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VIDEO: George Russell’s Reaction When He Passes Max Verstappen

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George Russell and Max Verstappen say they left their incident in Baku behind. But this footage from the Miami Grand Prix shows a different thing. Watch the reaction by George Russell when he says hi to Ocon and Gasly and then Max passes by…

Livestream: Belgian Darts Open

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Below we bring you live footage of the Belgian Darts Open.

VIDEO: Luke Littler Hits Bizarre 5 Bull’s In A Row At Super Series

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During the MODUS Super Series there were these bizarre moment by Luke Littler. He was loved by the crowd and this is not for no reason. Watch him showing all his exhibition shots with incredible bull shots.

VIDEO: Lando Norris Hits Charles Leclerc In The Balls During Interview

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During the Spanish Grand Prix there was this interview with Charles Leclerc when Lando Norris passed by. The McLaren driver saw he chance and went for it…

VIDEO: The Crowd Was Not Happy With Peter Wright After This Moment

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During tonight’s Premier League night there was this moment when Peter Wright walked towards the dartboard when he already had thrown two darts. It looks like he adjusted something on the camera but the crowd clearly wasn’t happy with this action by Snakebite.

VIDEO: Carlos Sainz Joking With Max Verstappen During Press Conference

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During the press conference after qualifying in Spain there was this funny moment between Carlos Sainz and Max Verstappen. Max Verstappen: “Unfortunately the last corner wasn’t flat for me, never really got to try it, maybe I would have tried it on the last lap.. Unfortunately we can’t try it tomorrow, well we can but […]

VIDEO: Funny 180 Celebration By Matthew Edgar At Super Series

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During the Super Series there was this funny moment with Matthew Edgar. When he hit a 180 in his game with Richie Parkin he introduced this new celebration.

VIDEO: Funny Moment Between Fernando Alonso & Lewis Hamilton

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After the Canadian Grand Prix 2023 there was this funny moment between Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton.

VIDEO: This Bizarre Moment Happened Between Nathan Aspinall & Ross Smith

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During the game between Nathan Aspinall and Ross Smith there was a bizarre ending to the game. Watch one of the most incredible deciding legs you will ever see.

VIDEO: Pitstop Boys Introduce New Song ‘Vamos Fernando!’

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They are famous for their song ‘Super Max’. Later they came up with a song for Lando Norris and this time they created a song for Fernando Alonso.