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Peter Wright Plays A Game Of Darts With Heavy Duty Gloves

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Snakebite was challenged to play a game of Heavy Duty Gloves Darts. First six darts thrown normally and final six with heavy duty gloves on. 1879

New Onboard Footage Shows Big Marshall Fail At Zandvoort’s Fire Crash

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Earlier this week we posted this video of a hard crash during Formula Renault where this car caught fire while the other cars kept on racing. Now there is new onboard footage showing there were no marshalls with yellow flags to warn the drivers to slow down. This all happened at Zandvoort where the Formula […]

Watch Last Weekend’s Biggest Crash Ever In Junior WRC

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Last weekend it went completly wrong during the Junior WRC in Finland. Raul Badiu and Gabriel Lazar had the biggest crash we have ever seen in Junior WRC. Both drivers had to go to the hospital after this crash but are now home again without serious injuries. 872

Blind 180 Shots Compilation (Including Attempts Gone Wrong)

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We have seen some succesful attempts of a blind 180 shot on stage. But when it goes wrong it is very painful to watch. Below we bring you a compilation of these blind shots including attempts gone wrong. 292

VIDEO: Lewis And Max Reaction To Seb Having Another Child

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During the press conference after the Hungarian Grand Prix Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen heard the news of Sebastian Vettel becoming a dad again for the first time. Watch their reaction below. Sebastian Vettel wasn’t happy though with this question as he likes to keep his private life out of the picture. For that he […]

Sebastian Vettel Ordering Blue Flags Like He Is In A Restaurant

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During the Hungarian Grand Prix we heard a Sebastian Vettel ordering Blue Flags like he was in a restaurant. We all remember this was a bit different before which we show you in the second video. Sebastian Vettel: “Can I have two Blue Flags please”. You can almost hear them asking if he wants a […]

Gerwyn Price’s Fine For This Incident Got Lowered With 10,000 Pounds

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De DRA has lowered the fine for Gerwyn Price from 21.500 pounds to 13,825.24 pounds. Price appealed against this fine and managed to lower this by almost 10,000 pounds. His appeal against sanction was upheld and the sanction on count 1 was reduced from £8,000 to £4,000 and on count 2 from £12,000 to £6,000, […]

Race Car Recovery Went Terribly Wrong Last Weekend

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Watch how this recovery attempt of a race car went terribly wrong last weekend. They picked up the car and had to hurry because the other cars were coming while they were driving in the wrong way. Although they made it out of the way in time, it still went wrong completely wrong. Someone shot […]

Daniel Ricciardo Gives Magnussen Middle Finger After Grand Prix

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Daniel Ricciardo and Kevin Magnussen had some fights on track during the Hungarian Grand Prix. Below we bring you three of these moments and the reactions after the race including a middle finger by the Honey Badger. Late defence Kevin Magnussen Lap 59 Last lap Kevin Mganussen’s reaction Daniel Ricciardo’s reaction 1126

Lewis Hamilton And Max Verstappen On Possible Alonso F1 Rentree

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During the press conference after the Hungarian Grand Prix they spoke about Fernando Alonso who posted a tweet telling how much he enjoyed watching this race. Lewis said there is still a seat available good enough for winning. Max Verstappen replied to Lewis he can have a talk with Toto to bring Fernando back into […]