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VIDEO: Comparison Hamilton’s Overtake on Verstappen & Leclerc

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Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen had an incident during the first lap of the British Grand Prix. The Mercedes driver got punished with a 10 seconds penalty. Later that race towards the end he had a go at Charles Leclerc in the same corner. Below we take a comparison between both overtakes. Overtake on Max […]

VIDEO: Callan Rydz Lost His Watch While Cheering On Stage 😅

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During today’s match against Glen Durrant it was Callan Rydz who broke his watch on stage. During a celebration as he moved into a 9-5 lead he somehow managed to punch his watch off his wrist.

VIDEO: Max Verstappen In Pain During Team Radio After Crash

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Max Verstappen had a terrible crash with 51G after he collided with Lewis Hamilton at Silverstone today. The Mercedes driver got the blame by the FIA as they handed him a 10 seconds penalty. Listen to Verstappen’s team radio after this crash when you hear him in pain.

VIDEO: Benjamin Pratnemer Celebrating TWO Match Winning Miscounts

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This weekend Benjamin Pratnemer won his third WDF title winning the Slovenian Open 2021. There is no footage of this final but we can show you bizarre footage of his first two titles from back in 2018. Watch him winning the Hungarian Classic and Hungarian Masters with two match winning miscounts… Matchwinning checkout #1 First he […]

VIDEO: Vincent Van Der Voort With Another Illegal Shot AGAIN

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Last year Vincent van der Voort had this angry moment with Kirk Bevans at the World Matchplay 2020. This year during the first match of the World Matchplay 2021 the exact same thing happened as the Dutchman had another illegal underarm throw… Kirk Bevans: “27, last dart was thrown underarm”

VIDEO: Fernando Alonso’s Incredible Sprint Race Start From P11 To P5

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Fernando Alonso had an incredible start during the sprint race of Formula 1 at Silverstone today. He started at P11 and managed to pass 6 car in one lap. Watch his unbelievable onboard footage below.   Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram   Een bericht gedeeld door FORMULA 1® (@f1)

VIDEO: George Killington Hits A Blind 180 At Online Live League

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During today’s match against Scott Williams it was George Killington who managed to hit a blind 180. Watch this incredible shot in the video below.

VIDEO: Funny Moment Between Max & Pierre In Today’s Press Conference

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Pierre Gasly has been Max Verstappen’s teammate at Red Bull and despite he later lost this seat they both get along very well. During today’s press conference they had this funny moment after a question by ‘Lewis’. Kid: “What is your second best skill after driving?” Max Verstappen: “Sleeping” Pierre Gasly: “Hihi, pretty much the […]

VIDEO: Andy Fordham Tribute With These 5 Moments In His Career

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Today we received the sad news Andy Fordham passed away at the age of only 59 years old. The Viking started his professional career at the BDO World Championship 2005 and he became World Champion in 2004. We pay tribute to Fordham with these 5 great moments in his career shown in the videos below. […]

This Is How To Checkout 501 In Just 4 Darts At A Regular Dartboard

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A new season of darts is about to start and everybody needs to get back to the practice board. For those people we got a funny new challenge as you need to checkout 501 in just 4 darts. No idea how to checkout 501 in just 4 darts? This is how: