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Michael van Gerwen Hits Most Remarkable 10-Darter Ever

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Last weekend we saw Michael van Gerwen with this 10-darter attempt but he failed to win the leg. Three years ago he managed to hit the most remarkable 10-darter during the Grand Slam of Darts. 6721

The Speed Difference Between F1 And IndyCar at Circuit of The Americas

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Last weekend F1 was racing at the Circuit of The Americas. As IndyCar is also racing at this track this makes it perfect for a comparison between both Formula 1 and IndyCar. Although both are great to watch the difference in speed is huge. Watch this fastest lap comparison below. 26397

Last Weekend We Saw One Of The Strangest Throws Ever

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Recently we showed you this top 5 most crazy darts throws. Last weekend we saw a player at the Winmau NDB Ranking in Holland who would have fitted perfectly in this list. Watch Siete de Jong’s throw during the Men B final. Also watch: Top 5 Most Crazy Darts Throws You Have Ever Seen 14795

Question: Is This Check-Out Allowed or Illegal?

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We have a dilemma and we would like to know your thoughts. In the clip below we see Monkey Man busting his score but after that he hits the outside of the dartboard which makes his first dart fall out. With the third dart he hits the double. Is this allowed or illegal? 6614

Daniel Ricciardo’s Reaction On Lewis Hamilton & Christina Aguilera Song

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Daniel Ricciardo wasn’t familiar with Lewis Hamilton’s song which he recorded with Christina Aguilera. During this clip at F1 Sky Sports he heard it for the first time and he seemed to be genuinely impressed. He also took a shot himself at singing ‘By and By’ from Caamp. Who do you reckon will win this […]

Van Gerwen Having A Laugh At Noppert’s Busting 110 Checkout

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Danny Noppert nearly had a perfect weekend at the World Series of Darts Finals last weekend. He made it into the final and played against Michael van Gerwen. Noppie made a silly mistake though when he busted his score from 110 but he and his opponent had a good laugh about is. Also watch: This […]

Funny Moment Between Max And Valtteri During Press Conference

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During the press conference after the United States Grand Prix Max Verstappen and Valtteri Bottas were asked if the lack of speed by Ferrari during the race surprised them. Max: “Not surprised at all about it after what came out so… that explains everything.” Valtteri has no idea and his reaction is priceless. Also watch: […]

This Happened To Van Gerwen After Scoring 499 Points With Only 9 Darts

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Michael van Gerwen won the World Series of Darts Finals in Amsterdam beating Danny Noppert 11-2. One of those 2 legs he lost was a remarkable one as he had a perfect leg attempt hitting 499 points with only 9 darts but still losing the leg… Also watch: Van Gerwen Having A Laugh At Noppert’s […]

Max Verstappen On Ferrari: “This Is What Happens When You Stop Cheating”

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Max Verstappen was asked about being close to Mercedes while Ferrari wasn’t in the picture today. His answer is Dutch: “This is what happens when you stop cheating of course. Finally they had a good look at them, now we just have to keep watching them.” Also watch: Funny Moment Between Max And Valtteri During […]

Daniil Kvyat Furious After Hearing Penalty: “F*cking Bullsh!t!”

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Daniil Kvyat was furious after hearing he got a 5 seconds penalty after the American Grand Prix. This happened after he had a collision with Sergio Pérez during the last lap. Watch this moment after the race when he found out he got penalized. “That’s b*llsh!t. That’s unbelievable. I don’t know, the stewards are completely… […]