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Watch Nathan Aspinall Hit ‘Phenomenal’ Back To Back 170’s

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Nathan Aspinall managed to hit back to back 170’s in a phenomenal match against Steve Beaton. Although we say back to back it is not exactly what you might think it was. Watch how he hit two 170’s in two legs in a row and also listen to Michael van Gerwen commentating this ‘phenomenal’ game. […]

Michael Schumacher and Max Verstappen at Genk 2011

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Back in the days Jos Verstappen and Michael Schumacher were not only teammates but they were also friends offtrack. They actually shared some holidays together and in the footage below you can even see Michael Schumacher and a little Max Verstappen racing together at Genk back in 2011. Also watch: Watch 14-Year Old Max Verstappen […]

Sebastian Vettel Pranks Customers Dressed As Car Mechanic

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We thought it was time to have some fun and so did Seb. The 4 times World Champion dressed up as a car mechanic and scared some customers when he took theirs car’s for a spin. Enjoy! 6543

Watch First Ever Recorded 9-Darter Including Bull-Bull-Bull Checkout

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There are 3.944 ways of hitting a 9-darter of which 2.296 includes a finish on the bulls-eye. One of these ways is shown below and we bet you have never seen a perfect leg like this. Incredible! 6322

Livestream: One80 L-Style World Masters 2019

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This week the One80 L-Style World Masters will be played. From Friday till Sunday the stage matches will be played and will be broadcasted live on Eurosport. Watch the schedule including livestreams below. Schedule Sunday 27th Oct Afternoon session Ladies Semi Finals (best of 9 legs) Lisa Ashton 5-1 Kasumi Sato Anastasia Dobromyslova 5-1 Lorraine […]

VIDEO: Chaos at BDO World Masters After Live Redraw

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The One80 L-Style World Masters has started with a lot of drama. It turned out there had to be done a redraw live at the venue before the start of the first matches. Also watch: Livestream: One80 L-Style World Masters 2019 2468

VIDEO: Formula 1 Dream Circuit (Michael Schumacher Onboard)

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We all have our favorite tracks and corners in the world. Especially in Formula 1 there are some breathtaking corners. Think about Eau Rouge at spa for example, or what to think about the great corners at Suzuka. What if we combine all best tracks and corners in the world to create one awesome track. […]

15 Years Ago Suljovic Was Throwing Faster Than Van der Voort

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These days Mensur Suljovic is one of the slowest players in professional darts and Vincent van der Voort is one of the fastest. But 15 years ago this was totally different. In some throws Mensur Suljovic was even faster than Vincent van der Voort. This may be hard to imagine but that is why there […]

Top 5 Most Crazy Darts Throws You Have Ever Seen

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We all have seen some darts players throwing a bit weird. Everybody got their own style but when you see some players doing there thing at the dartsboard it looks like a big act. In this article we have made a top 5 of what we believe are the most crazy darts throws you have […]

Watch Top Gear Live Battle: Lewis Hamilton vs Ken Block

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During an episode of Top Gear live Lewis Hamilton and Ken Block went head to head at Barbados. Enjoy this battle between two extreme rides. 2757