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VIDEO: Funny Moment With Sebastian Vettel’s Champagne Bottle

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Sebastien Loeb and Sebastian Vettel tried to celebrate their first and second place at the Race of Champions 2022. But there were problems with the champagne as the corks of the bottles got frozen in the cold weather of Sweden.

VIDEO: Michael van Gerwen And Jelle Klaasen Bromance Back In 2006

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During the International Darts League 2006 this video was shot showing the bromance between Michael van Gerwen and Jelle Klaasen. These days they are no longer friends and Van Gerwen even explained in tears during this emotional interview back in 2009 why he hates Klaasen .

VIDEO: Bizarre Rally Crash Into Competitor Who Crashed First

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Being a spectator at a rally race at a public road is dangerous. This also turns out to be the case during the rally we are about to show you. The parked cars are right near the track which creates all the drama. But it doesn’t stop with one crash as the next guy is […]

VIDEO: Moment Between Cameron Menzies, Opponent And Referee At Q School 2022

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Cameron Menzies had this moment at the PDC Q School 2022. First his opponent wasn’t happy with him dropping so many flights during the game. After the match it turned into an awkward moment when the referee tried to shake his hand and then a PDC official told him to stop talking…

VIDEO: Ted Hankey Showing His Crazy Dance Moves With The Girls

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Today we bring you a new video of Ted Hankey. Watch him showing his crazy dance moves with the girls on stage.

VIDEO: Bobby George Showing His Nipple When Throwing A 180

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After the video of Ted Hankey which went viral now there is this video of Bobby George. Watch him showing his nipple when he throws a 180.

Andreas Toft Jørgensen Hits 10-Darter On Bulls-Eye At PDC Q School 2022

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We already showed you these top 5 bizarre moments during the PDC Q School 2022. We have another one as Andreas Toft Jørgensen had a remarkable leg today. He hit a 10-darter on bulls-eye as shown in the printscreen below. Although there is no video footage of this game we can show you what it looked […]

These 6 Bizarre Things Happened During PDC Q School 2022

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It’s the time of the year when all players try to win a tourcard again at the PDC Q School. The tournaments started this week in the UK and in Germany and after three days of playing we have seen some bizarre things again. We bring you the top 6 below. 1. Win a game […]

VIDEO: This Guy Hits A 10-Darter Like It’s A Normal Thing To Do

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The guy in the next video is named Butch Knighton which is not a well known dartsplayer. But when we show you the footage below he might become one soon. He is not on the PDC Q School list but he hits a 10-darter like this is a normal thing to do… Update: It turns […]

VIDEO: Aston Martin 2022 Formula 1 Car Launch

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The next F1 car for the 2022 season to be revealed is the one by Aston Martin. We will bring live footage of Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll showing their new ride..