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VIDEO: Funny Moment When Robert Thornton Celebrates Miscount In Final

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The winner of the World Seniors Championship 2023 is Robert Thornton. But even the winner had some problems with counting as we bring you this funny moment during the final.

VIDEO: John Part Hits 119 Checkout With A Bizarre 248 Points

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John Part had this funny moment at the World Seniors Darts Masters in his match with Darryl Fitton. He was on a 119 checkout when this happened…

VIDEO: Mervyn King Goes BIZARRE From 80 At Players Championship 1

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During the first Players Championship of 2023 there was this game between Nathan Aspinall and Mervyn King. The King had 80 points left and went for the craziest way deciding to bust on purpose out of anger.

VIDEO: Nathan Aspinall Wins Match With 9 Perfect Darts In The Board

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Nathan Aspinall played his first match at this week’s Premier League against Peter Wright. In this quarter final The Aspi won the last leg with 9 perfect darts in the dartboard, however it didn’t count as a perfect leg as there was also one dart on the floor. Watch this amazing leg in the video […]

VIDEO: These Are Just 1 In A Trillion Moments

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Sometimes things happen you don’t see every day. We bring you the moments you see 1 in a trillion.

VIDEO: Michael van Gerwen ‘Hits’ Most Bizarre 9-Darter Ever

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We have seen some crazy 9-darters but this one is the most insane one ever. Michael van Gerwen hit this perfect leg at the Modus Super Series! Sounds too good to be true? It is 😉 But even Van Gerwen himself had a good laugh about it and shared this video.

VIDEO: Martin Adams Becomes Oldest Player To Hit 110+ Average

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Martin Adams is still playing darts at a very high level. In the Modus Super Series he managed to hit two 9-darters at the age of 65 last year and this time he became the oldest player to hit a 110+ average. Watch Wolfie at the age of 66 throwing an average of 111.33.

VIDEO: This TikTok Video Goes Viral With Max Verstappen

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Max Verstappen is known for not sharing much about his private life. Therefore he isn’t a big fan of social media and so many were surprised when he appeared in this TikTok video.

VIDEO: What Not To Do From 90 Points With Just Two Darts Left

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Last weekend Jose de Sousa played against Michael van Gerwen at the Masters 2023. During the 8th leg of the match there was this strange moment when The Special One went for a 108 checkout. With the first dart he hit single 18 so he just got 90 points left when he decided to go […]

Daniel Ricciardo Smashed Lewis Hamilton’s F1 Record At Top Gear Track

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It’s impossible to fairly compare Formula 1 drivers because they all drive in different F1 cars. But there is one moment when they all drive in the same car so you could find out who is the best driver. Watch Daniel Ricciardo smashing Lewis Hamilton’s fastest time. Question from the crowd Daniel Ricciardo’s lap