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Lakeside Venue Set To Host New £200.000 Darts Tournament In 2020

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The BDO World Championship 2020 will be played at the O2 Arena (Indigo) in London in January leaving the Lakeside venue. As mentoined before owner of the Lakeside Country Club, Bob Potter, now confirmed to Live-darts he will set to host a £200.000 tournament himself. This will be scheduled for Easter 2020 and will be expected to […]

Watch Rob Cross and James Wade Playing ‘Talking Bull’

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Welcome to Talking Bull, a new quiz series on our channel where two of the biggest names in darts go head to head. First episode is Rob Cross against James Wade.

Danny Noppert’s Painful Moment At Crucial Time In Quarter Final

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For the people who would like to know the results of the World Series of Darts Finals already we bring you the highlights of the quarter final played between Ian White and Danny Noppert.

VIDEO: Renault Driver Crashed During Ayrton Senna’s Tribute Festival

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A weekend before the Brazilian Grand Prix they organized the Ayrton Senna’s Tribute Festival in São Paulo. For team Renault it was 17-year-old Caio Collet who did a demo. After some successful donuts it ended in disaster though as he crashed into the barrier.

Livestream: F1 Event On Hollywood Boulevard

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This week before the American Grand Prix there will be an event called F1 Hollywood. Below we bring you the schedule and a livesteam. Schedule Tuesday October 29 – Wednesday October 30 Hollywood Ride of Fame Tuesday time: 9am-7pm Wednesday time: 9am – 11am Location: Hollywood & Highland, 6801 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood CA (Hollywood Blvd. […]

Darren Webster And Dave Parletti Making Fun Of William O’Connor

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Last weekend there was this moment between Darren Webster and William O’Connor which got called ‘Water-gate’. It escelated when The Magpie reacted angry in his interview after the match and claimed this should not happen. Darren Webster entered the stage last night and he and Dave Parletti were making fun of ‘Willie’ O’Connor refering to […]

Can You Name All Nine Dart Finishes At PDC World Championships?

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Within 2 months the PDC World Championship 2020 will start and to get excited we would like to challenge you for a quiz. Can you name all players who managed to throw a 9-darter at the PDC World Championships in 3 minutes?

Watch 14-Year Old Max Verstappen Overtaking Team Schumacher

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Earlier we posted this video showing Max Verstappen racing against Michael Schumacher back in 2011 in karts at Genk. New footage shows 14 year old Max Verstappen overtaking a member of Team Schumacher also at the track in Genk. Also watch: Michael Schumacher and Max Verstappen at Genk 2011

Michael van Gerwen Beats Jonny Clayton Including Incredible 132 Checkout

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For the people who would like to know the results of the World Series of Darts Finals already we bring you the highlights of the quarter final played between Michael van Gerwen and Jonny Clayton.

This 13 Year Old Girl Will Compete In Formula 4 Championship In 2020

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Meet 13 years-old Juju Noda from Japan who will be racing in Formula 4 next year. She will turn 14 in February which makes it legal for her to race in Danish F4 in 2020. Although she is very young she does have experience in driving these cars. She has been driving F4 and F3 cars […]