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VIDEO: Verstappen & Perez Disagree On Fastest Lap After The Race

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Max Verstappen went for the fastest lap during the last lap of the race. Sergio Perez was surprised as they were told to keep aiming for the much slower target lap. They discussed this during the press conference after the race.

Fallon Sherrock Hits First 9-Darter By A Woman At PDC Tournament

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Fallon Sherrock has become the first woman to hit a 9-darter at today’s Challenge Tour 9. She hit the perfect leg in the classic way by going 180, 180 and 141 during her game against Marco Verhofstad. She hit perfection to get in a 3-0 lead. In the end she won the game 5-3 with […]

VIDEO: Awkward Moment Between Van den Bergh & Veenstra After Game

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During the Players Championship 5 there was this awkward ending to the game between Richard Veenstra and Dimitri van den Bergh. The Belgian player had darts to win 6-1 but the Dutchman made a perfect comeback and could have won 6-5. Watch what happened in the end and the stare down from Veenstra.

VIDEO: Bizarre Never Before Seen Route From 71 Checkout

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During this weekend’s Players Championship 5 we saw 71 checkout we have never seen before. Watch Ricardo Pietreczko finish this leg in style which shocked the commentators too.

VIDEO: Dangerous Moment When Crashed F3 Car Rolls Back On Track

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During this weekend’s British Formula 3 there was this dangerous moment. A crashed car rolled back on to the track while all many cars were entering the same corner…

Most Funny Schwalbe You Will Ever See When Touched By Referee

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This player feels something in his back and immediately goes to the ground. He had no idea it was the referee making this the worst schwalbe ever.

VIDEO: Sergio Perez Joking About Three Red Bull’s On The Podium

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After the first race of the year there was this funny moment during the press conference. Listen to Sergio Perez joking about being happy three Red Bull’s made it to the podium.

VIDEO: Footage Showing Lance Stroll Gets Hit By Car Accident

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Lance Stroll won’t be able to drive this week during the Testing Days. He got hit by a car when he was training on his bike. There is footage of this accident which is shown below. We have removed the video because people complained about it being to shocking.

VIDEO: Max Verstappen Hits A Bird During The Australian Grand Prix

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During qualifying Max Verstappen managed to avoid killing a bird but sadly things went wrong during the race. New onboard footage show he did hit a bird during the Australian Grand Prix last weekend.

VIDEO: This Guy Wins Tournament In Style With Bizarre 112 Checkout

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During the final of this Swiss tournament there was a bizarre ending. Watch the German player Jochen Graudenz hit a 112 checkout in style.