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VIDEO: How Rusty-Jake Rodriguez Managed To Play With 6 Darts

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At the Players Championship 29 there was this game between Gian van Veen and Rusty-Jake Rodriguez. In the end of the game it appeared the player from Austria was playing with 6 darts and how this was possible is shown in the footage below. The player from Austria had missed double 7 at a crucial […]

VIDEO: Lando Norris Was Scared Of Max Verstappen On Stage

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We have already seen Max Verstappen and Lando Norris joking during the press conference after the Chinese Grand Prix. But there was also this moment where Lando got scared of the Red Bull driver on the podium.

VIDEO: Why This Dart By Ross Smith Was Called Illegal In The Final

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During the final of the European Darts Grand Prix there was this bizarre last leg between Gary Anderson and Ross Smith. Smudger had an illegal darts at a crucial moment.

VIDEO: Valtteri Bottas Watching The 1.9 Seconds Red Bull Pit Stop

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For Valtteri Bottas’ team the pit stops are the biggest problem this season. That is why Valtteri was shocked watching the 1.9 seconds pit stop by Red Bull.

VIDEO: Christian Perez Has No Idea What Is Happening With His Score

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During the European Darts Grand Prix there was this moment during the game of Gary Anderson and Christian Perez. The player from the Philippines had 71 points left and finished the leg on double 16. At least that is what he thought, because the referee claimed he still had 8 points left which he couldn’t […]

VIDEO: Max Verstappen And Lando Norris Joking During Press Conference

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After the Chinese Grand Prix there was this funny moment during the press conference with Max Verstappen and Lando Norris.

VIDEO: Funny Team Radio Between Charles Leclerc And His Engineer

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In the last part of the Chinese Grand Prix the engineer of Charles Leclerc tried to tell him to take the original lines during turn 7 and 8. But the Ferrari had no idea what he was talking about and this resulted in this funny team radio.

VIDEO: Jonny Clayton Introduced A New Route From 58 With Two Darts

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Jonny Clayton introduced a new route from 118 checkout at the European Darts Grand Prix in his match with Chris Dobey.

VIDEO: Van Barneveld Hits Massive 100+ Checkouts After Darts Change

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Raymond van Barneveld showed his class from the old days during his game with Franz Roetsch at the European Darts Grand Prix. Watch him hitting a 100+ checkout, changing his darts and continue hitting massive 100+ checkouts.

VIDEO: German Player With Bizarre First Dart Against Luke Littler

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At the European Darts Grand Prix there was this game between Arno Merk and Luke Littler. The German player surprised everybody including the referee and his opponent with this first dart of the match. During the game of Christian Perez and Gary Anderson there was another remarkable moment when the player from the Philippines had […]