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Watch First Footage Of Lewis Hamilton & Valentino Rossi Swap

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This week Lewis Hamilton and Valentino Rossi did swap their car and bike. Below we bring you the first footage of Lewis Hamilton on the Yamaha MotoGP and Valentino Rossi in the Formula 1 Mercedes. Also watch: Lewis Hamilton’s & Valentino Rossi’s First Reaction After Ride Swap Full Video: Lewis Hamilton & Valentino Rossi Swap […]

Wright, Cross & Smith Set New Bulls-Eye Record In 90 Seconds

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You’ve seen the pub teams have a go in PDC’s Bulls-Eye Challenge. Now it is up to the pros to have a go. Watch Peter Wright, Rob Cross and Michael Smith attempt the bullseye challenge. Also watch: Van Gerwen And Anderson Take On Bulls-Eye Challenge

Michael van Gerwen Close To Winning ‘100,000 Pounds’ In Just 2 Minutes

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This year there will be a £100,000 reward for anyone who will hit tw0 9-darters at the PDC World Championship 2020. Back in 2012 it was Michael van Gerwen who almost hit this in just 2 minutes during the semi final of the PDC World Championship 2013 against James Wade.

Alex Albon & Lando Norris Banter Moments At Autosport Awards 2019

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During the Autosport Awards 2019 yesterday there were some great moments again between Alex Albon and Lando Norris. Watch them having great baneter moments with each other.

Watch Best Moment In PDC World Championship History

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Phil Taylor played his last PDC World Championship last year and Raymond van Barneveld will play his last one this year. These two living legends gave us the best moment in PDC World Championship history when they both played the final of 2007. Enjoy this match one more time with the highlights in the video […]

Watch George Russell Taking The Piss Out Of Alex Albon In Abu Dhabi

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Ahead of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix George Russell, Alex Albon and Lando Norris sat down to discuss and rate each other’s rookie seasons in Formula 1. The Williams driver took the piss out of Alex and he did it again during the drivers parade. Moment 1 🗣”He was leading one championship this year, the […]

If You Finish This 420-Game You Can Play PDC World Championship

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With the PDC World Championship coming up it is all down to spend hours on the dartboard for practice. One of the best practice games is this 420-game. The challenge is to bring your 420 points to zero. If you can you are good enough on the doubles for the PDC World Championship.

Michael van Gerwen Takes The Piss Out Of Wayne Mardle’s Interview

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Michael van Gerwen and Wayne Mardle were on the plane from an exhibition night when the Dutchman went live on Twitter without Hawaii 501 noticing. When he found out ‘he was live’ it made them think about the hilarious interview from years ago.

Watch Wayne Mardle’s 9-Darter Attempt During Exhibition Night

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Last week we showed you Wayne Mardle beating Michael van Gerwen at Grantham 2019. Today we bring another Hawaii 501 highlight at an exhibition night. This moment was between Wayne Mardle and Kevin Painter and we advice you to watch it till the end. Enjoy!

Lorraine Winstanley Beats Raymond van Barneveld At Exhibition Night

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These days there are several demo nights in darts and during this week’s exhibition night ‘Dazzler Darts’ there was a remarkable result. In the quarter final it was Lorraine Winstanley who did beat Raymond van Barneveld. Lucky for Barney he won’t face her at the PDC World Championship 2020 and he can’t meet Mikuru Suzuki […]