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VIDEO: Max Verstappen Wins Porsche iRacing Cup With 0.001 Seconds

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Max Verstappen has won the Porsche iRacing Cup with a very exciting finish. He beat profesional E-sport gamer Thibault Cabauzon with only 0.001 seconds. Before this all happened Verstappen was in third place with his orange Porsche 911 GT3 when the leaders crashed in front of him. Below we bring you these two moments. Leaders crashing […]

Watch All Stage Matches Romanian Darts Festival 2020

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This weekend the first tournaments for the new WDF ranking will be played at the Romanian Darts Festival 2020. These are two WDF SILVER ranking tournaments which are the first and also two of the most important events for WDF East Europe region. The first event of the weekend is RIDO PAIRS Tournament that starts […]

VIDEO: Sarah Harrison Wins Match On Stage With Lucky Shot

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During the Promi Darts WM 2020 it was Sarah Harrison who won a match with a checkout on triple 13. The celebrities were allowed to finish the game without a double but the fun part is she had no idea what to throw and just had a random shot… It turned out to be a […]

Danny Baggish Throws Best Leg Of Steel Darts Cricket Ever Seen On Video

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Danny Baggish choose not to go to the PDC Q school but instead continued his hot streak by winning the 2020 ADO National Cricket Championships. Along the way he threw the highest steel tip average ever seen on video with a 6.64 mpr leg. Also watch: Boris Krcmar Hit Perfect Leg In Best Game Of Cricket […]

VIDEO: Fallon Sherrock Beats Paul Nicholson At PDC Q School

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Fallon Sherrock played at the first day of Q School and managed to win 3 matches before losing in the last 64. One of the men she beat was Paul Nicholson who wants to make his rentree as a professional player. Below we bring you footage of the last darts of this match.

Watch How Awesome Formula 1 Would Be In The Snow

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At this moment we are in the middle of the Formula 1 winter break. But why is that? How cool would be to have a F1 race in the snow. We do have night races and we do have races in the rain, so why not race in the snow? This guy below took his […]

VIDEO: Fernando Alonso Crashes And Flips Multiple Times

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Fernando Alonso and his co pilot crashed moments after the start of stage 10 in Dakar. Alonso was driving but lost control of his Toyota when he went over a hill and they flipped multiple times. Despite that they were able to continue and finished 1 hour behind the leader.

VIDEO: Lewis Hamilton At Training For His First Movie Role

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Lewis Hamilton will take part in a movie and is in training for his first move role. Watch him in action at the place where Keanu Reeves trained for his John Wick movies. Hamilton: “Excited to show you something I’ve started working on. I’ve always loved action movies and dreamed of one day being in one. […]

Peter Wright About Hitting Four 9-Darters In Just 15 Minutes

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Peter Wright won the PDC World Championship 2020 with his new Red Dragon Darts. After the game he spoke about changing to his new darts. “I actually drew on a little peace of paper what sort of grip I wanted, what type, the weight and the balance in the middle. I got the darts and […]

Livestream: Texel Darts Trophy 2020

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Last weekend the Texel Darts Trophy 2020 was played at Texel in the Netherlands. We were there to livestream all matches played at the stage. Below we bring you footage of all these matches including the men and ladies pairs and the men and ladies singles. Ladies pairs final Men pairs final Ladies and men […]