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VIDEO: Verstappen & Hamilton About If Championship Could Be Won By Collision

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Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton were asked if the Formula 1 World Championship could be won due to a collision this weekend in Abu Dhabi. Their reactions are shown in the video below. To watch the full press conference click here.

VIDEO: First World Championship Game Between Taylor & Van Gerwen

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We know Phil Taylor and Michael van Gerwen played a lot of finals against each other including one at the PDC World Championship. But this time we go back to their first encounter they ever had at the World Championship. It happened during the first round of 2008 right after Van Gerwen switched from the […]

VIDEO: Max vs Lewis Title Fight With Music ‘My Way’

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We are close to the end of an amazing F1 season. Now it is down to one last race in which Max and Lewis race for the Championship. We have to share the next incredible video we spotted on the internet.

VIDEO: Max Verstappen’s Reaction On Senna Crashing For World Title

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The Formula 1 title in 1990 was won by Ayrton Senna after he crashed with Alain Prost during the last race. This weekend Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are in a similar situation. We take a look at the reaction Max Verstappen had back in 2019 when they showed him this footage from Senna and […]

VIDEO: One in a Million Free Kicks

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We bring you the most bizarre free kicks you will only see one in a million times.

Livestream: Lakeside WDF World Championships 2022 Draw

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Tonight the draw of the Lakeside WDF World Championships 2022 will be done. We will bring lives footage from the moment it starts at 19:00 UK time (20:00 Dutch time). We will bring you the livestream below. Livestream:

VIDEO: Full Footage On Hamilton & Verstappen Colliding From Helicopter View

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It was one of the craziest incidents we have seen in Formula 1 when Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen colided during the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2021. Verstappen was told to let Lewis by but the Mercedes driver wasn’t aware of this and hit the Red Bull in the back after this strange moment.

VIDEO: New Footage On Verstappen & Hamilton Moments In Turn 27

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There were a lot of incidents during the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix and two of them were in turn 27. One time it was Verstappen who overtook Hamilton and the other time it was the other way around. We bring you new stabilised footage of both moments for which they have to go to the […]

VIDEO: Max Verstappen Funny Press Conference Moment After Saudi Arabia

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After the incredible race in Saudi Arabia there was this moment during the press conference when the Red Bull driver had to fix his microphone. Guess he can still smile after all that happened today.

VIDEO: Lewis Hamilton’s Team Radio During Rear End Incident With Verstappen

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Lewis Hamilton was about to get told Max Verstappen wanted to let him pass when this moment happened. Max Verstappen was informed by his team but Mercedes was too late. Miscommunication led to this incident.   Dit bericht op Instagram bekijken   Een bericht gedeeld door FORMULA 1® (@f1) Helicopter view