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VIDEO: Pit Stop Comparison 2019 vs 1981

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While waiting for the 2020 season to start we take a look at a comparison of a good pit stop in 2019 and one back in 1981. A lot has changed in 1.000 races.   Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram   A good pit stop, then vs now ⏱️ . 1000 races: many, many more […]

VIDEO: The Leg That Turned Into A Nightmare For Michael Smith

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Michael Smith must have had some bad sleep last night. He had the chance to win the Masters 2020 in a deciding leg against the current World Champion. But then this happened… 

Dutch Football Players Play Incredible Darts With Bobby George & Tony O’Shea

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Two Dutch football players showed some incredible darts during their pair match with Bobby George and Tony O’Shea. FC Groningen players Mike te Wierik en Kaj Sierhuis played at the Kings of Darts stage and surprised the profesional darts players with their decent game.

VIDEO: Wayne Warren Thought He Won The Match With 121 Checkout 🙈

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During the last 256 match at the Dutch Open current BDO World Champion made a funny mistake. Wayne Warren played against Raymond van den Ende and he thought he actually won the match with a 121 checkout. He shook hands with his opponent who left the board when Warren found out double 18 wasn’t in. He […]

VIDEO: Dave Parletti Made Mistake At Dutch Open TV Lane AGAIN

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Yesterday we posted this video of Wayne Warren who thought he won the match but it turned out the double 18 wasn’t in. This morning there was another moment including the BDO World Champion but this time his opponent Dave Parletti thought Wayne Warren already won the match… It wasn’t the first time Dave Parletti […]

Dutch Players Beat BDO World Championship runner-up & Dean Winstanley

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At the Dutch Open 2020 two unknown Dutch players have managed to beat BDO World Championship runner-up Jim Williams and his partner Dean Winstanley. Koen den Hartog and Eddy Merlijn were happy to play in front of the camera but nobody expected them to beat Williams and Winstanley. Below we bring you footage of the […]

Livestream: Dutch Open Darts 2020 [Stage Matches]

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This weekend the Dutch Open Darts will be played and we will brought you a livestream during all 3 days. At 12:30 the stage matches will be played and we will display the live footage in this article. Click here tot watch livestream tv lane Click here to watch livestream stage matches Pairs final Women: Lorraine […]

Livestream: Dutch Open Darts 2020 [TV Lane]

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This weekend the Dutch Open Darts will be played and we will bring you a livestream during all 3 days. At Sunday the livestream will start at 10:00 local time and at 12:30 the stage matches will be played. Schedule Sunday (local time) 8.30 Doors open 10.00 Start singles tournament Youth 10.30 Start singles tournament […]

Hilarious Moments During Verstappen & Albon’s Red Bull Podcast

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Red Bull drivers Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon have done a podcast before the start of the 2020 season of Formula 1. We bring you some hilarious moments and the full podcast below. Full podcast Listen to “Max and Alex Ready To Charge into 2020” on Spreaker.

This Guy Shows What Not To Hit When On A Possible 132 Checkout

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We all love a 132 checkout with bull-bull-D16 but not everybody is able to do so. We show you a good example of what not to hit when on a 132 checkout…