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Lando Norris & Alexander Albon Singing ‘Robert Kubica Song’

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We already showed you the ‘Seb Vettel Song‘, the ‘Guenther Steiner diss track‘ and the ‘Song about Lando and Carlos‘ but there is more. It’s clear the creater of all of these video’s is a big fan of Robert Kubica. Watch Lando Norris and Alexander Albon singing with the song about the Polish driver. 

You Will Not Believe Which Formula 1 Driver Owns This Smart Car

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We all know Formula 1 drivers got Ferrari’s, Mercedes’ and McLaren sports cars in their garage at home. But it is not all about fancy sports cars when they drive on the public road. Lewis Hamilton owns a remarkable car for when he wants to drive undercover. And he is right when he says nobody […]

Raymond van Barneveld Will Face Phil Taylor In New Steel Darts Battle

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Next week Raymond van Barneveld will likely play another battle against Phil Taylor. This time they will not play on a softtip dartboard like they did last month. They are expected to play a game in steel darts on Wednesday May 27th and it will be a 1 hour battle according to Barney. We will […]

The Sound of A Formula 1 Car Going 300 KM/H Through A Tunnel

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The sound of a sports car sounds even better when you drive it through a tunnel. So what would it sound like if you take a Formula 1 car and speed it up to 300 km/h through a tunnel? That’s exactly what Red Bull thought when they strapped in David Coulthard to take the RB7 […]

This Guy Hits A 180 With Straws On His Darts, Or Does He?! 🤔

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Recently DartsReferee came up with the challenge to hit a 180 with straws instead of flights on your darts. This guy in the next video went for it and completed the challenge! Or did he? 🤔

Haal jij 170 in dit spel? Dan ben je een professionele dartspeler

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Vandaag willen we je uitdagen voor een spel genaamd ‘Grind Out’. Het is een fantastische training om je finishes te verbeteren. Je begint op 81 en krijgt 6 pijlen om dit uit te gooien. Als dit lukt ga je door naar 82 en krijg je weer 6 pijlen om dit uit te gooien. Bij iedere […]

This Guy Is Throwing With These Self Made Paper Plane Darts

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Earlier this week we showed you you can create your own darts out of LEGO. This time we show you it is possible to even make your own darts out of paper. Watch this guy playing darts with these self made paper plane darts.

Carlos Sainz Hilarious Response On What Car He Got In His Garage

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During the press conference of the Hungarian Grand Prix back in 2016 the question was what cars do the F1 drivers got in their garage at home. While everybody mentioned the Ferrari’s, Mercedes and Porsche’s they drive Carlos Sainz came up with a less impressive car… He wasn’t kidding though as he later posted a […]

Mrs Edgar TV & Mrs Darts Referee Hit Never Before Seen Checkouts

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Matthew Edgar is, besides a top 64 player in the PDC, known for his YouTube channel EdgarTV. This week he decided to let his followers have a go playing a match against his wife Jodie. It was the first time she played darts but she managed to hit a never before seen 74 checkout. Also […]

Lando Norris Watching Song About Himself And Carlos Sainz 🤣

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We already showed you the ‘Seb Vettel Song‘ and the ‘Guenther Steiner diss track‘ which Lando Norris found on the internet. But there is also a song about himself, Carlos Sainz and Robert Kubica. Watch the reaction of Lando watching his own clip below.