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VIDEO: Adam Gawlas Hilarious Moment With Crowd From 182 Score

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During his match with Dirk van Duijvenbode it was Adam Gawlas who was having a great time enjoying himself. Watch this hilarious moment with the crowd when he was on 182 when this happened.

VIDEO: Gates Thought He Won The Game But Then This Happened

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Gates played at the Grand Slam of Darts a game against Heta when he was throwing for the match from 70 and then this happened…

VIDEO: Verstappen Asked If Monaco Is Reason For Team Order Issue

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Max Verstappen didn’t gave the position to Sergio Perez despite a team order. Rumours claim the reason is payback for Monaco when Checo ‘crashed on purpose’ during qualifying and they asked Max Verstappen of this is true…

VIDEO: Raymond van Barneveld Celebrating Win Against Gerwyn Price

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Raymond van Barneveld is back at the Grand Slam of Darts and he managed to beat Gerwyn Price. Watch the last darts of this game and the celebration of Barney.

VIDEO: Sergio Perez FURIOUS Team Radio About Max Verstappen

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Sergio Perez was told Max Verstappen would let him by in the last lap of the Brazilian Grand Prix. But the Red Bull driver didn’t which made Checo furious. Max Verstappen’s reply on team order during last lap

VIDEO: Max Verstappen’s Reply On Team Order After The Last Lap

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Max Verstappen was told to let Sergio Perez by for the last lap of the Brazilian Grand Prix. But the Red Bull driver refused adn tells his engineer why on the team radio below. Sergio Perez FURIOUS on team radio

VIDEO: Bizar Moment Between Scott Williams & Luke Humphries Last Night

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After the game between Humphries and Williams at the Grand Slam of Darts 2022, this happened…

VIDEO: All Incidents During German Final Battle For PDC WC Ticket

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The German Super League was won by Florian Hempel who booked a place at Ally Pally for the World Championship 2023. We bring the highlights of this final which is full of incidents between the two which ended with a no handshake moment.

VIDEO: Charles Leclerc’s Uncensored Team Radio Inspired By Verstappen

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Ferrari had another big mistake during qualifying in Brasil by putting Charles Leclerc on inters when there was no rain yet. Listen to Leclerc’s team radio inspired by Max Verstappen.

VIDEO: Eidams Thought He Won The Game But Then This Happened

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During the German Super League there was this awkward moment when Eidams thought he won the match but miscounted by a massive 20 points. Watch what happened after this match winning checkout mistake.