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Livestream: Catalonia Open Darts Finals

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This weekend the Catalonia Open Darts will be played an the finals will be broadcasted live below. Schedule Catalonia Open Darts Saturday 7th September 17:00 Women final 17:30 Men final Also watch: Livestream: England Masters, Classic en Matchplay 2019 754

Kevin Magnussen Hits Rear Jack When Entering Pit Box FP2

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During Free Practice 2 Keivn Magnussen had a moment when he entered his pit box. He did hit the rear jack which could have ended pretty bad. It seems nobody got injured thoug. 717

VIDEO: Kimi Raikkonen Crashed At Monza In FP1 Causing A Red Flag

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Kimi Raikkonen has crashed his Alfa Romeo during Free Practice 1 in Italy. He lost his car in parabolica during the wet conditions causing a red flag. Kimi sitting in the cabine of the flatbed truck while his car is being lifted up 269

Hilarious Quote By Sebastian Vettel Today In Interview At Monza

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During today’s interviews in Monza Sebastian Vettel had one hilarious quote. When asked if the Italian fans will be happy after Sunday the Ferrari driver answers: “I’ve got balls but none of them is crystal…” 2090

Phil Taylor: “I’m going to come back if practice with new darts goes well”

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Phil Taylor had some remarkable words during the 2019 Target Darts product launch. He claims he is practicing with new darts and if it goes well he he promises he will make a comeback. 15926

Lando Norris Takes Revenge On Max Verstappen With ‘Super Max Song’

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Yesterday we showed you this video of Max Verstappen making fun of Lando Norris’ outfit. Now it is Lando Norris who takes revenge on the Red Bull driver with the ‘Super Max Song’. 1908

Fastest Game Ever: Van Gerwen Beats Ricky Evans In 8 Minutes

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Last weekend Michael van Gerwen and Ricky Evans played against each other in the quarter final of the Austrian Darts Championship. It turned out to be the fastest game ever recorded on camera in a format of best of 11 legs. Watch this match below which only lasted 8 minutes.   9685

Max Verstappen Making Fun of Lando Norris’ Valentino Rossi Outfit

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Yesterday we posted this video of WackyJacky who had a bit of banter with the Valentino Rossi fan. Next was Max Verstappen who played simracing with Lando Norris. And he had to make fun if his outfit. Max Verstappen: “Lando, what the f*ck are you wearing?” Lando Norris: “It’s, uhh… Valentino Rossi merch” 2867

We Bring You The ‘180’ Sound Of The 5 New BDO Referees

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During the BDO World Trophy last weekend we saw the new team of BDO referees. Below we bring you the ‘180’ sound of each of them including one by the first female referee ever on live television. John Fowler Josh Clough Harry Smith Garin Roderick Kerrie Crompton 4352

VIDEO: Taylor Hits 10-Darter On Stage To Win Match Last Weekend

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Last weekend we saw some incredible darts at the BDO World Trophy. The best leg of the tournament was by Scott Taylor who won the match against Derk Telnekes with a 10-darter. 3931