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VIDEO: Jonny Tata Makes TV Debut With This Moment Against Peter Wright

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During his TV debut at the NZ Darts Masters there was this remarkable moment for Jonny Tata against Peter Wright. Despite this moment he managed to hold his nerves and he managed to beat the two times World Champion.

Sport in Österreich: Historische Momente

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Österreich hat im Sport unauslöschliche Spuren hinterlassen. Vom alpinen Skisport, der hier bekamnnter als Glücksspiele bei https://vave.com/de/casino ist, bis zum Fußball haben österreichische Sportlerinnen und Sportler sowohl auf nationaler als auch auf internationaler Ebene brilliert und ihre Namen in die Annalen der Sportgeschichte eingetragen. In diesem Artikel begeben wir uns auf eine nostalgische Reise durch […]

VIDEO: Max Verstappen Thinks This Quote Is From Maldonado When In Fact It’s His Dad

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This video goes viral shwoing a young Max Verstappen guessing who’s quotes are these. Watch him having it wrong in the most funny way. Don’t forget to go watch video 2 as well because that one is the funniest.    

VIDEO: Michael van Gerwen Beats Wayne Mardle With Bizarre Ending

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During this exhibition game between Michael van Gerwen and Wayne Mardle there was this bizarre ending. Watch the Dutchman go for a route you have never seen before.

VIDEO: Rob Cross Missed Dartboard During Game Against Gerwyn Price

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When you are an amateur darts player you know this moment but when you are a pro darts player and this happens a few times it becomes awkward. Watch Rob Cross completely missing the dartboard in his match with Gerwyn Price…

VIDEO: Mindaugas Barauskas Hits This Crazy 180 Or Does He?!

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At the MODUS Super Series there was this moment with Mindaugas Barauskas who managed to hit one of the craziest 180’s.

VIDEO: The Bad Sportsmanship Game Ended In This Bizarre Way

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Earlier we showed you this moment of bad sportsmanship by Stowe Buntz. But this was not the end as it got even crazier when they went to 6-6. Watch this moment below when nobody saw the game was actually finished…

VIDEO: ‘Formula 1 Cars’ On Public Highway In Czech Republic During Night

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We have posted this video before showing an old ‘Formula 1 car’ driving on the public road of Czech Republic. This time he is back with a friend who drives a ‘F1 Renault’ and they did this during the night with limited lights…

VIDEO: On This Day 50 Years Ago This Was The First 180 In Television History

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These days we see hundreds of 180’s during a darts tournament but on this day 50 years ago the first 180 ever on television was thrown. Watch this unique moment on the footage below.

VIDEO: Funny Moment By Cameron Menzies With With This Score After 180

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During the final day of the German Darts Open there was this funny moment with Cameron Menzies in his game with Danny Noppert. Watch him opening the third leg with a 180 followed by this score.