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VIDEO: Funny Moment Between Charles Leclerc And Carlos Sainz

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During the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix there was this funny moment between Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz.

VIDEO: Painful Moment When Interviewer Tells Leclerc ‘Verstappen vs Ferrari’ Stats

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During an interview Charles Leclerc was asked if he knows how many wins Max Verstappen got in the last 2 years. Then he was asked if he knows how many wins Ferrari got in the last 10 years. Ouch!

VIDEO: Dave Chisnall’s Flight Splashed And Covered All Over The Dartboard

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Dave Chisnall had a bizarre moment during his game with Jonny Clayton when he hit the back of his dart. Yellow parts of the flight and shaft splashed and covered all over the dartboard. Even during his next visit new yellow parts got attached to the dartboard while throwing.

VIDEO: Gerwyn Price Not Happy With Marker At Premier League Night

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During the final of the Premier League night 4 there was this awkward moment during the first leg. Gerwyn Price had 52 points left but there was 54 on the scoreboard. Right before The Iceman threw his first darts the marker corrected the score without Price noticing. Also the referee was too late to make […]

The Rise of Women’s Football: A Comprehensive Analysis

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Football, or soccer as it is known in some countries, is one of the most popular sports in the world. It is played by millions of people globally and is widely regarded as the sport that brings people from all backgrounds and cultures together. However, for many years, women’s football was a sport that was […]

VIDEO: When Ross Smith Says Gabriel Clemens Can’t Take Out 164

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During this weekend’s Players Championship 3 there was this moment in the game between Smith and Clemens. In the first leg of the match Ross Smith didn’t go for bulls-eye and said Clemens won’t take out 164 when this happened.

VIDEO: Little Lucas Hits His First Ever 180 At 5 Years Old

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At the age of 5 years old Little Luke managed to hit his first 180. Watch this moment in the video below including a proud picture.

VIDEO: Ricky Evans Throws Fastest Darts Ever Recorded On Camera

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During the Players Championship 1 last weekend Ricky Evans lost faith in beating his opponent Jurjen van der Velde. He decided to go for the fastest darts thrown we have ever seen so far.

VIDEO: Funny Moment When Robert Thornton Celebrates Miscount In Final

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The winner of the World Seniors Championship 2023 is Robert Thornton. But even the winner had some problems with counting as we bring you this funny moment during the final.

VIDEO: John Part Hits 119 Checkout With A Bizarre 248 Points

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John Part had this funny moment at the World Seniors Darts Masters in his match with Darryl Fitton. He was on a 119 checkout when this happened…