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VIDEO: Onboard Footage Verstappen Making Pit Stop Without Being Called

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Max Verstappen had a slow pitstop because his tyres were not all ready during the Spanish Grand Prix. After the race Helmut Marko and Christian Horner confirmed they didn’t expect Max to pit because he wasn’t called. With this in mind we take another look at this pitstop from the onboard footage. This could have […]

VIDEO: Perez And Ricciardo Giving Each Other The Middle Finger

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Funny moment during the interviews before the Spanish Grand Prix between Perez and Ricciardo. They both gave each other te middle finger as shown below.

VIDEO: Joe Cullen Wins Nearly £35.000 For Charity In BullsEye TV Show

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Last night there was a celebrity edition of the BullsEye TV show. Fallon Sherrock, Wayne Mardle and Joe Cullen were among the players for this night. They all played for charity and Joe Cullen made it into the final with his partner. He got to the last part of the game and he had to […]

VIDEO: Verstappen Explaining Hamilton What Happend During Qualy

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Sergio Perez spun during Q3 of qualifying in front of Lewis Hamilton which cost him a little bit of time. When the Mercedes driver was asked about why he wasn’t faster during his second run he got confused. Watch this moment below where Max Verstappen had to explain him when Perez spun in front of […]

VIDEO: Max Verstappen Funny Moment With Sky Reporter David Croft

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In Barcelona the Red Bull drivers joined Sky reporter David Croft for a walk around the circuit. It turned into this funny moment with Max Verstappen which we show you below.

VIDEO: Happy Dancing Dimi-Song Made By Belgian Comedian

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A Belgian comedian took Dimitri van den Bergh’s walk-on song ‘Happy’ and turned it into the ‘Dancing Dimi-song’. This even includes a video clip as we show you below.

VIDEO: Funny Moment Between Max And Yuki During Press Conference

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Yuki Tsunoda was asked what the best thing is about being a F1 driver. Of course he replied driving his fast car but he also had another good reason and it was about the food. Watch this moment and Max Verstappen’s funny reply.

VIDEO: This Guy Plays Game of Darts While Being Electricuted

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We bet you have never played darts while being electricuted. The guy in the next video was curious to find out what it would be like and took it for a test. Watch him playing a game of darts with his electric shocks at level 9 out of 10.

VIDEO: Lando Norris Exceeded Track Limits While Passing Sergio Perez

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Max Verstappen got penalized to give his position back when he passed Lewis Hamilton by going offtrack in Bahrain. Last weekend Lando Norris exceeded track limits as well when he passed Sergio Perez during the first lap. Perez said he expected the McLaren driver would give his position back because of this moment but Norris […]

VIDEO: Funny Moment Between Max And Daniel In Baku Paddock

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During an interview with Max Verstappen it was Daniel Ricciardo who walked by. It turned into this funny moment between the two old teammates.