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Van Barneveld: “I Regret One Match I Played Against Phil Taylor”

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Raymond van Barneveld spoke to Live Darts about his retirement after the World Championship of 2020. He is also asked about any regret he has during his career. He says he has one and the video of that match is added in the bottom of this article. 887

Savage By Max Verstappen In Last Episode Grill the Grid 2018

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The time has come – the final episode of Grill the Grid for 2018 is here. Watch how the Red Bull guys share stories of shower singing, speeding tickets and savage by Max Verstappen. 1043

Watch New 2019 Broadcast Graphics of Formula 1

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While the 2018-season of Formula 1 is over many can’t wait for the new season to start. We can give you a small preview of what the Broadcast Graphics of Formula 1 will look like in 2019. Pit Stop Advantage Overtake Probability Car Performance 1546

Joe Cullen Impersonates His Fellow Pro Dart Players

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Team Unicorn’s very own Joe Cullen does his level best to impersonate his fellow Pro dart players. Do you recognize all players? 419

Valtteri Bottas Drifting Out of His Pit Box During Abu Dhabi Test Day 2

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Valtteri Bottas already mentioned he wanted to go home after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix but he has to stay for another 3 weeks obligations like the Abu Dhabi tire test. His frustration is shown in his way of drifting out of the pit box. He did a similar thing before during the same Abu […]

Phil Taylor: “Raymond not mentally capable of winning WC 2019”

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Phil Taylor spoke to Live Darts about the retirement of his former rival Raymond van Barneveld. Phil Taylor pays tribute to his great rival Raymond van Barneveld after the Dutchman’s recent announcement that he will retire after the 2019/20 World Championship, but he also had a critical note for Raymond. 997

First Footage Of What Seems To Be A Crash By Charles Leclerc

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Charles Leclerc drove this morning for the first time in a Ferrari during the Abu Dhabi test day 2. He did a great job topping the times during the first session with 1.36.559. Although there is not much footage of these testing days there were shot some concerning pictures of a missing sidepod on his […]

How Phil Taylor Almost Ended His Career With A 9-Darter

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It’s been almost a year since Phil Taylor retired from professional darts. While we all remember how close Paul Lim was to hit a 9-darter at the PDC World Championship 2018 against Gary Anderson, many forgot how Phil Taylor almost ended his career with a 9-darter. 578

Kimi Raikkonen Using Fire Extinguisher After His Sauber Caught Fire

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Kimi Raikkonen was doing his first laps in his Sauber today during the Abu Dhabi test day 1. Everything went fine until his Sauber caught fire and he had to use a fire extinguisher himself. Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram Een bericht gedeeld door FORMULA 1® (@f1) op 27 Nov 2018 om 6:40 (PST) 3754

If You Finish This 420-Game You Can Play PDC World Championship

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With the PDC World Championship coming up it is all down to spend hours on the dartboard for practice. One of the best practice games is this 420-game. The challenge is to bring your 420 points to zero. If you can you are good enough on the doubles for the PDC World Championship. 5284