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VIDEO: Another Incident Between Gerwyn Price And Peter Wright

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Gerwyn Price and Peter Wright already had this incident on stage after set 1. But there was another moment when there was also some physical contact after set 2 when The Iceman got too close to Snakebite during one of his celebrations. Also watch: Gerwyn Price Claims This Incident Made Him Lose Final spot 5526

Bad News For BDO World Championship 2020 Players

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BDO Chairman Des Jacklin has just announced bad news for the BDO World Championship 2020 players. The price money will be cut in half because they are not able to pay out the full amount. This means the winner no longer receives 100.000 pounds but only 50.000 pounds and the raised price money for the […]

VIDEO: Van Gerwen Trying To Show 141-Checkout When On 444

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Michael van Gerwen went for a 141-checkout when he was on 444. The reason he did this was because Darius Labanauskas was on 141 for a 9-darter and the Dutchman tried to show him the way to go. 6722

VIDEO: Darius Labanauskas Got Hurt When He Got Hit By Own Dart

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In his match with Michael van Gerwen there was this unfortunate for Darius Labanauskas. He did hurt himself when taking out his darts out of the board when one of them landed in his finger. Lucky for ‘Lucky D’ it was in his left hand and it was solved with a plaster by George Noble. 1809

VIDEO: Daniel Ricciardo Showing His Rap Skills For Live Audience

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Daniel Ricciardo visited the Aussie HipHop group Thundamentals and they invited him on stage. Watch Ricciardo sowing his rap skills in front of a live audience. 204

VIDEO: Kim Huybrechts Pays The Price For This Big Mistake

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Kim Huybrechts made a painful mistake in his match with Luke Humprhies this afternoon. When he was on 83 he chose not to go for the bulls-eye but had to pay the price for this big mistake. The Hurricane would not have won another set and lost 4-1. 5128

Top 10 Max Verstappen Contacts With Rivals In 2019

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Max Verstappen finished third in the F1 2019 season with his Red Bull. To get this result he had to fight some hard duels which resulted in some contacts with his rivals. Below we bring you the 10 main contacts caused or suffered by Max Verstappen during the Formula 1 2019 World Championship. 174

Blend TV: Michael van Gerwen Watching Home Alone

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Yesterday we posted a BlendTV video of Michael van Gerwen singing “Last Christmas I Gave You My Dart”. Today we bring you another Christmas related episode of Michael van Gerwen wachting Home Alone. 995

Watch Santa Driving A Ferrari Formula One Car With Sleigh

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As we all know Santa delivers presents all over the world in just a single night. You will need a fast ride for this, so what about a Ferrari Fornula 1 F138? Santa gave it a try but as you will notice there was one problem. A screaming V8 enige will wake up the entire […]

Van Gerwen Singing “Last Christmas I Gave You My Dart”

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You might remember these BlendTV-videos and because it is Christmas we bring you a special one. Enjoy Michael van Gerwen singing “Last Christmas I Gave You My Dart”. 3704