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VIDEO: We Bring You The 180 Sound of NEW Darts Referee At Super Series

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This week at the MODUS Super Series Adie Mason made his debut as a darts referee. As always we are curious how his 180 sounds. So we searched for it and bring you the new 180 sound below.

VIDEO: Bizarre Score By Mikuru Suzuki In Super Series Bull’s-Eye Challenge

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We already showed you incredible performances by Danny Lauby and Ron Meulenkamp in the Super Series Bulls-Eye Challenge. This week Mikuru Suzuki was one of the players to play in this serie and so she was also invited to take place in this Challenge. As a former soft tip player the expectations for the Japenese […]

VIDEO: Alan Soutar Hits Backwards 50 Checkout At Exhibition Game

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We already saw a game of darts without flights and shafts between Steve West and Michael Warburton this week. This time during an exhibtion night Alan Soutar showed a trickshot in a way like we have not seen before. Watch him throwing a backwards 50 checkout.

VIDEO: Awkward Moment During Luke Humphries & Joe Cullen Game

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The last match of 2023 was between Luke Humphries and Joe Cullen which turned into a real thriller. At one point there was this awkward moment when Humphries thought they were up to the last leg but he was wrong. Meanwhile we have arrived at the quarter final of the PDC World Darts Championship. This […]

VIDEO: Scott Williams Hits No-Look 180 At PDC World Darts Championship 2024

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During his game with Damon Heta there was this moment when Scott Williams decided to go for a blind 180. Earlier during this tournament he also tried the same thing against Muramatsu but then it turned into this fail.  

VIDEO: Michael van Gerwen Playing Darts At Carnival Darts Game

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Michael van Gerwen currently has a few days off as he won’t have to play darts at the PDC World Darts Championship this year anymore. So the three times World Champion decided to go to the Winter Wonderland in London to player darts at a carnival darts game. While Michael van Gerwen was having no […]

VIDEO: Michael van Gerwen About Taking Phil Taylor Down Backstage

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Michael van Gerwen joined a podcast and told a great story about him and Phil Taylor backstage at the Grand Slam of Darts years ago. A young Van Gerwen saw Phil Taylor coming to home joking with some boxing moves. The Dutchman didn’t knew what The Power was up to and took him down with […]

VIDEO: Bizarre Moment When Gurney And Evans Kiss Each Other On Mouth

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Daryl Gurney did beat Ricky Evans in the last game at Friday evening making it into the last 16 of the PDC World Darts Championship 2024. But after this game everyone was confused because of this moment after the game.

VIDEO: Luke Humphries Will Be In Trouble With DRA After This Moment

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Luke Humphries made a comeback like Houdini in his game against Ricardo Pietreczko. He won from 1-3 in sets down and was over the moon after the game. For one moment in the game he can still expect a fine though as he is saying ‘F#cking sh*t’ on live television. There has been a bizarre […]

VIDEO: Hilarious Darts Impressions At The PDC World Darts Championship 2024

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Conor Moore decided to have a go at impressions of players at the PDC Players Championship 2024. The outcome is great and the Phil Taylor impression is so good.