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Hilarious Moment When Kimi Raikkonen Teaching Driving On Ice

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Driving on ice can be dangerous if you don’t know how to handle your car in those circumstances. Having a Formula 1 champion from Finland next to you would definitely help. Well, it doesn’t when his name is Kimi Raikkonen…

This Guy Brings His Formula 1 Car To A Drag Race

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Recently we showed you this video of a guy taking his Formula 1 car to track day at Zolder. This time he took his F1 car to a drag race where he raced against a Lamborghini. Watch him playing with the Lambo below.

VIDEO: Michael van Gerwen Had A Special Message In Hannover

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This week the Hannover Drive-In Darts Gala was played and Michael van Gerwen had a special message to one person who was watching the matches from their car. Watch how he helped his big fan Christian to deliver the marriage proposal to his girlfriend Katharina.

Funny Banter Moments Between Max Verstappen And Lewis Hamilton

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Many believe the fight for the World Championship in Formula 1 will be between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen in 2020. They had some great battles already and some funny moments during the press conferences before and after the race. Below we bring you the top 5 funny moments. 5. Brazilian Grand Prix 2019 Lewis: […]

VIDEO: Special Walk On’s During Hannover Drive-In Darts Gala

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Yesterday we showed you Michael van Gerwen throwing a bucket of water over Raymond van Barneveld. Today we can show you more footage from the Hannover Drive-In Darts Gala like Barney’s special drive-in walk on and Dimitri van den Bergh on his bike. They clearly enjoyed themselfs at this special stage. Photos: Biancie21

VIDEO: Van Gerwen Throws Bucket of Water Over Barney at Drive-In Darts Gala

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Tonight the Drive-In Darts Gala is held Hannover and Michael van Gerwen and Raymond van Barneveld started with washing the cars of the VIP’s at the parking. Van Gerwen couldn’t resist throwing a bucket water over Van Barneveld… 😅 Also watch: Raymond van Barneveld’s Special Drive-In Walk On In Hannover

Romain Grosjean Again Crashed TWICE During 24 Hours du Mans

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Three weeks ago Romain Grosjean crashed 4 times during the ‘Sports Car Open — 6 Hours of the Glen’ which caused too much damage and his team had to retire the car. Last weekend he joined another online battle and this time it was the 24 Hours of Du Mans. Unfortunately for Romain Grosjean things […]

Formula 1 Will Introduce These 6 New TV Graphics In 2020

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Formula 1 will introduce 6 new TV graphics in the 2020 season which will start next week. It is called F1 Insights and is powered by AWS and they will give Car Performance Scores based on live data. Car Performance Score Straights/High-Speed/Low-Speed Corner Performance Driver Skills Rating Oversteer vs Understeer Current position The video below shows […]

How Berry van Peer Managed To Win A Tournament With 8 Darts Leg

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When you mention the name Berry van Peer many will think of him facing the problems with dartitis. We all remember him in tears after his game against Gary Anderson at the Grand Slam of Darts. But this time we show you a moment when he won the Final Cricket Pro with an incredible 8 darts […]

Lewis Hamilton’s Funny Answer On ‘Who Is A Main Rival For The Title?’

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The Formula 1 season is about to start next week and the big question is who will be fighting for the World Championship this year. Many believe Mercedes will still be the favourite to win the title again but who does Lewis Hamilton consider to be a main rival for the title? It turnes out […]