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VIDEO: Red Bull Pit Stop Goes WRONG During Testing In Bahrain

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While Red Bull looks like one of the strongest teams during the Testing Days in Bahrain, not everything went fine. Watch this pitstop Practice which went wrong…

VIDEO: Max Verstappen 360 Spin Followed By Fastest Lap

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Max Verstappen set the fastest time today during the Testing Days in Bahrain. But before he set the fastest time he did this 360… Max Verstappen 360 spin Fastest lap

Livestream: Isle of Man Festival of Darts 2022

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From 10th till 13th of March 2022 the Isle of Man Festival of Darts will be played. On the final day we will bring a livestream of this event below.

VIDEO: Latifi’s Williams Caught Fire And Caused A Tyre Explosion

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Bizarre footage from the second Testing Day in Bahrain where the Williams of Latifi caught fire. He lost control when his suspension broke and when trying to fight the fire his tyre exploded. Dit bericht op Instagram bekijken Een bericht gedeeld door FORMULA 1® (@f1)

VIDEO: After ‘Super Max’ We Bring You Their New Song ‘Let’s Go Lando’

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We all know the song ‘Super Max’ by now from the Pitstop Boys. Now have created a new song called ‘Let’s Go Lando’!

VIDEO: Michael van Gerwen Wins Another Sensational Premier League Night

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Michael van Gerwen is slowly going down on the PDC Order of Merit but in the Meanwhile he is also getting back into his old sensational form. Watch the highlights of the Premier League night 5 below.

VIDEO: Max Verstappen Taking A Dig At The New F1 2022 Mercedes

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After the first day of testing in Bahrain Max Verstappen was asked his opinion on the new F1 2022 Mercedes. Of course he came up with a funny response as always.

VIDEO: Walk On By Michael Smith Goes Wrong [Funny]

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Michael Smith had a brilliant walk on during an exhibition night. Watch this funny moment when he came across this guy with some drinks…

VIDEO: Massive Purpoising For Mercedes With New Updates

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During the first day of testing in Bahrain Mercedes had a huge update with their sidepods. But the problem with purpoising was clearly not solved as you can see in this footage from Lewis Hamilton.

VIDEO: A Funny Mistake By Paul Hinks At Live League 2022

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Paul Hinks recently got demoted by the PDC but we still see him in action during the Online Darts Live League 2022. However things didn’t went perfect at this tournament either as we can show you in the video below.