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VIDEO: Peter Wright Hits This Crazy Score You Rarely See In Professional Darts

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During the Premier League night in Leeds there was this moment during the game of Peter Wright and Michael Smith. Snakebite had this remarkable score you don’t often see by a professional.

VIDEO: This Lady Plays In The Most Bizarre Darts Outfit Ever Seen

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When you thought Peter Wright had some impressive outfits in darts. Take a look at this lady who took it to a whole other level by playing a game of darts in a horse suit.

The Best and Worst Football Kits of All Time

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Football kits have come a long way since the early days of the sport. From the simple designs of the 19th century to the high-tech materials and bold colors of today, football kits have always been a way for teams to showcase their identity and style. Some kits have become iconic and were like a […]

VIDEO: Kai Fan Leung’s Bizarre Approach To The Board Before Throwing

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During the Modus Super Series we spotted this player Kai Fan Leung who has a bizarre approach to the dartboard. We had to look up some old footages to check if we missed something in his earlier matches. It turns out this is his new style of playing.

VIDEO: Jonny Clayton Goes For Most Bizarre 9-Darter Ever Seen

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We already showed you the final moment of this game which probably kept Damon Heta awake last night. But there was another bizarre moment during this match and this was during leg 1. Watch Jonny Clayton who had a go at the most bizarre 9-darter ever.

VIDEO: Ryan de Vreede Hits FOUR 180’s In A Row At Super Series

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Ryan de Vreede managed to hit something special at the Super Series by producing four 180’s in a row. Watch this incredible performance below. We have once seen an even more impressive run by Mervyn King who actually hit four 180’s in a row without a shot at a double in between.

VIDEO: When Damon Heta Says Jonny Clayton Can’t Take Out 161

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At the Austrian Darts Open there was this bizarre moment today. Damon Heta said to Jonny Clayton he didn’t believe he would be able to take it out for the win. What happened next is shown in the video below. Also watch: VIDEO: Jonny Clayton Goes For Most Bizarre 9-Darter Ever Seen

VIDEO: Michael van Gerwen Does Dangerous ‘Knife Act’ With Presenter

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Before this game between Michael van Gerwen and Ian White there was this funny moment with the presenter at the Austrian Darts Open. But it is also dangerous so do not try this at home.

VIDEO: Highights of Premier League in Ahoy 2023

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We bring the highlights of the Premier League 2022 in the footage below.

VIDEO: Max Verstappen Went From P17 To P2 in One Lap To Win The Race

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Max Verstappen had an incredible race where he went from P17 to P1 in one lap. After that he went to win the race and his friends were stunned.