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Rob Cross And Michael Smith Head To Head In Nine Darter Challenge

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Tonight they will play the final of the World Matchplay against each other. Before they will play for the 150.000 prize money for the winner they played the Nine Darter Challenge for charity. Let’s find out who scored the most points. 559

Mick Schumacher Demo Run at 2019 Hockenheim in Ferrari F2004

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During this weekend at Hockenheim it was Mick Schumacher who did a demo run in a Ferrari F2004. Listen to that noise of a V10 F1 engine. 131

Glen Durrant Does 9 Darter Challenge At World Matchplay

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We have seen many players doing the  9 Darter Challenge at the World Matchplay this week. The next one we will show you is Glen Durrant. Watch his attempt below and found out if he can make into the top of the rankings. As a bonus we also bring you footage of the attempts by […]

Livestream Luxembourg Open (Saturday)

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Schedule Saturday Girls final: Femke De Vuyst 3-0 Lynn Hoekstra Boys final: James Beeton 4-2 Sam Coenders Woman final: Aileen de Graaf 5-2 Laura Turner Men final: Leighton Bennett 2-6 Martijn Kleermaker Luxembourg Open (Saturday) 350

Watch Formula 1 Drivers Got Stuck In Elevator Today

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Today there was an incident as an elevator full of Formula 1 drivers got stuck at the Hockenheim circuit. Watch how half of the F1 grid wasn’t able to make it to their team in time. Daniel Ricciardo posted this video with the text: ““Elevator got stuck. Still here…race is cancelled.” 919

Pierre Gasly Crashed During FP2 at Hockenheim

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Pierre Gasly just crashed during Free Practice 2 at Hockenheim. Below we bring you footage of this incident earlier today. 454

Glen Durrant Wins In Style With 137 Double Double Checkout

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Tonight we will see Glen Durrant play in the semi finals of the World Matchplay after he did beat James Wade 16-7. Watch how he finished that match in style with a 137 double double checkout. The crowd loved it! 437

A Bus Just Crashed Into Starting Lights At Hockenheim Circuit

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Today there was an incident at the Hockenheim Circuit where the Formula 1 will race this weekend. Watch how a bus crashed into the starting lights. It is not the first time something like this happened as a recovery truck hit a bridge during the Grand Prix in Baku and a similar thing happened to […]

Barry Hearn Does The Nine-Dart Challenge At World Matchplay

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We have seen some players do the Nine-Dart Challenge at the World Matchplay. But now it was up to Barry Hearn to show his skills on the dartboard. Watch the attempt by the chairman of the PDC below. 979

VIDEO: Thunder Strike Hits Hockenheim Circuit During F1

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This weekend the Formula 1 will race at the Hockenheim Circuit for the German Grand Prix. The weather forecast was showing a temperature of almost 40 degrees but it is now changed in rain and thunder. Last year the race was dry but right after they finished there was this thunder-storm including thunder strike at […]