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VIDEO: Fernando Alonso Shows Skills & Cracks Nuts With His Neck

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Formula 1 drivers are extremely fit and especially the huge G forces mean they have to train their neck muscles. Fernando Alonso had so much strength in his neck he could crack a nut with it. Watch him showing this incredbile skill in the video below.

VIDEO: Max Verstappen Makes Perfect Comeback At Sky Reporter Sam Collins

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Just like Ted Kravitz also Sam Collins isn’t a fan of Max Verstappen and he thinks the Red Bull driver is highly overrated. He makes his statement clear in the video below but things might have changed last weekend. During lap 44 of the Mexican Grand Prix 2022 Sam Collins said: “It’s a 71 lap […]

VIDEO: This Guy Hits A Real Blind 180 With All Three Darts

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We have seen blind 180’s on stage before but this guy took it to the next level. Watch him hitting a 180 without looking at all of his three darts.

VIDEO: Pim van Bijnen’s Very Bad Dartitis At Gibraltar Junior Darts Open

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The final of the Gibraltar Junior Darts Open 2022 was played between Luke Littler and Pim van Bijnen. The Dutchman suffered bad dartitis making some throws take over 90 seconds as shown in the video below.

These 11 Moves Are Nominated For Action of the Year 2022

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The FIA has come up with the nominations for ‘Action of the Year 2022’ in all 11 categories. Watch all actions below and vote for you favourite at this page. Formula 1 Formula E World Rally World Endurance Championship GT Pro World Endurance Championship World Rally Championship World Touring Car Cup European Rally Championship World […]

VIDEO: Raymond van Barneveld Joking After Win Over Simon Whitlock

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Raymond van Barneveld has made it into the quarter final of the Grand Slam of Darts. After the game he was joking during his interview with Dutch television about how long it took him to be back up the podium and into a quarter final. Arjan van der Giessen: “Raymond van Barneveld you are in […]

VIDEO: Bizarre Exchange Between Christian Horner & FIA President

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At the FIA Gala there was this bizarre moment between Christian Horner and Mohammed Ben Sulayem.

VIDEO: Carlos Sainz Got Stuck In His Ferrari After Mexican Grand Prix

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After the Mexican Grand Prix there was an issue with Carlos Sainz. He wasn’t able to get out of his car by himself and needed help to remove the headrest. Imagine if he was in an accident and he had to get out fast…

VIDEO: Raymond van Barneveld In New TV Commercial

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Raymond van Barneveld is spotted in a new tv commercial. Watch the funny footage in the video below.

VIDEO: Lando Norris Firing Back At Ted Kravitz After Mexican Grand Prix

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After the Mexican Grand Prix there was this awkward interview by Ted Kravitz from Sky Sports with Lando Norris. The McLaren driver wasn’t happy with the negative talk and said “You should try driving mate”.