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VIDEO: Max Verstappen Corrects Journalist During Press Conference After Qualifying

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While it is chaos at Red Bull it is Max Verstappen who is still focused and sharp. During the press conference he corrected the host after this incorrect into.

VIDEO: Michael van Gerwen Tells Dutch Broadcaster They Are Amateurs

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Michael van Gerwen wasn’t happy with the Dutch broadcaster Viaplay at the Premier League this week. They didn’t send a reporter but Van Gerwen had to talk to a laptop to do his interview which he believes is for amateurs. Van Gerwen didn’t make a secret of his dissatisfaction with the way Viaplay conducted the […]

VIDEO: Luke Littler Goes For Exhibition Shot Like We Have Never Seen Before

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During the Premier League night in Brighton there was this attempt by Luke Littler to win the game in style with an exhibition shot like we have not seen before on the big stage.

VIDEO: Is This Bad Sportsmanship By Dimitri van den Bergh During Final?

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During the final of the UK Open 2024 there was this moment when the crowd was booing Dimitri van den Bergh for delaying tactics. The question is for you, do you think this should be allowed?

VIDEO: Max Verstappen Correcting French Journalist In His Own Language

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Max Verstappen had this small interview with a French journalist. But before he was able to ask him a question the Red Bull driver corrected him in his own language.

VIDEO: Drunk Dimitri van den Bergh After Winning The UK Open 2024

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Dimitri van den Bergh won the UK Open 2024 by beating Luke Humphries in a deciding leg in the final. But after the final all people spoke about was this interview by the Belgian player. According to many watchers he was wasted as we were watching a drunk Dimitri van den Bergh.

VIDEO: Funny Response By James Wade After Trickshots By Luke Littler

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During the UK Open there was this funny response by James Wade afterLuke Littler had these remarkable shots. James Wade has been in the game for 23 years and is familiar with the ins and outs, but he was still surprised by some actions from his opponent. The Machine himself started his career at a […]

VIDEO: Adam Smith-Neale Punched His Opponent After Getting Beat

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Bizarre footage from PDC player Adam Smith-Neale who punched his opponent after getting beat.

VIDEO: Luke Humphries Hits Exhibition Shot During Premier League Night

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During this week’s Premier League night there was this exhibition shot by Luke Humphries in his game with Peter Wright. You don’t often see a checkout like this during an official game.

Max Verstappen Speaking Funny In French: “Je M’Appelle Frikandel”

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Max Verstappen showing his French skills with this funny moment on the livestream. “Je M’Appelle Frikandel”