scary moment we show you below. [adrotate banner=”14″]

VIDEO: Braden Eves Frightening Crash at Indianapolis Without Halo

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Braden Eves had a frightening crash at Indianapolis when his wheel came off and launched him into the air. Indy Pro has no halo so he landed on his helmet and he ended up with neck fractures after this crash. [adrotate banner=”14″]

VIDEO: Max Verstappen Crashed During FP1 In Italy

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Max Verstappen crashed his Red Bull during Free Practice 1 at Monza. He lost his front wing and caused the first red flag of the weekend. [adrotate banner=”14″]