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VIDEO: Jonny Clayton’s Terrible Miscounts Against Peter Wright 😅

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Jonny Clayton had some terrible miscounts against Peter Wright in the semi final of the European Championship. First he had a bad setup and the leg after he was on 111 and he though he finished the leg but it turned out he miscounted as he actually hit a 101 checkout… 

VIDEO: Lance Stroll Goes Full Speed Near Marshall When Unlapping Himself

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Lance Stroll had this pit stop incident but he also had another dangerous moment when he was unlapping himself. He was allowed to pass the safety car but the lapped cars were released too early as the marshals were still on track… First Sebastian Vettel spotted they were released while the marshalls were still on […]

VIDEO: Lando Norris Helping Out Carlos Sainz Turning Off His Car 😅

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After the race Lando Norris spotted Carlos Sainz didn’t turn off his McLaren fully off and helped him out. Watch this moment below showing Sainz walking away and Norris switching off his car.

VIDEO: Lance Stroll Pit Stop Incident During Imola Grand Prix

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The Grand Prix of Imola had some crazy 5 minutes with Max Verstappen and George Russel crashing out. But there was also an incident in the pitlane with Lance Stroll who run into one of his own mechanics. Ouch! Later he was allowed to unlap himself but one marshall was not expecting Lance Stroll on […]

VIDEO: Great Moment Between Daniel Ricciardo & Pierre Gasly After Qualifying

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Pierre Gasly had his best qualifying ever with P4 at Imola this weekend. Daniel Ricciardo noticed this and congratulated the driver who took over his Red Bull seat when he went left for Renault. This great touching moment between these drivers was captured from Alexander Albon’s onboard camera.

VIDEO: Russ Bray Unhappy With Steve West’s Illegal Blind Underarm Throw

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Steve West had the chance to bring himself back in the match against Peter Wright in leg 15 of the quarter final. But the Englishman busted his score and threw his last dart with a blind underarm throw shot towards the board. . Russ Bray wasn’t too happy and gave him a warning on stage. Recently […]

Funny Moment During Press Conference After Qualifying Imola Grand Prix

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Valtteri Bottas took the pole today beating Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen was on P3. This funny moment just happened during the press conference after qualifying for the Imola Grand Prix… 😅 “And taking the 15th poleposition of his career and his 4th of the 2020 season, our polesitter Lew… Valtteri Bottas” It wasn’t his first […]

Uncensored Team Radio Kimi Raikkonen After Lap Time Got Deleted

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Kimi Raikkonen wasn’t happy when his lap time got deleted which made hit go out of qualifying in Q1. He was sure he was within the limit as he was on the kerb so he claims. Well the team radio was in Kimi-style but we bring you the sound without the beeps.

VIDEO: Steve West Hit Most Bizarre Score At European Championship

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Steve West did beat Mensur Suljovic last night at the European Championship. The English darts player hit the most bizarre score we have seen this tournament. Watch this crazy shot below.

VIDEO: Scary Moment When Esteban Ocon Entered Wrong Pit Box

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Formula 1 only has one Free practice session at Imola this weekend and during that session Esteban Ocon had this moment. He accidentally entered the McLaren pit box when he wanted to return to his team. They were not expecting this and so he scared a camera man and hit some signs of the McLaren […]