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VIDEO: Adam Smith-Neale Punched His Opponent After Getting Beat

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Bizarre footage from PDC player Adam Smith-Neale who punched his opponent after getting beat.

VIDEO: Luke Humphries Hits Exhibition Shot During Premier League Night

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During this week’s Premier League night there was this exhibition shot by Luke Humphries in his game with Peter Wright. You don’t often see a checkout like this during an official game.

Max Verstappen Speaking Funny In French: “Je M’Appelle Frikandel”

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Max Verstappen showing his French skills with this funny moment on the livestream. “Je M’Appelle Frikandel”

VIDEO: Johan Derksen Laat Zich Uit Over Situatie Nederlands Dartsteam

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De huidige situatie in het Nederlands dartsteam haalt deze dagen de kop van enkele landelijke nieuwssites vanwege het feit dat Anca Zijlstra en Aileen de Graaf uit het team zijn gestapt. Reden is dat trans vrouw Noa-Lynn van Leuven is toegelaten tot het damesteam en daar heeft inmiddels ook Johan Derksen een mening over.

VIDEO: Alec Small Hits Faster 180 Than Ricky Evans And Danny Lauby?

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We have seen some fast 180’s, especially by Ricky Evans and Danny Lauby. But this time we have a new competitor for the fastest maximum score as Alec Small did this.

VIDEO: Footage Of Luke Littler In New Television Commercial

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Luke Littler is the face of a new television commercial. Below we bring you the full footage.  

VIDEO: Michael van Gerwen Attacks A Fly On The Dartboard

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During the Premier League there was this fly which landed on the bulls-eye but you should not do this when Michael van Gerwen is throwing. The Dutchman decided to have a shot at the fly and this is what happened.

VIDEO: Leclerc Smashed Glass During Padel Game With Verstappen Against Norris/Alonso

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During a game of padel between Charles Leclerc/Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso/Lando Norris the Ferrari driver a hard impact with the window.

Bizarre Footage Showing Kim Huybrechts Fighting With Mike de Decker

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We all remember Kim Huybrechts and Dimitri van den Bergh being no friends during the World Cup of Darts playing for Belgium. New footage show why they couldn’t stand each other no longer as this fight happened between Kim Huybrechts and Mike de Decker. Huybrechts has received a fine of 1500 pounds and a formal […]

VIDEO: Footage Of Last Match Between Phil Taylor & Michael van Gerwen

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This weekend the last match between Michael van Gerwen and Phil Taylor was played. The Power is going to retire and it was time to have one last battle with his rival Michael van Gerwen.