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VIDEO: This Is How DRS Works On The 2022 F1 Cars

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Formula 1 cars will look different in the upcoming season. The cars are being revealed one by one at this moment and in the video below we will show you how DRS will work on the new 2022 F1 cars.

VIDEO: James Wade Walk On At Premier League Darts Goes Wrong

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James Wade had this moment during his walk on at the Premier League Darts tonight. He got hit by a spark from the fireworks which hurt him in the head.

We Bring You 20 Ridiculous Things No One Expected

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Sometimes ridiculous things happen which no one expected. We bring you the top 20 in the video below.

VIDEO: Spotted Most Bizarre Darts Throw We Have Ever Seen

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We have seen some crazy throws in darts but this one is one of the most bizarre throws we have ever seen. It doesn’t look safe either…

VIDEO: Red Bull Racing 2022 Season RB18 Launch Event

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Red Bull Racing is the next team to reveal their Formula 1 2022 car. They will show their new car on Wednesday 9th February and we will bring a livestream of the event below. Formula 1 2022 car reveals Team Car Date Haas VF-22 4 February Red Bull RB18 9 February Aston Martin AMR22 10 […]

VIDEO: Unorthodox Bulls-Eye Finish By Kevin Painter Against Phil Taylor

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Kevin Painter showed some incredible performance at the World Seniors Darts Championship last weekend. During his match with Phil Taylor he hit this unorthodox bulls-eye checkout. https://youtu.be/x6TRqZhLoHI

VIDEO: Kevin Painter Hits 170 Checkout At World Seniors Championship 2022

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After beating Phil Taylor in the quarter final it was Kevin Painter again showing great darts in the semi final. He hit a 170 checkout as we show you in the footage below.

Livestream: Race of Champions 2022

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The Race of Champions 2022 will take place in Sweden on Friday 4th, Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th of February. Drivers like Sebastian Vettel, Mick Schumacher, Valtteri Bottas, Mika Hakkinen and Travis Pastrana are competing this year. We will bring a livestream below. Livestream

VIDEO: 20 Funniest Moments With Fans in Sports

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We bring you the 20 funniest moments with fans in sports. Enjoy!

You Were Not Suppose To See This During Today’s Players Championship 1

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Someone spotted this moment during today’s Players Championship 1 which you were not suppose to see. It’s showing the beers from Damon Heta and Keegan Brown and that means they risk a fine as there is this rule: “No alcoholic drinks shall be consumed or taken outside the designated practice area by any player or […]