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VIDEO: Formula 1 Dream Circuit (Michael Schumacher Onboard)

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We all have our favorite tracks and corners in the world. Especially in Formula 1 there are some breathtaking corners. Think about Eau Rouge at spa for example, or what to think about the great corners at Suzuka. What if we combine all best tracks and corners in the world to create one awesome track. […]

Watch Top Gear Live Battle: Lewis Hamilton vs Ken Block

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During an episode of Top Gear live Lewis Hamilton and Ken Block went head to head at Barbados. Enjoy this battle between two extreme rides. 97

Ever Wondered How Much A F1 Car is Worth?

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We all know F1 cars are expensive, very expensive! But how much is one Formula 1 car worth? To give you an answer on that WTF1 made a video that revealed some amazing numbers. How many times do we see a front wing change? It costs a whopping 150.000 pond each time a front wing […]

Pastor Maldonado Crash Compilation: 40 Crashes in 5 Years F1

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He was named ‘Crashtor’ and he might be back in F1 soon, so he has told recently. We are talking about Pastor Maldonado who is called the King of Crashing. The driver from Venezuela even had his own website www.hasmaldonadocrashedtoday.com because he crashed so many times. In 5 years of Formula 1 he crashed close […]

Kimi Raikkonen And Valtteri Bottas Shared A Car During Parade Lap

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Valterri Bottas’ parade car broken down and so he had to come up with a nother solution to do the parade lap. He decided to get onboard with the other Finnish driver Kimi Raikkonen making the two seater into a car for three. 32

Van Gerwen Shows Most Incredible Darts Ever Seen From 265

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We found this footage on the internet which shows some other incredible darts by Michael van Gerwen. When you watch darts on television you often see pro players go fro triple 19 when they are on 265. But the number 1 in the world found a new incredible route. 13723

Watch First Footage Of IndyCar’s New Aeroscreen

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Today the NTT IndyCar Series is ready to test its brand-new aeroscreen developed by Red Bull Advanced Technologies. Both champions and Indy 500 winners Scott Dixon and Will Power will turn laps around the 2.5-mile oval at Indianapolis Motor Speedway testing the brand-new aeroscreen. 698

VIDEO: Watch Fernando Alonso In Action In TV Show

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Fernando Alonso showed his driving skills in a tv show. Below we bring you the footage. 24

Can You Name All Nine Dart Finishes At PDC World Championships?

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Within 2 months the PDC World Championship 2020 will start and to get excited we would like to challenge you for a quiz. Can you name all players who managed to throw a 9-darter at the PDC World Championships in 3 minutes? 134

Scary Accident During Formula 2.0 Renault In Argentina

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During Formula 2.0 Renault this incident happened at the Autódromo Jorge Ángel Pena. Watch how this driver got off track and flipped when trying to rejoing the track. He did not have a halo but he had a lucky escape as this could have ended much worse. 118