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This Guy Throws With The World Biggest Flights

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We already showed you the biggest darts you are legal te play with and the smallest darts you are legal to play with. but what if you go big without looking at the rules. This guy went to the next level with the world biggest flights. [adrotate banner=”12″]

Last Lap Incident Between George Russel & Alex Albon + Charles Leclerc Savage

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Last night Formula 1 drivers George Russel, Charles Leclerc and Nicholas Latifi also joined Lando Norris and Max Verstappen on iRacing. They had some great battles and in the end George Russel and Alexander Albon were fighting for P2. The Williams driver was in second place with Albon right behind him during the last lap when […]

Livestream: PDC Home Tour Day 19

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Today day 19 of the new PDC Home Tour will be played. We will see Stephen Bunting, Harald Leitinger, Kim Huybrechts and Nathan Derry in action. You can watch this online for free with this PDC livestream. [adrotate banner=”12″] Schedule Home Tour Group 19 – Tuesday May 5 Glen Durrant v Vincent van der Meer Justin Pipe v Maik […]

Watch This 6 Year Old Beating Glen Durrant In Nexus Battle

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These days everybody has to stay at home because of the Corona-virus. That is why many pro darts players switch to the Nexus dartboard so you can have an online battle. Glen Durrant also joined one night and got challenged by a 6 year old. Below we bring you the last darts of this match. […]

Jeff Smith Hit Incredible 10-Darter On Bulls-eye Last Weekend

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Last weekend we saw Jeff smith play against Christian Bunse and the player from Canada ended the match in style. The Silencer managed to hit a 10-darter on bulls-eye to win the match. [adrotate banner=”7″]

VIDEO: Michael Smith Completes Back To Back Three Bulls Challenge

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Yesterday we posted this video of Michael Smith hitting a 9-darter on his livestream. But he had another incredible achievement when he hit a back to back Three Bulls Challenge. He is the first one who managed to do this on camera which makes it even more unique than his perfect leg. Watch below how […]

Max Verstappen Sings Blue Flag Song And Crashes Into Giedo van der Garde

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Max Verstappen was back in action in last night in round 6 of Real Racers Never Quit. The Red Bull driver didn’t have his best night and didn’t win this time but he still managed to win the Championship as this was the last race. The Dutchman also had a funny moment when he was […]

Livestream: PDC Home Tour Day 18

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Today day 18 of the new PDC Home Tour will be played. We will see Stephen Bunting, Harald Leitinger, Kim Huybrechts and Nathan Derry in action. You can watch this online for free with PDC livestream 1 or with PDC livestream 2. [adrotate banner=”12″] Schedule Home Tour Group 18 – Monday May 4 Stephen Bunting v Harald […]

Watch Gerwyn Price In Action In His Career As Rugby Player

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These days Gerwyn Price is the number 3 of the world in darts. But his career only started 6 years ago as he was active as a rugby player before he changed this for darts in 2014. He has been playing for Cross Keys in the Welsh Premier Division, South Wales Scorpions in the Rugby League and Glasgow Warriors in […]

VIDEO: Michael Smith Hits 9-Darter During Charity Livestream

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Michael Smith set up a charity livestream giving his fans the chance to play a game against BullyBoy. All money would go to NHS, National Health Service. During this livestream he hit a 9-darter which we can show you below. [adrotate banner=”12″] [adrotate banner=”7″] He also had another great achievement during this livestream which we […]