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Fallon Sherrock’s Dog & Kid Disturbed Her Game With Dobromyslova

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During tonight’s game between Fallon Sherrock and Anastasia Dobromyslova we saw two funny moments in the house of The Queen of the Palace. First it was her dog who started barking at the moment she was aiming for the double which we show you in the video below. But at the end of the game we also […]

A Genius Solution When You Block A Double With Your First Darts

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This guy was playing in the competition in Iceland and had double 10 left. His first two darts blocked the double making it nearly impossible to hit the double with the third dart. However he came up with a genius solution as he switched hands and had a throw with his left hand hitting double […]

Lando Norris Was Leading In F1 2019 When His Game Quit AGAIN

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Lando Norris was leading at Spa during #NotTheGP at Saturday night when his game quit again. He got so furious he couldn’t handle it anymore with this so called ‘F##king sh#t game’…  Lando Norris: “F*ck… YOU F*CKING SH!T GAME”

Watch Anastasia Dobromyslova vs Phil Taylor Battle

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Sunday night Phil Taylor will play at ‘A Night at the Darts’ and he will face Anastasia Dobromyslova for the first time in 11 years. The last time they had a battle together was at the Grand Slam of Darts 2009 when The Power won 4-0. The 16 time World Champion will also play against […]

Leclerc, Norris, Albon & Russell Teamed Up And Roasted Each Other

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Last night Charles Leclerc, Lando Norris, Alxander Albon and George Russell teamed up in a game called Rocket League. A team of four unknown players faced a battle with these 4 Formula 1 drivers. It turned out be a fun night and of course they couldn’t help it roasting each other. Charles Leclerc roasting George […]

Top 10 Walk On Fails We Have Seen On Stage

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We have seen some phenomenal walk on’s in the history of darts. But we also have seen some embarrassing walk on’s when things didn’t went as planned. Below we bring you the top 10 walk on fails we have seen on stage. 10. Walk-on girl Daniella Allfree falls over on stage 9. Michael van Gerwen announced […]

Lando Norris Trying DAS System In His ‘McLaren’ Goes WRONG

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After Racing Point being named the pink Mercedes Lando Norris coloured the Mercedes orange tonight making it look like his McLaren. This means he had the advantage of Mercedes’ DAS system and so he tried to use it. Well, it didn’t turn out well in his orange Mercedes… 

Lando Norris’ Reaction On George Russell Claiming He Is Watching Too Much ####

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Lando Norris likes to joke around with his Formula 1 friends while playing online games. George Russell often is one of his victims of Lando’s trash talk, just like during their race at Spa. But during a race at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya Lando Norris had problems with his PC and so George Russell saw his […]

Watch This Guy Hit A 9-Darter During Online Battle In Canada

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During the online competition Championship Darts Corporation Shawn Brenneman hit a 9-darter. Below we bring you footage of the Canadian player hit perfection during his match against Kiley Edmunds. Remarkably he kept on discussing with his opponent until the last dart which is something we have never seen during a perfect leg.

Watch Phil Taylor vs Mikuru Suzuki Battle

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We have seen some interesting battles with Fallon Sherrock playing lately. Thursday it will be Mikuru Suzuki who will face Phil Taylor in a battle for charity. We will bring live footage of this game with the livestream below. Phil Taylor vs Mikuru SuzukiCountdown Livestream